Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One last regular season series

While the RPI carnage inflicted even while winning 3 of 4 against Air Force last weekend (the Frogs fell from #13 to #20...and have now fallen even further to #23) dashes the hopes of earning a Top 8 national seed, they still look like they're in a good position to host a Regional for the second straight year (and David Peterson of thinks he knows who they'll be playing that weekend). And really, I'm not ready to completely give up hope on a Top 8 seed just yet- after the disappointment of last year's conference tournament, I figured the Frogs' chances of hosting were shot, but the committee was prett forgiving.

Before they can celebrate that, though, they've got to take care of business in next week's MWC Tournament and before that, this weekend's final regular season series against Cal State Bakersfield. If there's good news on the RPI front, it's that the Roadrunners have drastically improved theirs from the high 100's down to #118. That's good news for TCU, because some of the teams dragging down the Frogs' strength of schedule were having the same effect on the RPI. But as they've learned against Air Force and Dallas Baptist, you can't just cruise by the weaker teams- and Bakersfield is just a few weeks removed from winning 2 of 3 over Arizona in Tucson.

While the team looks to wrap up a successful season on the field, things have been oustanding in the bleachers. Even with the three remaining regular season games, the Frogs have already set a program record for attendance this season, just as the football team did in the fall. Of the top ten attended games in Lupton Stadium's history, seven have been this year, and all five of the top five attended weekend series have come in 2010. This weekend's games need to average just over 2,200 for the season average to be 3,000 fans per game...which would be a nearly 40% increase over last year...which was the previous record. Well done, Frog fans.


Texas Hammer said...

Too bad we didn't get to play UTSA earlier in the week.

A carefully scheduled pick-up game with Westlake HS would have given us the Roadrunner trifecta.

Adam S. said...

Thursday is FWISD day with the game at 11 a.m.

Glad I bought season tickets to miss that game, but it should help juice our attendance numbers along with feed the children of Fort Worth a nice diet of TCU propaganda.