Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lizards vs. Chickens

That is what SEbaseball.com is predicting for the second straight week in their latest NCAA Baseball Regional Projections. They have again this week projected the winners of the Fort Worth and Columbia Regionals (which are being hosted by TCU and South Carolina, respectively) to meet in the Super Regionals.

Projected to be joining the Horned...Lizards...in Funkytown are some familiar faces: #2 seed Rice, #3 seed Baylor and #4 seed Wright State. Facing the Gamecocks in Columbia would be the College of Charleston, North Carolina and UNC-Charlotte.

Other TCU opponents in the projected field are Cal State Fullerton and OU both hosting Regionals, A&M as a 2-seed and New Mexico as a 3-seed in Tempe and Texas State as a 3-seed in Austin.

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LT4heisman said...

That chicken is fucked.