Monday, May 10, 2010

The first bit of tangible conference expansion news?

Given the numerous denials that have followed it, there's always a chance that Kansas City radio station WHB 810's report that the Big Ten has extended invitations to four schools could be bullshit. After all, I think we all remember a certain story that orginated out of Kansas in the fall of 2008 that ended up as nothing but an attention-grab by a subscription website.

But then again, there is the chance that Missouri, Nebraska, Notre Dame and Rutgers are indeed the first to grab new seats in the ongoing game of musical chairs that is college football. Obviously, this would be a scenario that would be of interest to TCU fans, because it could potentially rob the Big 12 of two member schools.

The initial reaction of any optimistic Frog fan would be to imagine the Big 12 simply shifting OU & Oklahoma State to the northern division and inviting TCU and someone else (Arkansas, Houston, SMU, does it really even matter at this point?) to join as members of the south. I'm guessing the thought of replacing games against San Diego State and UNLV for Tech and A&M sounds as appealing to you as it does me.

On the other hand, though, do you really expect it to be that easy? Would Texas and Oklahoma be ok with adding a small private school in a market already fairly well-saturated by the conference to replace a giant like Nebraska while the schools in the SEC and newly-expanded Big Ten continue to make substantially-larger sums of TV money?

As I've said before, this game of wait & see is pretty troubling for a TCU fan. Sure, we've got a great up & coming athletic department and a growing fanbase. A nationwide reassessment of which programs should be part of the premiere conferences could definitely be fortuitous. Just as easily, though, it could be just another opportunity for us to be left out in the cold. We'll keep an eye on things as they progress.


buffalo said...

whats the time table on something like this? how fast would the other conferences rearrange and for what season would this affect?

BuckNasty said...

Supposedly the earliest the Big 10 can vote on this is in June as their summer meetings, and that's not for sure. Once they pass it, the other schools in the conference has to have it passed by their board of regents and then they would be accepted. I'm guessing if they do join, it wouldn't be until the 2012 season, but I'm guessing that also depends on the contracts the schools have with their current conference.

Will said...

Saw this on "that other site," but the point was made that TCU is what it is, enrollment- and location-wise, and at least this time, the athletic program is in as good a shape as can be reasonably expected. If TCU gets screwed, at least it won't be over things that could have controlled.

Lyle Lanley said...

You're allowed to say killerfrogs here. We're not fascists.