Monday, May 24, 2010

Christian heading to Canada

Another senior from last year's MWC Champion team is on his way to playing pro football. Every TCU fan's least favorite tailback/favorite slot receiver has signed a contract with the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL. If CFL games were on TV in the States (like they absolutely should be, because what else the hell is on TV in the summer?), we'd be able to watch Christian follow in the footsteps of such Argos legends as Ricky Williams, Marvin Godbolt, Rocket Ismail and John Candy, who owned part of the team back in the early '90s.


Peter Pipers Pecker said...

Least favorite? probably, but he did some great things for the horned frogs so shouldn't we cut him a little slack?

Lyle Lanley said...

Just being honest there, I think a lot of people disliked him being used as a true tailback.

Texas Hammer said...

Least favorite is being nice...completely out of position at RB. Another genius move by Mike Schultz.

However, coming out of the backfield or in the that was genius on the part of Fuentanderson.

I've been blasted on the Eastern Bloc about this very opinion (ad nauseum I might add), but if you can't see how much better Christian was as a slot WR then you probably think Nick Richmond was a good LT too.

buffalo said...

i wonder if there's a good rollerblading scene up there for him?