Friday, April 23, 2010

Washington to Cardinals at #47

Well well, back to the house of horrors (AKA University of Phoenix School College Stadium) for DWash. But seriously, good for him. Both Frogs go to good teams and before both Notre Dame guys which is hilarious. Here is the ESPN analysis of the pick.

15(47)Arizona Cardinals (from Tennessee through New England)Daryl WashingtonOLBTCU
What he brings: Washington can have some problems anchoring when teams run at him, but he reads his keys, locates the ball quickly and can beat blockers to the point of attack. He also tackles well. In addition, he has the potential to be a three-down linebacker who doesn't have to come off the field in passing situations.
How he fits: Arizona made a big splash by signing the demonstrative Joey Porter for sacks and toughness, but they still needed outside pass-rushing. Sack leader Bertrand Berry is no longer with the club and Clark Haggans is slowing down with age. This was a good pick. The Cardinals get a physical, young pass-rusher who can also set the edge versus the run.

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