Thursday, April 8, 2010

Morning Dump

TCU football fans can start early at Frog Fest Star-Telegram

Media stars share TCU stage at annual event hosted by Bob Schieffer

TCU back in top 10? ESPN
-Thanks Craig, you gave us a heart warming endorsement as always

Horned Frogs set in for a three game series
Daily Skiff

Soccer player continues the game after graduation
Daily Skiff

Taking a look around the MWC Provo Herald

Yanks claim slugger Huffman

Cashner first for Smokies Knoxville News Sentinel

Road to Omaha
Yahoo! Sports

Who is a team that no one is talking about that could be dangerous down the stretch and in the postseason?

The Horned Frogs turned everyone off a couple of weekends ago by finding a way to somehow struggle on the road against Air Force. But don’t think twice about doubting this club. The Frogs are a very good club and will prove it down the stretch. The Frogs have a very solid weekend rotation that includes Steven Maxwell, Kyle Winkler and Matt Purke. Relievers Tyler Lockwood, Trent Appleby and Erik Miller also are solid. At the plate, the Frogs are hitting .339 and have two of the nation’s better position players in catcher Bryan Holaday and outfielder Jason Coats. TCU has a wealth of experience and has been through a super regional experience. It will be a tough out in the postseason.


LENEtown Fizzle said...
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LENEtown Fizzle said...

I want to wrap an iron skillet around craig james' head

VikingFrog said...

"Actually, there's a good chance many of the Horned Frogs fans attending Saturday's Frog Fest -- sort of a Mardi Gras of all that is Horned Frogs football -- have the Sept. 4 date already marked on their calendars."

Frog Alley = Bourbon Street

Aardvark = Pat O's

Rick's = Rick's

Matt said...

What was the point of Craig James being coming to campus? ESPN actually pays that idiot for such "informative" reporting?

LT4heisman said...

If anyone plans on trying to buy stuff from the visitors locker, I'd advise getting there an hour early. Last year, waiting in line sucked. Don't count on any Jerry Hughes, D Wash, or Dalton type gear, either. That shit was dished out to well-to-do alumni a long time ago.