Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Masters pool

Spit Blood reader and lover of TCU co-eds, GTPanic33, has organized a Masters pool and invited our loyal readership to participate. Details below:

In the words of Jim Nantz, "Hello friends" and welcome to 2010 Masters week.

The rules are pretty simple. Everyone picks 5 player teams. Points are awarded based on how each of your players finish the week. Bonus points are awarded relative to world ranking. The detailed rules are below.

Please email your team no later than Wednesday, 4/7/10 at 5pm. The $20 entry fee is also due Wednesday at 5pm.

Email GTPanic33 your brackets and he will respond with payment information.

Some helpful links to review when picking your team:

2010 Master's Field
World rankings

I'll email out a spreadsheet with everyone's picks on Thursday morning. Winner take all. Good luck.

Points will be awarded for each player on your team based on finish as follows:
25 points for just making the cut. (This is NOT in addition to points for a higher finish.)
40 points for finishing 11-20 or ties.
60 points for finishing 6-10 or ties.
90 points for finishing 2-5 or ties.
125 points for the winner.

Making the cut is determined after the end of the second round when the third round is set.

In addition, each player will receive BONUS points IF HE MAKES THE CUT based on the Official World Golf Rankings as of 4/4/10. The points will equal a player's ranking up to a maximum 150 points for all players ranked lower than 149th.

Example: if Tiger wins, he receives 126 (125 + 1) points. If Bubba Watson makes the cut, he receives 153 (25 + 128) points. Please pick appropriately.

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