Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gotta love beating aggy

Despite the concern expressed on this blog and other TCU-themed places on the interweb about the Frogs dropping 3 of 5 in late March, they are now 24-7 after winning their fourth straight last night, 6-1 over A&M in front of nearly 4,400 folks at Lupton Stadium. That makes the Frogs 6-1 against the "Big" 12 and 8-1 against former SWC foes.

While walking out of the stadium last night with the satisfying feeling of a bunch of Aggies with absolutely nothing to say (except the one guy who told me it'd be a different story if we played each other in football. I just had to laugh at that), even better was seeing how superior our pitching is. While A&M trotted out six different pitchers, Schlossnagle used just two: Paul Gerrish, who gave up just one run in 4⅓ innings and Tyler Lockwood, who tossed 4⅔ shutout innings while allowing just three hits.

In college baseball, pitching depth is what wins in the postseason, and having a senior like Lockwood (who, if you'll remember, was our ace two years ago and probably would've been MWC Pitcher of the Year if it weren't for a guy named Strasburg) bringing his 1.85 ERA out of the bullpen is going to be an incredible luxury for Schlossnagle later on.

One more thing to make you smile and think about the way things are going for TCU these days- just realize that with last night's 4,375 fans at Lupton and the 50,000+ at the Utah game in November, the school has set it's single-game attendance record in two major sports this year.

Next up: Back to conference play with a three-game series at BYU starting Thursday.


buffalo said...

go frogs!

HFrog77 said...

Nothing gives me a bigger smile than beating in Gaggies in something / anything. God I despise those guys.