Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Frogs vs. aggy tonight

While it's been pretty difficult for TCU to convince the Wal-Mart Super Powers to come play them in football, they have been able to lure a few members of the Idiocracy to come play them in roundball. Well, tonight they've got Beef Supreme himself coming to Lupton. That's right- TCU against aggy.

If you don't already have a ticket to this one- you probably want to take care of that ASAP. Reserved tickets have been sold out for weeks, and unless TCU pays off the Fire Marshall, there's some limit to the amount of GA tickets they can sell.

Paul Gerrish, who I think we can now call the usual Tuesday night starter, takes the mound for the Frogs. He's been mostly solid since taking over midweek starting duties from Greg Holle, but was not able to get the job done against OU a week ago. His counterpart for aggy will be Nick Fleece, a Fort Worth native who will surely be fired up to pitch in his hometown.

As I've said before, these midweek games are incredibly important for the Frogs' RPI ranking. Even more important, though, might be the pride factor- TCU is 5-1 against the Big 12 so far this year and 7-1 against former SWC rivals.

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buffalo said...

faggys are worst than byu fans.