Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Frogs' road to Omaha goes through Austin

Well, at least according to SEbaseball.com. They came out with their latest NCAA Tournament Projection today, and if the season were to end right now, the Frogs would likely be headed to Austin for the Super Regional again...provided, of course, that they advance that far.

They have UT as the #1 overall seed, with the winner of the Austin Regional (which includes, UT, Southeast Missouri State, Alabama and Michigan) playing the winner of the Fort Worth Regional (which includes TCU, Oral Roberts, Rice and Texas State).

With as well as the Longhorns are playing right now (having won 16 in a row), this should serve as motivation for TCU to finish strong. Not that they can't win in Austin...but there are certainly easier avenues for getting to Omaha.

Other Texas/MWC teams in SEbaseball's projection include New Mexico as a #2 seed in the Tempe Regional, Tech as a #3 seed in Tempe and A&M as a #2 seed in the Baton Rouge Regional. Cal State-Fullerton, who represents TCU's best road series win, is projected as a #2 seed in the Tucson Regional.

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