Monday, April 26, 2010

Frogs remain at #11...again

For what feels like the 100th week in a row, the Frogs are #11 in the Baseball America Top 25 poll. They're now 30-8 after the weekend sweep of UNLV, which was helped by Matt Curry's walk-off home run on Saturday (pictured above). The weekend turnstile counted 8,815 fans, making it the second most-attended weekend series in school history.

The Frogs will finish up their ten regular season games against Big 12 teams this week with two against Baylor. They'll host them at Lupton tomorrow night, then will travel down to Waco Wednesday evening to make up the game that was postponed back on February 23rd. Paul Gerrish, who's been the Frogs' main midweek pitcher the past few weeks, is surely going to start one of those games- but I'm not sure who'll start the other, as Greg Holle came in to pitch on Sunday. Maybe Schloss tinkers with the weekend rotation a bit to enable Purke to go against Baylor???

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