Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big road test tonight

While the Frogs came home from Provo with three wins over BYU and first place in the MWC in their pocket, they apparently did little to impress the national pollsters. While they remained at #11 in the Baseball America poll, they actually dropped a spot to #12 in the coaches poll beind Florida- a team that lost twice last week.

The reason for the lack of respect for the sweep- even on the road- is that, at 16-19, BYU has an RPI of #83 according to Boyd's World- a ranking service believed to be very close to the formula used by the NCAA selection committee. Boyd's got the Frogs at #19, which would likely earn them a #2 seed if the season were to end right now.

So how does TCU get back to earning another #1 seed and possibly hosting a regional, as they did a year ago? They've got to take advantage of the games remaining against teams with decent to good RPI's, and that starts tonight against Oklahoma, who has an RPI of 33 (some other remaining quality-RPI opponents are #28 New Mexico, #46 Texas State and#52 Baylor). Then again, they've also got to avoid any more RPI-crippling losses like the ones suffered earlier against #111 Dallas Baptist and #273 Air Force.

Paul Gerrish, who was supposed to start in last night's cancelled game against DBU, takes the mound for the Frogs up in Norman tonight. Gerrish has been pretty solid since taking over midweek starting duties in late March, with a 2.66 ERA in his four starts. One of those was, however, a loss to the Sooners two weeks ago at Lupton- the Frogs' only loss against a Big 12 team this year.

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Phrynosoma said...

I would like to give a shout out to the TCU bookstore and keeping it classy.

Started thinking about my gameday shirt for next season and thought, "I really like the “Frogs” logo on the baseball uniforms. I wonder if they have any shirts or, God forbid, jerseys with that logo at the bookstore?"

Unfortunately, no, they don't have any. BUT- I will say I am thoroughly pleased that the bookstore did not include a "jerseys" section, choosing to refer to them as "gameday apparel". Also, I do enjoy that Polo Ralph Lauren is the very first option you can choose under apparel, and that “tees” are not considered shirts.

Keeping it classy TCU Bookstore.