Thursday, April 1, 2010

3-game home series with SDSU starts tonight

The Frogs are now 11-1 at Lupton Stadium this season after beginning their current 5-game homestand with a 10-3 victory over UTA Tuesday night. They'll look to continue getting back on track tonight when they kick off a three-game home series against San Diego State at 6:30.

Coach Schlossnagle has, for the second consecutive weekend, tinkered with his weekend starting pitching rotation for this series. Matt Purke will be on the mound tonight, Kyle Winkler tomorrow and Steven Maxwell on Saturday. At least that's the plan. Mother Nature could have some effect on this series, as there is a decent chance of severe weather on Friday (although current forecasts have it clearing by the evening).

For those of you that are not yet aware, San Diego State's head coach is Tony Gwynn. Yes, that Tony Gwynn. It'll be cool to have a Hall of Famer on campus this weekend, and here is a video of Gwynn discussing the career (and more) of another HOF'er from our childhood:

(I'm well aware that wasn't even actually funny)


shortnkerley's said...

Fix your hat...

Lyle Lanley said...

Yeah the way he wears his hat, he kind of looks like Billy from The Last Picture Show. But if he pitches to his enormous potential, he could pitch in a turban with a swastika on it for all I care.

KansasFrog said...

Had a friend who baby sat for George Brett while him and his wife were out at dinner. The girl decided to throw a party while he was gone. The neighbors decided to call the police to put in a noise complaint about the party. The news found out about it and showed up the same time they were getting home from dinner. Long story short he fired her, did not pay her and was caught on camera calling her some choice words.

But all is not lost for old George. He moved three blocks away where he bought a mansion, tore it down and built a bigger mansion.

Plus as a kid he would give out only King Sized candy bars on Halloween.

Texas Hammer said...

Never understood the baseball player / skater hat cocked to the side look.

It's about as cool as "Oma-hawks".

bscooter26 said...

It's so the batter cannot see the pitcher's eyes as easily. If you look closely a lot of major, minor, & collegiate level pitchers have it turned at least a little bit.