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TCU on College Football Live 4/29/10

Here is the complete coverage of TCU yesterday on ESPN CFB Live. And if you didn't see the poll on ESPN yesterday, they have us at #6 in their first preseason poll. Not that it means anything bc I think it was a sportsnation poll.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Frogs at Utah this weekend

The Frogs' attention turns back toward winning their 5th consecutive regular-season Mountain West title this weekend with a road series at Utah starting tonight. If you remember, it was the Utes that took home the MWC Tournament title last year, snapping the Frogs' streak of tournament titles.

Coming into the weekend, the Frogs hold first place in conference...but not by much. TCU is 11-3 in conference play and the Lobos are 10-3. UNM is also on the road this weekend, playing a three-game set at San Diego State. The regular-season title ought to be determined when TCU heads to Albuquerque next weekend.

The pitching rotation for this weekend is supposed to be the same as it has been for a while now- Purke tonight, Winkler on Saturday and Maxwell on Sunday. Saturday's game is being televised live on CBS College Sports.

Morning Dump

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Horned Frogs close regular season at Texas

Patterson on College Football Live
-ESPN has disable their embed codes so you have to go to the site to watch

TCU's proving it's ready to join nation's elite

Cannon on watch list
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Former Rattler shares wisdom in successful self help book

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Could the Big East be the first domino to fall?

According to Brian Bennett's blog on, UConn coach Randy Edsall said that the football coaches of the conference want an ultimatum delivered to Notre Dame- join the Big East for football (they are a member for every other sport...independent in football only) or leave.

That's a pretty bold move, if Big East commissioner John Marinotto complies with the wishes of the football coaches. On one hand, gaining the Irish would give them a boost in television exposure and revenue. It would also give the Big East nine football-playing members, which means a balanced conference schedule like the Mountain West has.

On the other hand, this may be an attempt to indirectly save the league from completely imploding. If Notre Dame's other sports programs are cast off from the Big East, they would not be able to survive as independents as their football program has been able to. That might be the impetus for the Irish to finally join the Big Ten as that conference's twelfth member.

The thinking there being that, if the Big Ten gets to 12 with Notre Dame, that they cease looking for other new schools. Many of their potential targets right now are Big East schools- Pitt, Rutgers, Syracuse, etc. Getting back to Bennett's blog, Edsall also said that if the Big Ten were to take two of those teams, that "the Big East is all done".

Trouble Ahead?

Last night's game got ugly early, with Baylor jumping out to an 11-1 lead in the 4th on their way to a 14-4 laugher of a win over TCU down in Waco. The Frogs were never in it, as starter Greg Holle lasted just an inning and a third, giving up 7 hits and 6 runs.

Holle, the 6'8" junior from upstate New York, went 5-2 in twelve starts in 2009 and was being counted on to be the Frogs' midweek starter in 2010. His season got off to a rocky start, and though he rebounded with an impressive effort against UTA back in March, lost the #4 starting job to Paul Gerrish. With two midweek games this week, Holle was called upon to make his first start since he gave up 7 runs in 2⅔ innings in an RPI-destroying loss to Dallas Baptist in late March. Last night's performance wasn't much better, and Holle now has an ERA of 10.17 and an opponents' batting average of .327.

I don't want to sit here and rip on this kid all day, but I think that for a team with championship aspirations in a sport where pitching depth is so incredibly key in the postseason, you've got to be concerned about this if you're a Frog fan.

While the three main starters (Purke, Winkler and Maxwell) have been solid all year (they've got a combined W-L record of 19-0!) as well as the go-to relievers (Tyler Lockwood and Kaleb Merck), you cannot rely on them to pitch every inning once you get to the conference tournament, regionals, or further. If Schlossnagle finds himself in need of a 5th starter in any given weekend of the postseason, does he move Lockwood (who has pitched brilliantly as of late and has starting experience) into the rotation? But then, how much does that weaken the Frogs' bullpen, which is already without Eric Marshall?

Before I've got you convinced that the sky is falling, remember that this team is 31-9 and probably headed for a deep postseason run. I just worry about them getting into a situtation where the continuation of the season depends on the end of the pitching staff. But with no more weeks with multiple midweek games, if the Frogs can stay in the winner's bracket this may be much ado about nothing.

Morning Dump

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TCU stumbles at Baylor, 14-4

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Thre Frogs named All-MWC

Curtis Clay broadcasts his off-field passion


Newhouse follows in family footsteps
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BCS needs help from below
Salt Lake Tribune

Mountain West close to sharing BCS riches
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dalton's about ready to 'splode

As part of their spring preview, has named Andy Dalton as one of ten players they think are "about to go nuclear". Here's what they had to say about The Rooster:

Andy Dalton, QB TCU:

Dalton might have had a rough outing in the Fiesta Bowl loss to Boise State with three interceptions, but he threw for 272 yards and a touchdown pass. Before that he gave away a mere five interceptions on the season as he led the Horned Frogs to a 12-0 record and within a whisker of the national title. He might not be flashy and he might not put up the mega-numbers, but he’ll once again be the leader of a loaded Horned Frog team and he should be solid for around 250 passing yards per game with a few touchdown passes and about 40 rushing yards. He’ll be the signature star on a team destined for another trip to the BCS.

Combined with the Heisman campaign the athletic department is rumored to be rolling out this summer, you might see #14 start to replace #5 as the go-to jersey for Frog fans.

Patterson talking Hughes on Indy's 1070 The Fan

Courtesy of 1070 The Fan

Lessons in SMU Hate: Pacemakers and Pussy(cats): Part 2.

New 2010 Gameday Garb.

So thoughout these little equine diatribes, we’ve established that the Hilltop Elite are racists, promote car dick artistry, inspire hate in recruits who have hardly set foot on campus, encourage rape, are responsible for turning Craig James into a world class asshole and last, but certainly not least, love the cocainia. And if you take a close look at those things, you’ll notice the common thread running throughout is that all of these tales have applied stricly to human hate.

Until now.

In our society, cats are arguably the most alienating of domesticated house pets. No one thinks cats are, “OK.” You’re either a cat person who somehow accepts having an open box of shit in your house , or you’re a person who wants to put all the world’s cats into a meat grinder and flip the switch. And after living in the Greek for 2 years having to dodge them at every turn, I can assure you that I fall rather firmly into the second group. And even if that didn’t convince me, after spending a weekend at lt4heisman’s house listening to the hissing of the feral beasts that surround his front porch, I’ll beat all nine lives of the next one I see. Soudned like I was in the snake filled train car on Indiana Jones. Or a gay pride parade.

And now, thanks to SMU, I’ll probably be dodging them for my forseeable future in Dallas.

As much as I’ve come to appreciate George W. Bush since he’s been out of office and we’ve been left to bottom feed with his predecessor, I’ve never been shy about my feelings regarding the choice of venue for his Presidential Library. As fellow SMU haters, I think most of you will sympathize with me on that. And now, due specifically to its location on the SMU campus, it seems I have the unlikeliest of allies of all on my side – cat folk.

This story in the Dallas Morning News outlines the plight of SMUs feral cat colony which will soon be occupied by tons upon tons of concrete, steel, and Harry Potter books. The cats, who have already been forced from their original habitat due to previous construction and have seen their numbers decrease significantly, will pretty much be out of on campus options once the library is completely, according to SMU feral cat program member Althea Webb. On one hand, it’s probably better for the cats to find a new habitat, seeing as how they’d have a better chance of avoiding used needles or eating hastily tossed off 8-balls in West Baltimore. On the other, SMU has a feral cat society? That the university funds? Normal. I'm guessing this should come up during the next tuition hike discussions.

So the big question is, where will the cats go? As more and more campus construction has been springing up on the east side of SMUs campus where the colony resides, the cats have been pushed more and more east. So, once they no longer have a home, where do you think they’re going to go? EAST. And where do I live? A

couple of miles EAST of SMU. S0 assuming the cats are able to traverse the gap between their bourgeois digs to the M Street slums, where do you think they're going to set up camp?


After spending a month attempting to rid my backyard and attic of opossums, it now looks I’ve got this to deal with in the immediate future. So I’ve been working on a positive spin for this situation. One, if the cats manage to flatten themselves out and get into the walls of my house as the opossums did, at least I won’t have a shortage of more cats to send into the walls to get the other ones out. Another is, I’ve been meaning to get a BB gun to pick off squirrels as entertainment while I’m sitting in my backyard, so at least now I’ll have more moving targets with which to hone my skills.

But there is one more solution and, as the best solutions typically involve game day situations, that’s where my mind eventually ventured. Let’s say worse comes to worse and the feral cats eventually overrun my neighborhood and spawn even more feral cats. This is bound to happen because feral cats practice safe sex even less than the Haitians. Or at least that’s what Paul Shirley tells me.

So now the cats are in the walls, the trees, the streets, everywhere. They’re eating birds, attacking babies and the thoroughfares runneth over with a river of urine, feces and whatever that crap is they cough up on a regular basis. They have to be driven out, right? We can't just let them take over, right? So what better way to do so then to draw out the hate that lives within us all, which they surely possess in droves as they are the reason they were driven out of their original habitat. Of course I’m talking aobut SMU Hate.

So flash forward to Friday, September 24th. SMU/TCU live on ESPN. The Ponies are riding high and love their chances to upset their biggest rival in front of the entire nation. The game kicks off without anyone noticing the presence of one lone, ominous cat peering through the gates in the south end zone, a mischevious scowl on its venomous face. But then, as SMU is driving, looking to take a quick lead, a faint rumble overtakes the crowd and, as it draws nearer, turns into a loud scratching and screeching, like a pack of rabid Tasmanian devils taking down a herd of antelopes, like death himself arriving in an exploding World War II fighther plane. And then, pandemonium.

Cats EVERYWHERE. Black cats, brown cats, white cats. Cats of all shapes, colors and sizes, all having adhered to the Horned Frog hatred of all things pony. Attacking SMU players, attacking SMU fans. Clearing the home side of the stadium and eventually causing a forfeit before storming the Bush library and taking back their original habitat, turning the facility into the most prestigious and expensive feral cat sanctuary in the world. SMU students grabbing their vials and fleeing in their helicopters, BMWs and other various forms of transportation their daddys bought for them. The police swooping in trying to quell the violence, but instead stumbling upon the biggest drug score this side of Pablo Escobar. And all of it on national television, ruining SMU and returning them to their rightful place as the biggest laughing stock in the southwest.

As yours truly, Sir Wesley Willis, the Pied Piper of Pussy(cats), stands on the 50 yard line, taking it all in, sipping an ice cold Jameson and toasting another decade of TCU Football dominance.

And that’s today’s lesson in beginning-a-story- with- one- intention,- completely- losing- focus- in- the- middle-, and- eventually- turning- it- into -a -surrealistic- free -for- all- which eventually,- although- admittedly- roundaboutedly,- accomplished- the -underlying- message- that- has -run- throughout- all- of- these- posts – that SMU is a wart on the wrinkly ass of the Metroplex and must be destroyed.

But, for those of you who were mostly alienated by it, here’s some pictures of SMU cheerleaders being drunk and slutty. Now you can never say we don't reward our readers.


Frogs win an odd one

Two pitches, and Matt Purke picked up his seventh win of the year. Sounds easy, right? Not quite, but the Frogs did notch an important win over Baylor last night, winning 5-4 in 10 innings. After Paul Gerrish pitched a great opening five innings, he was left in just a tad too long as he gave up a two-run home run that gave Baylor the lead in the Top of the 6th. Tyler Lockwood came on and was solid as usual in relief, throwing four and a third scoreless innings which gave the Frogs the opportunity to get back in it.

Baylor closer Brooks Pinckard had a little trouble finding the strike zone, as he walked two Frogs in the 9th and then beaned Aaron Schultz with the bases loaded to tie the game at 4. After Purke came in to record the final out in the Top of the 10th, Pinckard hit Brance Rivera and Bryan Holaday on the first two pitches in the bottom of the inning! After Jason Coats bunted them over to 2nd & 3rd, Joe Weik won it with a sac fly.

Very weird, very sloppy ballgame, but a big win for the Frogs, who are now 7-2 against the Big 12 this year and 31-8 overall. They can finish off a two-game sweep of Baylor tonight when the two teams face each other again, this time in Waco. Greg Holle will be on the mound for TCU.

Morning Dump

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No. 11 Horned Frogs sink Baylor baseball in 10
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lessons in SMU Hate: Pacemakers and Pussy(cats): Part One.

SMU Cheerleading Squad, or Hitler Youth Rally?

It’s been a few weeks since my last round of arbitrary hatred towards our rivals to the east, and this absence is troubling for a variety of reasons. Mostly though, SMU folk are just so inherently hateable, it seems like, even during the interim between DFW Duels – if you were unaware, SMU does NOT feature baseball but DOES feature that socialist pastime known as “soccer” – I still should’ve been able to find something to hate, right? I mean, surely there has to be something right under our noses – ZING! – to talk about? Fortunately for everyone involved, the interim has brought us not one, but TWO demonstrations of less than stellar moral demonstrations on the part of the Pony elite.

To begin, common knowledge tells us that SMU isn’t the most accommodating place for those who aren’t among the elite classes. Heck, any school that offers a tuition greater than the current staggering rate at TCU probably isn’t a place for your tired, your weary or your huddled masses. But still, you would think that most schools would at least have the decency to extend the physically or mentally disabled the same rights as any non-challenged student right? Especially when that student has taken all the necessary precautions to not make their disability a hindrance to others, including the school itself, correct?

Well, just remember the school in question.

Meet SMU Cheerleader Jamie Burns. Jamie is a lifelong cheerleader who arrived on campus last fall on scholarship and wishes for nothing more than to be able to continue doing the thing she loves most. No, not cocaine, performing! Except for one thing – Jamie has a heart condition that requires her to wear a pacemaker. And that won’t fly in Pony Country.

Now, admittedly, the lawyer weary part of my being immediately went to, “Well, I suppose that makes sense, because if the girl died while on the field or court, SMU would be liable for damages.” Except this isn’t the case at all. Jamie not only has full clearance from her physician to cheer, but she even went so far as to sign a waiver releasing the school from any liability should an issue arise due to her condition.

There’s also on more thing to remember… THE SCHOOL GAVE HER A SCHOLARSHIP TO BE A CHEERLEADER! This would be akin to Gary Patterson extending an athletic scholarship to a high school student, offering him a chance to play quarterback, without realizing that the kid was actually just the Farwell Steers' water boy. Or like TCU offering financial aid to the Sultan of Saudi Arabia’s son. In other words, whoever does the scholarship due diligence for the Ponies needs to give their methods a bit of a retooling.

But, perhaps there was another reason? Perhaps this was just a convenient excuse for SMU to rid themselves of a student who didn’t fit their “image. Perhaps with Fuhrer Jones arriving on campus and making the SMU Football team and school more nationally recognized, the administration decided a "purification" was in order so that prospective students ambiguity in their minds regarding their future fellow classmates.

Scroll back up and take a look at the current SMU Cheerleading squad at the beginning of the post.

Now take a look at a picture of Jamie Burns.

Jamie Burns

I'm not trying to draw any conclusions for you, but if racism is your preferred artistry, consider this my Sistine Chapel.

Stay tuned for the second half of this extra special two part installment of SMU Hate.

Frogs' road to Omaha goes through Austin

Well, at least according to They came out with their latest NCAA Tournament Projection today, and if the season were to end right now, the Frogs would likely be headed to Austin for the Super Regional again...provided, of course, that they advance that far.

They have UT as the #1 overall seed, with the winner of the Austin Regional (which includes, UT, Southeast Missouri State, Alabama and Michigan) playing the winner of the Fort Worth Regional (which includes TCU, Oral Roberts, Rice and Texas State).

With as well as the Longhorns are playing right now (having won 16 in a row), this should serve as motivation for TCU to finish strong. Not that they can't win in Austin...but there are certainly easier avenues for getting to Omaha.

Other Texas/MWC teams in SEbaseball's projection include New Mexico as a #2 seed in the Tempe Regional, Tech as a #3 seed in Tempe and A&M as a #2 seed in the Baton Rouge Regional. Cal State-Fullerton, who represents TCU's best road series win, is projected as a #2 seed in the Tucson Regional.

Frogs vs. Baylor tonight & tomorrow

Fresh off of yet another weekend sweep, the Frogs are 30-8 and have an RPI of #14 according to Boyd's World. Based on that information (and while that is an assumption, Boyd's World is fairly respected amongst college baseball fans), the Frogs probably have a good shot at hosting another Regional this year. But with a strong finish, they've still got a shot at one of the Top 8 national seeds- which come with the guarantee of hosting a Super Regional, should you advance to it.

With that, I've got some good news and some bad news.

First the bad news. Of the Frogs' sixteen remaining games, ten are against teams with RPI rankings of over 100: this weekend's three-game set at Utah, a midweek game at UT-San Antonio and three-game home series against Air Force and Cal State-Bakersfield. Further, you'll remember that the third game of the series against Air Force up in Colorado Springs was suspended in the 7th inning with the Frogs down, 16-15. They'll play the remainder of that game when the Falcons come to town in May. So that's really eleven games that, win or lose, are going to be a drag on your RPI. You really can't afford to lose any of these if you want a realistic shot at a national seed.

The good news is that they do have six games against teams with competitive RPI's, which could be a boost to the Frogs' body of work. These include a road series at New Mexico and a midweek roadie at Texas State.

The other two are this week against Baylor- tonight at Lupton and tomorrow night down in Waco. Of course, when it comes to the Frogs and the Bears, it's always about more than just an RPI push for either team. Baylor is one of TCU's oldest rivals, and from what Schlossnagle has said at a few functions I've attended over the years, there's no love lost between him and Bears skipper Steve Smith. Coming into tonight, the Frogs are 6-2 against the Big 12, so they could make a strong statement if they were to sweep.

Paul Gerrish is scheduled to pitch tonight, with Greg Holle slated to take the mound down in Waco tomorrow evening.

Morning Dump

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TCU makes it 15 in a row for the postseason

Horned Frog soccer releases 2010 schedule

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TCU football becoming pipeline to the pros


Hughes should fit well in Colts' scheme

TCU coach helps WC staffers with statewide conference Weatherford

Armed Forces Bowl set for December 30

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What about Boise?

Boise State and the Mountain West seem like such a natural fit, don't they? Both parties have what the other is looking for: the MWC would give Boise the big-league home they deserve, and Boise would give the MWC one more premiere program to put it over the top in it's fight for BCS inclusion. From time to time, this here blog has lobbied for the Broncos to be given an invitation to the MWC, and why not? Patterson vs. Petersen I & II were both pretty epic- think if it was an annual showdown!

It may not be meant to be, however, as Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesman pointed out last week. Just as TCU's future is uncertain with the conference realignment gong ringing loudly in Big Tenland, so is Boise State's. Could they end up in an expanded Pac 10 or Big 12? Will they end up in the MWC as they've wanted for a while now? Will they end up as a replacement part in a BYU/Utah-less MWC?

Busting the BCS?

Mike Locksley: Jockin' the Bitches/Slapping the Hoes/Holding back the MWC since 2009.

Last week, as I'm sure we're all familiar with, the Wizards of Oz behind the BCS curtain finally released their requirements for a non-BCS league to gain automatic qualifier status during a four year evaluation period. I, like many of you, wondered the same thing - why was it such a closely guarded secret? It was pretty much the exact method that everyone had assumed it was anyway. To refresh, there are three qualifications, dumbed down strictly for the MWC.

  1. TCU, Utah or BYU - one, not all - must rank higher in the final computer rankings than the best team of at least one other major conference. Since God invented the ACC and Big East Conferences, this should be a no brainer.
  2. All of the teams in the MWC must average out higher in the final regular season computer rankings than the average of one or more of the six BCS conferences. Since God invented New Mexico, UNLV and San Diego State, this is also a no brainer, but in the bad sense.
  3. TCU, Utah and BYU must finish in the Top 25 each year and hope that at least one of the major conferences does not place as many teams in the Top 25, or, if they do, they'll have a lower cumulative ranking.
The actual rules are outlined here in this article by's Andy Staples, and this is the article I want to discuss here. Obviously the major question on our minds when this came out was, "If the evaluation period ended today, how would the MWC fare?" In short? We don't get in. Fortunately though, there are two more years left in the evaluation period for us to make up ground.

The MWC currently qualifies under requirements one and two, but are a distant, distant seventh under the second. And this is where having Utah, TCU, Air Force and BYU in such an unbalanced football conference is a double edged sword. On the one hand, without them, you never qualify under rules one and three, but, with a more evenly balanced conference, perhaps the bottom feeders rise up from the muck over time. On the other, with them, said bottom feeders are guaranteed at least three losses in most years and, once they cannibalize one another, the bottom gets stirred a little, but never rises. And while it's great that a team like New Mexico is playing tough out of conference games against Tech and aggy, when you lose those games, you may as well have scheduled a D-1AA team and gotten a W.

So what needs to happen? For one, TCU, Utah and BYU need to continue to do what they do best which is win non-conference and bowl games, with at least one making a BCS bowl each of the next two years being the icing on the cake. Fortunately though, at this point in the evaluation, making a BCS game probably isn't a necessary requirement as much as beating teams from other power conferences is. None of those three teams are looking to have down years anytime soon, and especially not the next two with so much on the line.

The biggest concern, though, is what happens at the bottom of the conference? Air Force doesn't get enough mention when it comes to the Big 3 and, in due time, they will probably push it to the big 4. Still, you have to beat the best to be the best, isn't that what Ric Flair taught us? Further down the line, Wyoming looks to be on a decent upward trajectory, and it's only a matter of time before Brady Hoke gets his Aztecs out of the cellar as he did with Ball State. Colorado State, despite their short comings last year, are typically good enough for at least bowl eligibility as well. Unfortunately though, UNLV will take their lumps with a new coaching staff and, despite a decent recruiting haul, I can't see New Mexico busting out anytime soon either. I hope I'm wrong because, if they can't do any better, we're probably stuck the non-AQ abyss with the WAC and CUSA.

So, for the time being, the best thing we can do is beat up on the major conference teams we do play this year out of conference and, just for fun, I've put together a list of who plays who and the projected result according to this guy:

TCU - vs Baylor , vs. Oregon State .
Air Force - @ OU .
BYU - vs. Washington , @ Florida State .
CSU - vs. Colorado ,
UNM - @ Oregon , vs. TTU
SDSU - @ Mizzou ,
UNLV - vs. Wisconsin @ WVU .
Utah - vs Pitt , @ Notre Dame .
Wyoming - @ Texas .

So, according to what I think will happen, the MWC should end the non-conference slate against current BCS competition with 8 wins to 6 losses. I don't think this is where it needs to be - and with STRETCH calls with UNLV/WISC and WYO/UT, this number could easily get its inversin' on - so I guess we just need to pray that we win all of our other non conference matchups. It should be noted that Wyoming hosts Boise State in Laramie this year, which, if they pull that shocker, would be a HUGE non conference win over a likely top 5 team. Also, how treat is Utah's out of conference schedule? I'm giddy if I'm a Utes fan.

I'm a little depressed after reading this article as I thought the road to AQ status was a lot more direct than it is at present, but seeing as how we're going to be in the Big 12 by then anyway, I suppose this whole post is moot.

Frogs remain at #11...again

For what feels like the 100th week in a row, the Frogs are #11 in the Baseball America Top 25 poll. They're now 30-8 after the weekend sweep of UNLV, which was helped by Matt Curry's walk-off home run on Saturday (pictured above). The weekend turnstile counted 8,815 fans, making it the second most-attended weekend series in school history.

The Frogs will finish up their ten regular season games against Big 12 teams this week with two against Baylor. They'll host them at Lupton tomorrow night, then will travel down to Waco Wednesday evening to make up the game that was postponed back on February 23rd. Paul Gerrish, who's been the Frogs' main midweek pitcher the past few weeks, is surely going to start one of those games- but I'm not sure who'll start the other, as Greg Holle came in to pitch on Sunday. Maybe Schloss tinkers with the weekend rotation a bit to enable Purke to go against Baylor???

Hodge looking to rebound after "redshirt" year

With pro football fans from coast to coast admiring their shiny new toys after this weekend's draft, which included 3 Frogs being selected, Gerry Fraley of the Dallas Morning News took a look at the Cowboys' four "redshirt rookies"- including former Frog Stephen Hodge, and how they'll look to contribute after recovering from injuries that wiped out their first year in the league.

Morning Dump

TCU drops UNLV 7-1 to complete sweep Star-Telegram

Three Frogs strike free-agent deals

No. 8 TCU dominates in sweep of UNLV, wins 7-1

TCU women honor team award winners

TCU plans additional housing, upgrades continue
FW Business Press

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Newhouse picked up by Green Bay in Round 5

I was really hoping that the Cowboys would select Marshall Newhouse, just because I love to see them utilizing local talent (he played his high school ball at Lake Highlands). But nevertheless, I was glad to see him selected- the Packers plucked him up with the last pick of the 5th round of this year's draft. That makes Newhouse the fifth Horned Frog offensive lineman to be drafted in the last six years.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Washington to Cardinals at #47

Well well, back to the house of horrors (AKA University of Phoenix School College Stadium) for DWash. But seriously, good for him. Both Frogs go to good teams and before both Notre Dame guys which is hilarious. Here is the ESPN analysis of the pick.

15(47)Arizona Cardinals (from Tennessee through New England)Daryl WashingtonOLBTCU
What he brings: Washington can have some problems anchoring when teams run at him, but he reads his keys, locates the ball quickly and can beat blockers to the point of attack. He also tackles well. In addition, he has the potential to be a three-down linebacker who doesn't have to come off the field in passing situations.
How he fits: Arizona made a big splash by signing the demonstrative Joey Porter for sacks and toughness, but they still needed outside pass-rushing. Sack leader Bertrand Berry is no longer with the club and Clark Haggans is slowing down with age. This was a good pick. The Cardinals get a physical, young pass-rusher who can also set the edge versus the run.

Washington still waiting...

While we were all thrilled to see Jerry Hughes become the first Horned Frog to be picked in the first round since LT, I think we were all also hoping that Daryl Washington would make it back-to-back Frogs at the end of the round. It wasn't to be, though, as the Saints decided to take someone else.

So now Washington gets another nervous afternoon to wonder what city he'll begin his professional career. Where do the ESPN "experts" think D-Wash will go? Mel Kiper thinks he'll get picked up with the 12th pick of the 2nd round (44th overall) by the Patriots, while Todd McShay projects him dropping to the 30th pick in the round (62nd overall), when he sees the Vikings selecting him.

Frogs hosting UNLV this weekend

It's almost as if the Frogs are playing two different seasons at the same time right now. Their midweek non-conference games, especially those against Big 12 schools, are their path to improving their RPI ranking and possibly earning a #1 seed in the tournament or even hosting a regional as they did a year ago. Then on the weekends, their games mean little to their RPI (unless they lose...), but are their only way to winning yet another regular-season MWC title.

While they suffered a setback in one season on Tuesday night up in Norman, their sights must turn back toward a conference title when UNLV comes to town for a three game set starting tonight. The Rebels, Coach Schlossnagle's old team, has never beaten TCU at Lupton Stadium, and I don't think now is a good time for that trend to come to an end. The pitching rotation will stick to the usual form, with Matt Purke going tonight, Kyle Winkler on Saturday and then Steven Maxwell on Sunday.

Here's Coach Schloss discussing the series and some other current topics revolving around TCU Baseball:

Morning Dump

EX-TCU star Hughes drafted by Colts with 31st pick Star-Telegram

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Colts add to defense with TCU DE Jerry Hughes
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Colts select DE Hughes with first round pick

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hughes to Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Colts made Jerry Hughes their first round pick tonight, making Hughes the first Horned Frog to be picked in the first round since LT in 2000 and the first TCU defender to go in the first round in 26 years. Since TCU will be hosting the AFC team's practices for the Super Bowl next year, Hughes could return to TCU with his new team should they repeat as AFC Champs.

Draft Day Drinking Game

Looking to add some more fun to your draft watching party? Just like in every aspect of life, make it into a drinking game. Here are some terms with number of drinks to take after each mention.
  • "Tremendous Upside" - 1 Drink
  • "Character Issues" - 2 Drinks
  • "Steal" - 2 Drinks
  • "Best Available" or "Best Remaining"- 1 Drink
  • "Intangibles" - 1 Drink
  • "Great Nose for the Football" - 1 Drink
  • "Makes People Miss" - 1 Drink
  • "That's why the Raiders are the Raiders" - 1 Drink
  • "Draft for Need" - 1 Drink
  • "On the Clock" - 1 Drink
  • Ben Roethlisberger is Mentioned - 1 Drink
  • Some one says "National Football League" when just "NFL" would be appropriate - 1 Drink
  • Someone Trades Down or Up - 1 Drink
  • Tim Tebow is shown or name is spoken - 1 Drink
  • Brett Farve is Mentioned - 2 Drinks
  • Non BCS Conference Player is Taken - 2 Drinks
  • Detroit Takes a Wide Receiver - Finish Drink
  • Tim Tebow's mom is shown - Finish Drink
  • Jet's Fans boo a pick - Finish Drink
  • A Frog is Taken - 1 Shotgun
Feel free to add your own. Here is a link to more. Draft Day Drinking Game

'Bout to get PAID!

The four long months of mock draft after mock draft and endless speculation by jackoffs like Peter King finally come to an end tonight when the NFL Draft goes Prime Time for the first time ever (how this idea got past Tex Schramm, I have no idea).

After absorbing all kinds of draft coverage, I think it's safe to say we all expect Jerry Hughes to go sometime in the mid to late first round and for Daryl Washington to possibly go late in round one and if not, early to mid second. My interest will be especially piqued when the Jets (Hughes) and Saints (Washington) are on the clock, as those have been repeatedly mentioned as potential destinations for the two Frog stars.

So what does one do when you're 12 or so hours away from becoming a millionaire? When I originally ran that scenario by another regular contributor to this site, he responded by describing a debaucherous scene involving one or more "entertainers" and a few less-than-legal substances. But with all of the hubub over Ben Roethlisberger doing his best Kobe Bryant impersonation down in Georgia, I'm guessing that won't be what Jerry and Daryl spend their April 22nd doing.

But I want to put you in their shoes for a minute. Let's say you're not the high school hero who's now sitting in front of a computer at your chump job. Let's say you are a first round-worthy NFL prospect who is spending his last day as a regular folk before you cash in and start making more money than the president. What are you gonna do with your last day as a non-millionaire?

Thoughts on the MWC/BCS talk

As many of you read in this morning's dump or elsewhere on the internets, BCS Director Bill Hancock hinted at the BCS Meetings in Scottsdale that the Mountain West could become the 7th automatic-qualifying conference starting in 2012.

There are a lot of different ways to react to this news. On one hand, this could be the first little nibble of recognition for the strides that the conference has taken towards being legitimized in the eyes of the nation. The thought that this development could possibly lead to the MWC receiving it's much-deserved automatic BCS bid gives me major sports wood.

On the other hand, this also reeks of a politician (because really, the folks presently in charge of college football are no better) saying what needs to be said to placate an infuriated sliver of his constituents. It's nice to think about hope & change & a BCS that includes the Mountain West, but really- what's his motivation here? The BCS was never build to be fair. Hancock's job is to put as much spin as he can on the rotten system he's been put in charge of and to keep handing the Ohio States, Texases and Floridas of the world checks for as many millions as possible.

There is a third way to look at Hancock's statements, though, combining aspects of the first two and creating a dynamic that could be a huge boom for TCU- or another bust. With all of the whispers going around about conference expansion these days, could Hancock's words have been a hint to the leaders of the BCS conferences?

Was he really saying "if you guys don't tear up this conference, you're going to end up sharing some of your pie with them"? Because as much as the powers that be would loathe to give Utah, TCU or BYU a place at the table- you know DAMN sure they don't want to share their wealth with Wyoming, UNLV or San Diego State.

If you buy into that theory, then you're going to be watching the development of the rumors placing Utah in the Pac 10 very closely. If the Utes and/or BYU are poached from our conference, TCU could also land in a power conference expanding to 12 or 14 or 16....or find itself playing a frantic game of musical chairs for the 4th time in 15 years. Maybe the dominos fall in our favor- but then again maybe they don't.

I don't mean to make you paranoid- but I think every TCU fan has got to be at least a little worried about being left out once again to stare across the river at greener pastures...especially with this latest Hancock-tease.

Morning Dump

Automatic bid could come in 2012 for TCU's conference Star-Telegram

Purke invited to national team tryouts

MWC making strides toward automatic BCS bid AP

Daryl Washington's one shot

TCU's Jerry Hughes fits Packers GM Ted Thompson's mold Green Bay

TCU RB Smith has knee surgery

Castro, Cashner may be with Cubs before long

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dwight Smith had surgery today?

According to Graham Watson's twitter page GP has confirmed that Dwight Smith had surgery today for a "significant" knee injury.

The page goes on to say that GP is confident Smith will be back for fall camp. Surgery and Significant knee injury don't exactly scream back by fall camp to me, but who am I to question GP?

Wednesday Hypothetical.


With all the hype and speculation surrounding Jerry Hughes and how he will fare in the NFL, I've recently started waxing nostalgic about another legendary TCU edge rusher who had big time NFL aspirations. Before he went down with a bad case of the crazies, Tommy Blake was one of the most gifted college defensive ends in the country. He started for TCU as a redshirt freshman and, had he not been overwhelmed with the pressures of NFL success, he'd probably be making the lives of at least 16 quarterbacks miserable each fall.

I have no doubt that Jerry Hughes can do the same, but what I'm really wondering is - if both came out in the same year, who would be the hotter prospect? Let's say 2009 was Blake's junior year when he should've come out, Hughes would still be his current age, and that, despite hypothetically playing on the same team, they both put up their identical numbers. Remember, both guys also came in as high school running backs that had to make the switch, so it's not like one had a leg up on the other when we're talking about development. For the sake of equality, I'm only looking at the top three years for each player. Also remember, this is the spring after Blake's junior year, so he wasn't a head case yet. Here's the case for each:

Tommy Blake - 6'5", 252.

  • Finished his career with 19 sacks and 36.5 tackles for loss
  • One time Conference Player of the Year (2005)
  • Two Time All American (2004, 2005)
  • All-Conference three times
  • Texas defensive player of the year in 2007.
  • Made every major defensive watch list as a junior.
  • Shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.
Jerry Hughes, Jr. - 6'1", 255.

  • Finished career with 28.5 sacks and 39 tackles for loss.
  • Two Time Concensus First Team All-American (2008, 2009).
  • Two Time All-Conference (2008, 2009).
  • Hendricks and Lott Award winner in 2009. Finalist for both awards in 2008.
  • 2009 Conference Defensive Player of the Year.
  • Destroyed Tokyo just for pleasure.
I chose not to compare the combine numbers between the two because Hughes was in top shape and Blake showed up a year late and about 25 pounds too heavy. Plus, his mind obviously was not in it. As a full disclosure, Blake was not drafted and signed on with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a free agent before being cut, but don't let that cloud your decision.

Now, I realize this is a flawed discussion before it starts because you can't compare two players who played with entirely separate defenses. I'm just asking the question: If you're an NFL GM, and all you have to go on are tangibles, who do you put higher on your draft board? Remember, Blake would've made the same switch to outside linebacker as Hughes likely will.

For me, the conversation isn't really as cut and dried as it seems. Obviously Hughes had the superior career, but you can't deny how much the NFL types look at the size and speed combination of the players they draft. To that end, Tommy Blake would certainly be hard to cast off without taking a closer look because, if you'll recall, he was an absolute BEAST on the edge. He had a ridiculous first step and could run down anyone. How many 6'5", 252 pound guys can do that? And he was commonly going up against a left tackle which is THE MOST IMPORTANT POSITION IN THE GAME, RIGHT SANDRA BULLOCK? so you have to give him credit for that.

As for Hughes, well, his numbers and accolades speak for themselves. While maybe not as tall as some would like - by comparison, Demarcus Ware is 6'4", 262 and Sergio Kindle, who is the only OLB prospect typically rated higher than Hughes is of similar size - you can't knock what the dude did on the field, even if it was against "inferior competition." Hughes also played the strong side of the ball and was consistently double teamed but, as was the case with Chase Ortiz, Wayne Daniels was able to inflate his numbers significantly, so later in the year those guys were both given a lot more attention.

Me? Well, I'm a pragmatist so I most certainly would say go with Hughes, but a lot of NFL honchos - read: Al Davis - obviously get caught up with physical specimens, which Blake certainly was. Still, I think both at the peak of their draft status would most certainly merit first round grades and any team would be well off taking them, albeit Hughes at a slightly higher position.

Unfortunately we'll never know, but if they ever invent a time machine, after Tommy Tuberville uses it to wait a week in accepting the job in Lubbock so the Tennessee job can open up, I'm getting my Bill and Ted on, swinging by Sigmund Freud's house, and then heading to the winter of 2007 and locking him in a room with Tommy. Once he agrees to give me a percentage of all future earnings, I'm kicking back and becoming a full time blogger. It's my destiny. Come on, scientists!!

Morning Dump

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Oklahoma snaps TCU's win streak, 8-3

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rumor Mongering.

Cowherd's Secret Sources on the Big Televen Expansion.

Before we begin, this picture should be a reminder to all gingers of how things could've been for your kind. Lohan was untouchable in her Mean Girls days even with her unfortunate natural hair color. Now that she's blonde and putting SMU up her nose, she looks like an absolute tragedy. Bring her back to your team gingers. It's your only chance. Help her restore her epic status.

Also epic? This rumor spouted by Colin Cowterd this afternoon on ESPN radio. Given, I'm a Ticket guy, so I rarely listen to ESPN radio, thus I'm hearing this second hand, but here's the gist: Utah to the Pac-10 is a "done deal." Also heading west is Colorado. These two "developments" should shock no one as they've been long rumored. Furthermore, the dirty rumor of the Big Televen getting its Power Ranger on and morphing into the Big Sixteen is debunked by Cowherd, but he claims that the conference is now setting its sights on Connecticut and Rutgers.

Best of all? The Big 12 needs a new team to make itself whole again, and who do they take? Why, TCU of course! What a swell turn of events, no?

Playing the pretend game, if this all comes to pass, the non-BCS conferences will be, to put it lightly, "in flux." First off, the Big Least is in serious turmoil as they lose two of their measly eight football schools, so they'll have to rape and pillage Conference USA or something similar in order to survive. Regardless, their BCS status is kaput at best.

Our own Mountain West, the conference that nurtured us into the upper tier, is also in some serious trouble, with BYU being the only competent school left. Obviously the conference grabs Boise State immediately to remain relevant, and probably a pu pu platter of Fresno State, Nevada and/or maybe something like Idaho. If it comes down to that crew and the Big Least survivors for the final BCS spot, that's like choosing between Arby's and Burger King to help ease your diarreah.

The biggest losers would obviously be the MWC, the Big East, Conference USA and the WAC, because they first two lose two or their major players, and the latter would end up getting ransacked by the former. Would the NCAA really allow this to happen? It's hard to say. If Colorado, Utah, TCU, UConn and Rutgers are asked to relocate, I can't think of any reason why none of them wouldn't - the whole BYU/Utah rivalry thing binding them together reeks of BS to me. And what of Missouri? Surely they're a more attractive candidate for the Televen than UConn?

We're going to hear a TON of dirty rumors in regards to conference movement before anything remotely concrete happens, but seeing as how this directly benefits us, I just thought I'd share.

Draft Day Dilemma.

I hate them too, Jeffrey.

With the NFL Draft coming up in just two days, there are a lot of burning questions on the minds of football fans all over the country. We’ve read all the mock drafts. We’ve pinpointed free agents. We’ve analyzed our teams rosters. Heck, if you’re like me, you’ve read online chats by the likes of Jean Jacques Taylor who is among the most awful sports writers in the metroplex, if not the entire state, save that UT molester dickhead in Houston.

However, if you’re a college football fan in addition to the NFL, the whole draft process cuts a lot deeper, especially if you’re a TCU fan with two potential first round choices. At present, it’s a pretty foregone conclusion that Jerry Hughes is going to go, at absolute worst, early in the second round, with Daryl Washington probably going within 15-20 spots afterwards. It can also be presumed that Marshall Newhouse is probably going to get a mid to late round selection and that Clint Gresham, while maybe not getting drafted solely as a specialist, will most certainly be on an NFL roster next season as a free agent. I should also mention Nic Richmond in this discussion, as he’s gotten some love recently from a few NFL teams.

And while we all wish that the respective NFL franchise we back would take any of these guys so that we could cheer them on for the next decade, obviously due to needs and availability, this rarely occurs. Especially if, like me, you’re a Cowboys fan and your draft czar is a drunken lunatic who once drafted Quincy Carter. Things worked out pretty nicely last year with Stephen Hodge getting the Star treatment, but as a sixth rounder on a team that was deep at the linebacker position, including in that same draft, it was hard to muster a ton of optimism. So while I’d love to have Washington come to Dallas and send Bobby Carpenter into an early, Ed Hardy infused retirement, I know that I’m more likely to end up with an offensive lineman or safety from a school I either haven’t heard of or don’t care about. Still, at least I know that Washington is going to have a chance to play somewhere and that it will probably be better than him remaining in Dallas to play in front of the home crowd, right?

Unfortunately, with that knowledge, as optimistic as it should be, there comes an inherent horror than I almost want to refuse to mention here. An idea that turns my blood cold and would make a lesser man cry out for their mother in the night, though I'm not ruling that out for myself. A thought that, if it comes to fruition, would make it necessary for me to turn my back on an athlete that I have watched and admired for the past four years and who has given his to some of the best TCU teams in history.

What if Jerry Hughes or Daryl Washington get drafted by the fucking Eagles?

A perfect case in point would be Robert Henson. As anyone who reads this site knows, we LOVED Henson probably more than any TCU player who has worn purple during our years as students. He was the heart and soul of the defense as a senior – and possibly before then despite not starting – and he could fire up the crowd like few others before him. And I was probably even more gay for him than most seeing as how I watched him play for my high school team. But, after he was drafted by the Redskins last year – a rivalry that doesn’t retain the same aggression it once did, but remains a bitter NFC East hatefest nonetheless – something changed. I remember being pretty angry when he was declared ineligible for the Poinsettia Bowl that year, but later sympathized with him after hearing his reasons, although it probably helped his case a lot that we ended up winning anyway. After the draft, though? No mas. I thought, “You know, that guy let the team down last year, and I think this is the world’s way of letting me channel that disrespect beyond TCU.” In reality, nothing changed. But in my mind, everything had.

And it’s all because one team decided to make the man a millionaire instead of another.

And this is the complex the football fan with dual college and NFL rooting interests faces each and every year, and why I eye the draft with an extremely bittersweet disposition. Fortunately, outside of Henson, there haven’t been very many conflicts since I came to school. Out of the 21 players GP has had drafted, I honestly can't think of anyone outside of Henson who went to a team I absolutely hated. Gator as a Bengal? Cool with it. Aaron Brown as a Lion? Well, feel sorry for you dude, but congrats nonethless. Enjoy that ring, Michael Toudouze. And though I wasn’t here when LT was a player, I’ve always enjoyed following him with San Diego, one because he’s a future hall of famer who was absolutely spectacular before his body broke down – and it has guys, let’s be realistic – but also because San Diego is in the AFC. And now that he’s with the Jets, the same rules apply, although with Rex Ryan, Braylon Edwards, and Cromartie on board, plus Hard Knocks showing up for training camp, the stakes are infinitely more disastrously raised and I couldn’t be more excited about the the 2010 New York Jets. The same AFC thing applies with Aaron Schoebel at Buffalo because, seeing as how Dallas never had a realistic shot at the Super Bowl until last season, I knew I’d never have to set my Horned Frog ties aside in lieu of the Cowboys.

But, if anyone goes to the NFC East, even if they’re perennial pro bowlers and potential Hall of Famers and give back to the TCU community like no others before them, all bets are off. If Jerry Hughes puts on that blue NY helmet and starts taking pooping on girls lessons from Osi Umenyiora, he’s dead to me. If Daryl Washington puts on Philadelphia green and starts throwing batteries at people and cheering career ending neck injuries, he may as well have played for SMU in college. Nevermind that by going all in with Kevin Kolb they’ve all but gift wrapped Dallas a second consecutive NFC East title - thanks, but up yours for ruining one of my all time favorite players. And honestly, with Washington taking on McNabb and Dan Snyder being crazy enough to perhaps bring in TO, that may be the biggest death blow of all.

But, this isn’t to tout a Cowboys or NFC East horn – it could apply to anyone. For a Texans fan, imagine Hughes in a Titans uni. Not only will you have the “what if” feelings of him being an Oiler in a different era, you also have to face him twice a year in a tough division game. Or, if he goes to Indianapolis as commonly projected, not only do you have to deal with him twice a year, but with Peyton Manning owning that division and with little hope of a wildcard berth in the tough AFC each year, you’re looking at even more 8-8 seasons and no playoffs.

Or, perhaps something we can all agree on: What if either of them go to the Patriots? Well, some things are just too sadistic to speak of any further.

So, what do we do? What if going to one of our hated rivals offers a better opportunity for Jerry Hughes? Say, by not being selected by Indianapolis in the first round and learning from one of the great pass rushers of the era in Dwight Freeney plus accepting the better paycheck that comes with the slot, Hughes tumbles out of the first round and late into the second? What then? Do we feel bad that one of the all time great Horned Frogs lost his best shot at becoming a dominant NFL player? Or do we deep down sleep better at night knowing that, even though he may not develop the way he maybe could've, at least we can continue to cheer for him elsewhere?

Let’s just hope these are questions we can postpone another year.

But seriously, I wish all of our draft eligible Frogs the best of luck Thursday night and through the weekend (eat me, Roger Goodell). In the meantime, better get that anonymous letter re: Jerry Hughes' un-coachability postmarked to Pennsylvania...

Big road test tonight

While the Frogs came home from Provo with three wins over BYU and first place in the MWC in their pocket, they apparently did little to impress the national pollsters. While they remained at #11 in the Baseball America poll, they actually dropped a spot to #12 in the coaches poll beind Florida- a team that lost twice last week.

The reason for the lack of respect for the sweep- even on the road- is that, at 16-19, BYU has an RPI of #83 according to Boyd's World- a ranking service believed to be very close to the formula used by the NCAA selection committee. Boyd's got the Frogs at #19, which would likely earn them a #2 seed if the season were to end right now.

So how does TCU get back to earning another #1 seed and possibly hosting a regional, as they did a year ago? They've got to take advantage of the games remaining against teams with decent to good RPI's, and that starts tonight against Oklahoma, who has an RPI of 33 (some other remaining quality-RPI opponents are #28 New Mexico, #46 Texas State and#52 Baylor). Then again, they've also got to avoid any more RPI-crippling losses like the ones suffered earlier against #111 Dallas Baptist and #273 Air Force.

Paul Gerrish, who was supposed to start in last night's cancelled game against DBU, takes the mound for the Frogs up in Norman tonight. Gerrish has been pretty solid since taking over midweek starting duties in late March, with a 2.66 ERA in his four starts. One of those was, however, a loss to the Sooners two weeks ago at Lupton- the Frogs' only loss against a Big 12 team this year.

Morning Dump

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