Friday, March 12, 2010

SpitbloodTCU Countdown to Kickoff Golf Tournament

Get your calendars set. The first Countdown to Kickoff Golf Tournament is scheduled for August 14th. It will be at White Stone Golf Club in Benbrook, and all proceeds will go to a Frog related charity. More information to come.

Also, if you want to get into the Spitblood March Madness pool then you need to sign up ASAP at cbs sports here. The pass word is titans (the finch is a die hard oilers/titans fan). Three brackets maximum at $10 a bracket. Email for payment instructions. Paypal was very quick to shut down our first account because it "promotes gambling".

1 comment:

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I hear August 14 is the most pleasant golfing weekend of the year, weather wise.