Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jean-Jacques Taylor: Closet SWW Fan?

Not since my 7th grade self
has anyone rocked a hoodie and jorts as hard as JJT.

In this morning's dump, some of you may have noticed an article by Dallas Morning News sports columnist/noted jorts enthusiast Jean-Jacques Taylor belying how unacceptable it is for TCU and SMU to have such terrible basketball programs. And while I typically just view the DMN sports page as a necessary evil, truth be told? It's a pretty solid article - he hits on all the major points about how Dallas produces some of the best basketball talent in the country, yet neither of the D-I programs in the area have ever proven able to harness it. He does a very nice job of making his points without being a complete dick which is a very common issue in most of his writing.

However, there is something else about this article... something below the surface that inherently makes me appreciate it on another level.

Oh yeah, it's because I WROTE THE EXACT SAME ARTICLE IN JANUARY!!! Or at least half of it.

Now, I genuinely doubt that JJT has ever read or even heard of SpitBlood, nor do I fancy that I'm the only person who has ever thought it strange that TCU, a school with fantastic athletic programs including women's basketball, can't put together a halfway decent basketball team in a mediocre basketball conference.

But when you consider that I also penned another article just last week decrying how awful a coach Matt Doherty is, you can pretty much argue that I wrote his entire article for him; he's just getting paid for it.

So you have to ask yourself -should we just be happy that the DMN has finally mentioned the Frogs, albeit in a negative light regarding our basketball team, having already glossed over an entire season of Top 10 caliber Frogs Football? Still skeptical on that one. But,

is it also feasible that the Dallas Morning News, hearing our frequent complaints about their lack of Frog coverage, has taken to blogosphere and started pilfering information from our fair site to rectify this situation? I'd say it's entirely possible.

But know this, DMN - my legal counsel of Texas Hammer, buffalo, redbarron and counselorfrog are onto you and will be perusing all future Frog coverage in your publication with a fine toothed comb. And I'm still not scrapping my next lesson in SMU hate, in which the DMN plays a significant role. The tides are turning in our favor. The Frogs will rise again east of the sewage plant in Grand Prairie. Viva le Resistance!


LENEtown Fizzle said...

Star-Telegram WHAT!!!!!!!

LT4heisman said...

They just want you to think they're not reading SB. This is a conspiracy of epic proportions.

bscooter26 said...

Much of the DMN's fanbase is, for obvious geographical reasons, smu alumni. But I've also heard from my parents, who used to live just a few blocks from the campus, that the alumni have a strong pull with the newspaper, as I'm sure that's where plenty if not most of it's financial backing comes from. They also said the newspaper took a big hit in the 80s when they discovered the major recruiting violations that lead to the death penalty, since they were the first media outlet to break the story. Point being, that's a half-decent reason why the Dmn doesn't exactly bleed purple.