Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Frogs vs. UTA tonight

Coming off of their 2-1 showing in Houston this past weekend, which prompted this interchange in the web-chat hosted by Baseball America's Aaron Fitt yesterday:

Steve (Owltown): You got to see Rice, Texas and TCU in depth over the weekend. How do they stack up? Can you foresee 3 texas national seeds to go along with LSU?

Aaron Fitt:
Boy, it's going to be hard for three national seeds to emerge from the same geographic footprint, but it's possible — and all three of those teams are national seed-caliber clubs. At this point, TCU actually looks like the most complete team of the three (if there were questions about TCU's offense heading into the season, there shouldn't be any more — it's just another physical, deep TCU lineup, only more athletic than it has been in the past), and the Frogs will have a real chance at a national seed thanks to that series win at Fullerton. That series will like mighty fine by the end of the season, because the Titans will right the ship.

....the #7 Frogs wrap up a four-game road trip with a game at UT-Arlington tonight at 6:30pm. And even though the Frogs won't get the last at-bat, there's no reason for this to actually be a "road game", since UTA's Clay Gould Ballpark is only about 20 miles from both TCU's campus and downtown Dallas. In addition to the proximity, UTA's sparse crowds should make it easy for the purple & white contingent to take over tonight: UTA is averaging just 336 fans per home game this year, meaning that their seven-game total of 2,351 fans is about a hundred less than TCU's least-attended game of the year.

6'8" junior righty Greg Holle gets the start for the Frogs tonight, and it's important for him to distance himself from his shaky (at best) start to the season. With the Frogs looking like they'll be in contention for a Top-8 national seed (which comes with an NCAA Regional and Super-Regional at your home ballpark if you advance), they'll need every win they can get. And with midweek games still to come against OU, Baylor and A&M, the Frogs will need Holle to be solid.


John Lamberth said...

I'm heading to the game now!

John Lamberth said...

15-2 Frog Win. Holle was much improved. The 2 runs were charged to him, although 1 of those should have been unearned but the scorer gave UTA a hit instead of a Witte throwing error. Choice smashed a massive 2 run homer for UTA in the 1st, but after that, Holle shut them down.