Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Circling the Bases with Coach Schlossnagle-3/30

Calling all rowdy Frog fans!

I talked to a number of people at football games last year that all had the same idea: a section of Amon G. Carter Stadium set aside for young alumni who still want to be vocal & energetic during games- as opposed to acting like we're in church at games, which unfortunately seems to be the norm for most TCU alums.

For a number of years now, those rowdier fans have retreated back to the student section and provided their energy from the top of Section X. But because nobody out there is getting any younger, there will come a point in every Frog fan's life when they are, sadly, too old to sit in the student section.

So instead of continuing to be the old creepertons at the top of the student section, I propose a section of young whipper-snappers closer the the field (and the opposing team's ears) in Section V.

I realize that sitting in X is an easy escape from the "down in front" complaints that you get from older folks who think it's inappropriate to make as much noise as possible when the opposing team is facing a crucial 3rd Down. But if we get enough like-minded fans who want to turn Amon G. Carter into the feared environment that it ought to be, then the whining will be drowned out by our strength in numbers. Who knows, maybe our enthusiasm will even be contagious enough to actually get other fans to join in the fun.

2010 could be another huge season for Frog football, so if you want to be in a section of other rowdy young alumni and help set the tone for the rest of the stadium, call up the TCU Ticket Office and get your season tickets in the first 20 rows of Section V...and get your vocal chords ready. If you can't get season tickets, just come sit down there- we'll make room for you.

Go Frogs.

Angry White Men

If you liked the movie Gran Torino, then you'll love what's going on over on the Eastern Bloc right now. While they don't allow for anything that might demean women (like we apparently do, according to their owner), it appears they certainly enjoy being the place for some tolerant souls to vent their anger towards our neighbors in the Orient...

Killerfrogs: TCU is famous even in Japan

Morning Dump

Solid pitching gets TCU back on track Star-Telegram

No. 11 TCU handles UT Arlington, 10-3

Five Frogs make Sporting News All-Texas team

Sverrisdottir receives AP All-American honor

2010's new stars: Tank Carder
College Football News

Student athletes set record for cumulative GPA Daily Skiff

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hopefully-redeeming homestand starts tonight

It's no secret that the Frogs have hit a bit of a rough patch lately, losing three of the last five games they've completed (and remember, they're still behind in that suspended game against Air Force that'll be completed in May). Sure, losing at Air Force hurts, especially the all-important RPI, but every team goes through tough stretches in a long season.

We'll learn a lot over the next week about this team's ability to respond to adversity as they look to redeem themselves in a five-game home stand that starts tonight against UT-Arlington. Paul Gerrish will be on the mound for the Frogs, and will look to continue the success he had in his first start of the season a week ago against Texas State (5⅔ scoreless innings). A weekend set against conference foe San Diego State is slated for Thursday through Saturday and then OU comes to town next Tuesday.

As the Frogs attempt to get back to their winning ways, hopefully the fans will continue to poor into Lupton Stadium at a record pace. With an average of just over 3,000 fans a game, TCU ranks in the Top 20 nationally in attendance.

Q &A with Brian Estridge

Some guy who calls himself "Angry Trey" sat down recently with the Voice of the Horned Frogs, Brian Estridge, to discuss his thoughts on all sorts of things related to the current state of TCU football: spring practice, the 2010 schedule, the move to WBAP and more.

You can listen to the entire interview (almost six minutes long) on Angry Trey's blog HERE.

Schedule Banter.

Nervous anticipation for the 2010 season.
AKA Schweaty Balls.

In yet another case of Christmas coming early, the 2010 Football Schedule was released yesterday just in time for the Spring Game. Apparently my September 5th schedule release prediction was a bit pessimistic. Now the only thing left, other than sending it over to the wife to let her know which weekends I will be mentally unavailable this year, is to pick it apart, laud some aspects and bitch about others.

But first, let’s take a walk down memory lane to a post by our very own lyle lanley re: 2010 schedule wish list and see how everything came together.

1) For it to freaking come out already. A. Well, check and mate on that one. It may have been a little later than last season - March 26th - but hey, it's here, and it least we didn't have to wait until April. Looks like lt4heisman was the closest with his asshole-esque $1 over bid of lyle, but hey, winner still gets nothing.

2) No 1AA/FCS Games. F+. While this one didn’t exactly work out for the Frogs, I suppose the bright side is that it’ll be a nice filler game between the opener versus Oregon State and the game against Baylor. While an off week might be preferable between these two games, a week two off week really does little for a team as far as benefiting fatigue and injury, and if we need an off week to prepare for Baylor, then perhaps we shouldn’t have such high expectations for our season after all. Besides, we typically put a pretty solid bitch slapping on the little guys – Armadillos by 35 last year, STDU by 60 two years ago – so it’s kind of like having an off-week anyway, right?

3) No weeknight games. B+. Technically yes, although the SMU game being on a Friday will surely cause some tailgating and attendance turmoil for our out of town fans. If you’re afraid to ask your boss for a half day and opt to watch the game on ESPN in order to avoid controversy, then turn in your season tickets and stay in the parking lot all season because if you're too afraid to risk the respect of your boss, then you're not ready for this kind of fan commitment. If your boss doesn’t understand the importance of taking a half day so you can get blind drunk and verbally abuse coke heads from the east coast while your team coasts to victory, find a new job. You’re welcome for the advice.

4) An Actual Off-week. C+. Unlike the past two seasons where the team had a fake off week – opening weekend last year, closing weekend in 2008 – this year there’s at least a semblance of an off-week for TCU, although it falls during the second to last weekend of the season. The scheduling could be better – preferably I’d like to see it falling between the BYU and Air Force games as that is a very difficult back to back. But, at least those two games are at home and we won't be battling travel fatigue, so after the Utah game is probably the next best thing. The game against the Utes is going to be a very physically and mentally trying road contest so I’m glad we get a chance to catch a breather for a weekend between that game and the following - a road game at New Mexico.

5) No home game on Thanksgiving weekend. A+. This year’s game against New Mexico – a game which will be our season closer for the foreseeable future – will still be played on Thanksgiving weekend, but this time on the road. While the date had no direct correlation on attendance last season, we can’t reasonably expect the Frogs to be undefeated heading into this game every single year, thus prompting a sell-out, although hopefully we can sell out more of our home games regardless of the record this year. Still, this season we will not have to worry about it, so for those of you who get family-trapped during Thanksgiving every year such as myself, this is great news.

6) No home game on Texas/OU weekend. A+. The Frogs will be on the road facing Colorado State during the weekend of October 2nd, so for our diarrhea orange inclined fans, this should pose little conflict unless you want to physically attend both games. Still, for those who wish to catch the game in Dallas, and why you'd want to subject yourself to those two asshole fan bases for 3 hours is beyond me, here’s to hoping that the timing works out as it did last year with that game being played at 11:30. Our game is scheduled for 1:30.

7) An easy transition into conference play. B+. While Wyoming is rapidly improving under Head Coach Dave Christensen, pulling out a bowl win in his first season, you could still classify Wyoming as one of the “have nots” in the MWC. Whereas Colorado State, UNLV or New Mexico would probably be considered easier competition than the Cowboys, I'd rather not open up with a conference road game, which happens to be where we play each of those three teams. Our other three conference home games are against San Diego State, Air Force and BYU, so it's probably a toss up between wanting to face SDSU or Wyoming in the opener. I'd probably lean towards playing SDSU as they've never beaten us in conference play, but choosing between the two schools is pretty negligible. The schedulers did a decent enough job on this account.

8) All home games at night. D-. This is probably the thing that stuck out most to me. Of our six home games, four will be played prior to 4PM. This is probably the biggest double edged sword of our current TV arrangement. Where night games are obviously preferable for us as fans in regards to be able to put in a full day of tailgating, most of the bigger college football matchups fall in the middle of the day, thus this is where the networks fill their schedules. On the bright side, earlier games are friendlier to our fans that have families as they can catch a game and still be home in time for dinner. On the negative side, its balls hot in Texas until late October, so playing three of our four day games during the first two months of the season in the boiling sun will be a bit of a hindrance. Still, if it potentially means more fans and more television exposure, I suppose we have to take what we’re given.

9) TCU @ UNLV Halloween weekend. A+. Oh. Oh my goodness. I was unable to attend the UNLV game two years ago during Halloween weekend in Vegas, but after witnessing the aftermath of those who did, I’ll be damned if I miss it this year. This is a road trip every student body at every other school in the country would kill to have.

10) No chances for a blizzard. A-. Given that the weather can change at the drop of a hat in this country, and also that I’m no weatherman, I can only give face value predictions on this account. But, with the Air Force and Wyoming games being in Fort Worth, and the Colorado State game falling on October 2nd, I think we can safely assume that the Frogs will have no trouble with weather this year. The Utah game is definitely one to keep an eye on, and we all remember the game in Fort Collins two years ago – it fell a week later during the schedule – but let’s just hope and pray the winter doesn’t kick in until October 3rd this year. But still, with snow falling in the metroplex in March, there’s no telling what El Nino could have in store for us at Amon G this season.

So, for the most part the schedule works out pretty favorably for us, other than night games and IAA games. However, there are a few more things I wanted to note:

Seven of our first eight games will be played in DFW. While I’ve certainly fired myself up for the prospect of having eight “home” games this year, having seven of them come over the first half of the season is something I’m sure none of us bargained for. While I love the fact that I can for sure witness eight games in person while only using my car – WWHD, bet your pocketbook wishes you’d chosen this year to make your Frogrimmage? – I kind of fear a little bit for the safety and health of my liver during the months of September and October. Nearly eight solid weeks of Monday fear at work this fall will certainly require a few sick days.

Uneven home/away scheduling. If you look at our schedule, five of our six home games will be played before the month of October ends, which means Gameday season almost officially ends before Halloween. Despite the lack of a bye week last year, I thoroughly enjoyed having all of our home games fall on alternating weekends, therefore giving my body a bit of a break between alcohol slaughterings. Plus, having a full week to regroup meant the excitement was built up that much more between home games. Not that I won’t be excited about game day this year – that Wyoming/BYU/Air Force triple entente promises to be absolutely epic – but it was kind of nice to know that there would be a weekend between each game to relax. But that's just picking nits now isn't it?

Eleven televised games. Looks like the TV execs have finally taken notice of little ole TCU! This is arguably the biggest development of the schedule and pretty much negates all the negative aspects we can find. Now that Versus and DirecTV have cleared up their mess, subscribers to their service will have access to every single Frogs game that is on television this year, which is huge for our exposure. And, as an added bonus to our non-DTV fans, only one game – Colorado State – will be played on the Mtn, so you can watch just about every road game and game replay from the comfort of your own home. Despite bitching about our TV contract on a lot of fronts, having eleven of your twelve games on national television is never a bad thing, especially when you can do so without having any midweek games. Topping it off, we have two ESPN games that, as I said, we didn’t even have to schedule on a weeknight. While the SMU game may not be a huge national draw, I don’t think any of us can comprehend how big having the Oregon State game in ESPN’s Saturday primetime slot on opening weekend will be for us. Think about how big the same game was for BYU last year. They were national title contenders after that weekend thanks to everyone who saw it. And while I can’t discount the fact that a lot of people tuned in simply to get their first peak at Jerryworld, the fact that it’s football, it’s on, and its ESPN will be good for a few million viewers on its own. If we’re going to screw up one game all year, this CANNOT be it. Still, us screwing up a game this season? KOOKY TALK!

BYU game not at night. While I don’t necessarily condone ALL the behavior that accompanied the BYU game of two years ago, the bottom line is that was the best home crowd atmosphere I’d ever experienced at TCU up until the Utah game last year. And that was on a Thursday night! Imagine what a Saturday night game against the Cougars could been like?! Unfortunately it isn’t to be this year, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for the TCU faithful not to come out in force. If it means staying in on the Friday night before the game – blasphemy in some circles, I know – then so be it. But we HAVE to make Amon G one big Section X for this one. Liquor stores open at 10AM which should still give everyone plenty of time to get game ready.

Road game before Utah. A similar scenario to 2008 where we play a late one in Vegas, then turn back around and head to Utah the following week. This was maybe the biggest thing that was overlooked on the 2010 wish list, but there’s nothing to do about it now. TCU looked fine for three and a half quarters then, but the mental and physical fatigue really took its toll on that last, fateful drive up in Salt Lake as we remember all too well. But, that game was on a Thursday night, so with a full week of rest, this shouldn’t be as big of an issue. This team should be much more solid than that one, and Andy Dalton is going to prove all of his “big game” doubters SO wrong this year, so this issue will hopefully resolve itself. Still, I’m counting on some sleepless nights that week.

Other than that though, there’s not a whole lot that jumps out at me. The first eight weeks of the season are going to be tough with Oregon State, Baylor, BYU and, dare I say, SMU and Air Force on the slate. But, with a home game or local road game preceding each one of those, not to mention a full week to prepare for all but SMU, we should be in as good of shape as we can be for victories. If we can make it to Salt Lake City on November 6th with a 9-0 record, a second consecutive conference championship and BCS berth will likely be on the line for the Frogs and, if Jordan Wynn develops as he should, perhaps for the Utes as well. I’m not calling for another undefeated regular season, but the schedule actually sets up pretty nicely for that to happen. Now, it’s up to GP and the gang to make a prophet out of me.

Is it football season yet…

GP & Staff loving them some Arlington ISD

Patterson & his staff received a commitment from the 7th member of the Class of 2011 yesterday when Arlington High linebacker Laderice Sanders pledged to TCU. That means that three of the seven players in this class are products of the Arlington school district...although Cameron White has transferred from Arlington Bowie and is now in school at DeSoto.

If you've got a rivals subscription, watch his video- kid hits like a ton of bricks.

Keep an eye out when high school schedules start rolling out this summer to see when Arlington High plays would be fun to watch Sanders play against his future linebacking partner at TCU, Deryck Gildon.

Morning Dump

Horned Frogs shaping up strong offensive line Star-Telegram

TCU's complete 2010 schedule released

TCU opens five-game homestand Tuesday

TCU's Matt Purke satisfied with college career for now WFAA

Beaver football: Katz or Lalich KVAL

Monday, March 29, 2010

2010 Schedule Announced

Here it is:

Sat 4 - vs. Oregon State (Cowboys Stadium), 6:45 p.m. (ESPN HD)
Sat 11 - vs. Tennessee Tech, 6 p.m.
Sat 18 - vs. Baylor, 3:30 p.m. (Versus HD)
Fri 24 - at SMU, 7 p.m. (ESPN HD)

Sat2 - at Colorado State, 1 p.m. (The Mtn. HD)
Sat 9 - vs. Wyoming, 2:30 p.m. (CBS College Sports HD)
Sat 16 - vs. BYU, 3 p.m. (Versus HD)
Sat 23 - vs. Air Force, 7 p.m. (CBS College Sports HD)
Sat 30 - at UNLV, 10 p.m. (CBS College Sports HD)

Sat 6 - at Utah, 2:30 p.m. (CBS College Sports HD)
Sat 13 - vs. San Diego State, 3 p.m. (Versus HD)
Sat 27 - at New Mexico, 3 p.m. (Versus HD)

Falcon Field...House of Horrors

The Frogs have limped home from Colorado Springs, where they struggled mightily in earning a split in the two games that were completed this weekend against the conference doormats, Air Force. The third game, which was suspended in the top of the 7th with the Falcons leading 16-15, will be completed prior to Game 2 of the series between the two teams at Lupton in May.

As was discussed during Friday's game and as well in the comments section of this morning's Dump, there were a lot of factors that went into creating this three-game series of Gorilla Ball. Short fences, high winds, high altitude and aluminum bats all played a hand. Even so, this team cannot resort to making excuses for losing to Air Force.

So what was the cost of the weekend? Baseball America dropped the Frogs from #5 all the way down to #13 in this week's Top 25. Boyd's World, a website that is regarded as closely mimicking the RPI rankings that the NCAA uses in determining the brackets for the NCAA Tournament, has the Frogs at #33.

There's no time to dwell on what went on in Colorado Springs, however. The Frogs have four important games at home this week, starting when they host UTA tomorrow night. Then they've got a three-game set against Tony Gwynn's San Diego State squad starting on Thursday evening as they try to regain control of the conference standings.

Morning Dump

Frogs belt 12 homers in incomplete double header Star-Telegram

Tejay Johnson proving himself a leader on and off the field

Bats power No. 5 TCU to 20-6 victory over Air Force

TCU finishes fourth at Betsy Rawls Invitational

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dalton is #1 career wins by active NCAA Division I quarterbacks, as was highlighted this afternoon by The Top 10:

1. Andy Dalton, TCU: 29
2. Kellen Moore, Boise State: 26
3. Tyrod Taylor, Virginia Tech: 23
4. Case Keenum, Houston: 22
t5. Colin Kaerpernick, Nevada: 19
t5. Josh Nesbitt, Georgia Tech: 19
t5. Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State: 19
8. Ricky Stanzi, Iowa: 18
t9. Kevin Riley, Cal: 15
t9. T.J. Yates, North Carolina: 15

Doubleheader today at 1:00

Because of the expected foul weather in Colorado Springs this weekend, the schedule for the #5 Frogs' 3-game series at Air Force has been shifted and they'll play games 1 & 2 today starting at 1:00pm Texas time. But as David Peterson explains at, you might actually want to root for the cancellation of one or more games due to the RPI-killing effect that playing Air Force has, even when you beat them.

So when you get back from lunch, forget any office productivity- get the gametracker up and running from, the live streaming broadcast from KTCU and come back to Spitblood to discuss the game in the comments section below.

Steven Maxwell will be on the mound for the 1:00 game, and Matt Purke in the second game.

EDIT: Purke started Game 1 and Kyle Winkler will apparently start Game 2. No word yet on the status of Maxwell...

EDIT part deux: Game 2 has been cancelled due to the weather. No game tomorrow. They'll try to play at least one game Sunday at 1:00pm.

New Stadium Pics

A few new renderings of the new stadium were shown earlier this week. The plan currently is still to redo the sides in separate years, West side and N Endzone after this season '10, East side after next '11, with the total number of seats being around 40,000 with the ability to be increased to around 50K.

You'll notice some new things in these pics, video boards, loss of the majority of lot one behind the stadium etc.

Morning Dump

TCU football working to be its best Star-Telegram

No. 5 TCU hits road to face Air Force

Weather alters AFA-TCU baseball series KKTV

Hughes to visit Patriots Boston Globe

College football "mid-majors" don't enjoy the respect of their hoops counterparts
Orlando Sentinel

Don't mess with Texas...or Florida Sporting News

Oregon State signs contract with BYU ESPN

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lessons in SMU Hate - (White) Pony Up!

I think we all know the true story it's based on...

Growing up a Texas Rangers fan, there haven’t exactly been a whole lot of memorable moments. Sure, there were the mid to late 90s era teams with Juan Gone and that bunch who won three division titles, receiving the honor of being reverse cowgirl’d by the Yankees in the post season, but since then the Stars have won a Stanley Cup, the Mavs were robbed of a title, and the Cowboys… well, they’ve been the Cowboys. Bottom line, those 90s glory days seem about as far gone as Jerry Jones’ original face. So when the story recently broke about Ron Washington’s cocaine use last season, I wasn’t really sure what to make of it. On one hand – and this is taking the story at face value, which, if you have any stitch of common sense, you know is bullshit – why would an organization employ a nearly sixty year old man who is dumb enough to try cocaine for the first time while at the height of his profession, at such an advanced age, and in the middle of a pennant race? But on the other, hey, the guy owned up to his mistake, he went through the treatment and he left his fate in the hands of management who decided to retain him. I wasn’t familiar with Ron Washington in his playing days, so I’d never seen THE picture that I’m hoping most of you have now seen, so I guess more than anything I was just surprised. Actually, shocked is more like it. But while I’m not sure which side of this to buy into, I do know one thing – as a coach of an organization that is located in the same city as a University that is widely regarded as having the most rampant cocaine addicts in the southwest, we shouldn’t have exactly been surprised.

Let that segue sink in and just go with it.

Opening up the Dallas Morning News is pretty much a crapshoot these days when it comes to SMU coverage. Sometimes you open it up and see a scathing article about Matt Doherty’s lack of success as a basketball coach. Others you open it up and think that June Jones has the second coming of the Doak Walker –era Mustangs warming up on the Hilltop. But, if there’s any consistent reporting in that rag, it’s that they rarely let any stones regarding SMU’s rampant drug use remain unturned.

Enter this article from Monday.

You may remember the story of an SMU student found dead in his dorm room last year – yes yes, I realize there are a lot of those stories, but this one is the most recent – and that “drugs may have been involved,” which is kind of like saying that Gary Patterson held a practice this week and yelling may have been involved. That makes the SWW running tally of SMU deaths officially reach numbers that I will need two hands to document properly, which, to my mind, officially makes drugs at SMU an “epidemic.”

Now, I know we’ve made mention of another relatively recent drug related death at SMU which involved the victim being dumped into a port-a-potty somewhere around Waco after the dealer who supplied the drugs became spooked. I’m not going to get back into that right now, but I just wanted to make sure that seed is firmly planted. But did you know that in 2006 alone SMU had two other students die of drug related causes? Because SMU sure doesn’t want you to remember; lucky for you, I recently dusted off an old Texas Monthly article pertaining to SMU’s laizzes faire attitude towards students killing themselves with drugs on their campus, which, in light of this latest reveal, makes the story all the more relevant.

The gist of the story is this: A student at SMU dies of a drug overdose. His parents ask questions. The police and the SMU administration beat around the bush. When the parents ask more questions, SMU refuses to answer them and instead paints their son as a raging drug addict who was one bad apple who spoiled the bunch. The police refuse to investigate. The administration refuses to investigate. Meanwhile, more and more of the victim’s former friends are coming forward about the incident and speaking out regarding the drug culture present at the school. The picture they paint – think of it akin to Van Gogh’ “Starry Night” as that, the students at SMU do so many drugs that whenever they look outside, their vision is that fucked – is a magnificent cornucopia of negligence, blind eyes, denial and, of course, lots and lots of blow.

If we’re taking this story through the eyes of the victim’s parents, their son was a good kid who didn’t get in trouble much in high school who then comes to SMU, is completely consumed by the drug culture and is eventually killed by it. I’m not so biased against SMU as to overlook the fact that parents these days have no problem passing the blame when it involves their children, but the details outlining the incident, coupled with the opinions of other students makes it hard to say otherwise.

For instance, in a poll conducted among SMU students, over FIFTY PERCENT said that they believed that the typical SMU student was at least a “casual” cocaine user. The word “casual” may throw you off, but be advised, we’re not talking about someone being a “casual” golfer or a “casual” doll house furniture enthusiast – if you’re snorting coke in your spare time, you’re either in or you’re out. It’s not like you’re having one beer at the end of your day to wind down; you’re introducing a substance into your body that can potentially kill you on the first dose and, if that doesn’t happen, makes your nose run and gives the user an ear for disco music. Or at least that’s what I hear. So, let’s be frank – the poll says that over 50% of SMU students are coke heads.

But, if a poll isn’t what you’re looking for in making your judgment, consider the events surrounding the event.

Two weeks before Jake Stiles-the focus of the story- overdosed on cocaine, one of his close friends– Clark Scott -got his Ron Washington on during a fraternity trip to Galveston, was catatonic for 2 days, blacked out and had to be rushed to the hospital, and on the third day instead of rising again, was pulled out of school and moved back home. Want a direct quote? “I had to get out…I was going to kill myself if I didn’t.” Now we can’t be sure if he’s talking about killing himself with drug use or killing himself because of his association with such a foul institution, but I think we can assume the former.

Right before that, another student Jack Britton, had to be admitted to the hospital for kidney failure due to excessive drug use. I’m not expert on human dialysis, but I’m pretty sure no one under the age of 70 that isn’t diabetic should have kidney failure. That’s a shitload of drugs. And forgot to even mention the kid who passed out in his shower and had to be rescued by friends before he drowned. Maybe he was just tired?

I’m not saying those things should’ve been a wake-up call to the school that they had a problem on their hands… but they should’ve probably been a wake-up call to the school that they had a problem on their hands.

But, like I said, unfortunately when you’re in, you’re in and even the near death of a close friend isn’t able to deter many SMU students from their end game. In fact, one of the kids interviewed for the story said that he would’ve liked to have spoken out more about the drug use, but that all it got him was ridicule, so he was almost afraid to. Now I, like many of you, know people who have done coke before, but have you ever really felt that if you refrained you’d be cast off from your immediate group of friends? I didn’t think so. The best part, though, comes when he describes a chapter meeting called immediately following Stiles’ death where the “solution” was to limit drug usage in the house. When one member stood up and suggested that maybe everyone should stop using altogether, he was apparently met with a reaction similar to how we would greet an SMU alum suggestion that SMU will become the team to beat in the metroplex. In other words, surely you jest, sir!! Take into account, a kid had just died! In their house! Oh, but I get it – he could’ve brought the whole operation down. His death was more of a burden than a tragedy. Now the school would have their eyes open, so better to not get caught. Compassion up!

Hands down though, the way the school handled the situation is what really makes this story kick, what really outlines the “SMU Experience” for those fortunate enough to become immersed in it. For one thing, the school didn’t really give the investigation much of a chance. Like I said, they simply tried to pass the buck on the victim, making it look like an isolated incident, and just hoped it would go away. Naturally, it didn’t, but when the victim’s parents decided to take the investigation into their own hands, the school, after having been so “cooperative” at first, stopped responding to the parents’ inquiries for information. In fact, they pretty much shut down the investigation and invoked their right to privacy regarding the evidence – apparently the police department of a private institution is not subject to transparency laws regarding investigations and is not legally obligated to turn over any information. Remember that next time the TCU Police hassle you – even if you aren’t guilty of the crime you supposedly committed, they can still hang you out to dry because they don’t have to produce any evidence.

Let’s imagine how a normal school, one that isn’t completely ransacked by turpitude, would handle the situation and that SMU – in a magical world, like I said – handed over all the information and allowed the Stiles’ to take a look for themselves. All of the major players involved in the investigation – the head of student life and the head of the SMU police – are no longer employed by SMU, having moved on to other jobs. So you know they’re not of much help. And, to top it off, they didn’t even pass on the major details of the investigation to their successors. The most crucial piece of evidence the school had – a string of text messages between the victim and some of his bros leading up to the incident where he describes his drug use and drug transactions that had recently taken place – were completely discarded by the SMU police department. This despite the fact that the victim’s family still posseses his cell phone which shows that the SMU police officer who was handling the investigation forwarded these text messages to his own email address. But, like I said, the officer who took the messages now works at Vanderbilt in a similar position – think SMU MIGHT have written him a pretty sterling recommendation to get him out of town? – and is not being cooperative. In fact, he says he’s never even seen the messages. Needless to say, they aren’t in the police report.

What the messages apparently outlined was that Stiles had taken a drug called “fentanyl,” which is apparently like an extremely wacky version of morphine, right before he died and which he had obtained from another student, Austin Bryan. They also apparently contained enough information to incriminate at least 5 other SMU students on drug charges simply from 48 hours worth of text messages. But, as it turns out, the school didn’t look into the matter because they wanted to protect the students involved. Now, I’m not saying the school should’ve used this as an opportunity to clean house because, honestly, had they busted those five kids, they would’ve admitted ten more the next year. But, they potentially had a direct link to the individual who supplied the victim with the fatal drug… and they didn’t even investigate it! In fact, the new administration, hoping to rectify the wrongs of those who were handling the situation before them by meeting with the Stiles family and presenting them with the evidence they had, hadn’t even heard of the guy.

You might read this and think, “Ok, well, it’s kind of dick of you to exploit an unfortunate situation just to rip on SMU” but consider the timing. As this incident was boiling over, SMU was a finalist for the new George Bush Presidential Library. This may not sound like a big deal but, considering there are only forty three ex-Presidents, and I’m not sure they all even have their own library, yeah, it’s a pretty big deal. Especially when you consider the money it would bring in. I’ve sounded off on here before on how ignorant Bush is to associate his legacy – already tarnished – with a school with such a checkered history, but the fact that SMU opted to cover up a glaring drug problem in order to gain the library is even more reprehensible.

However, not wanting to be completely one sided – I prefer “casually” objective – I wanted to take a look at SMU’s reaction to this article, so I went straight to the most credible source I could find: The SMU newspaper. I expected kind of a “heyyy take it easy, not everyone here is like that, not everyone is a rich, New England type with a trust fund and an 8-ball,” and pretty much tow the line of the rest of the administration. But what did I find? The only thing the SMU publication took issue with was how it wasn’t fair that a VERY SMALL part of the article described SMU as a wanna-be Ivy League campus where no one plays Frisbee or walks on the lawn. Their rebuttal? It was winter when the article was written, so of course no one is going to be playing Frisbee or walking on the icy lawn, silly! The author also misses the entire point of the article by asking the question, “What good comes of attacking the school (Stiles) chose to attend?" BECAUSE THE IMPETUS OF THE ENTIRE STORY IS HOW INEPT, CORRUPT AND OBLIVIOUS SMU IS TO A VERY OBVIOUS AND SERIOUS ISSUE. IT’S NOT REALLY ABOUT JAKE STILES; IT JUST USES HIS SITUATION AS A DRIVING FORCE TO ADVANCE THE MESSAGE OF THE STORY. What’s the old saying, “It’s like throwing a deck chair off the Titanic?” Well, complaining about mean old Texas Monthly while overlooking the crux of their story is more like throwing a cigarette butt off the sinking ship that is SMU’s credibility. When even the student body can’t stick up for itself properly, you know your school has a problem.

While I’ve pretty much given you the overall synopsis of the article, I absolutely urge you to read it yourself to give some clarification to what I’ve written. How is this not more of an issue? How is Ron Washington crawling out from under his newspaper to smoke some rock more of an issue than the major University in town allowing kids to die from drug overdoses on their own property? I’ve said all along that the easy answer is that they’re looking the other way in order to maintain their credibility, but I think the problem runs deeper than that. I think the school literally has no control. I don’t think they have any clue how to handle it. And, honestly, I don’t think they’re too concerned. Jack Britton, the aforementioned student with kidney failure, puts it best, ““Drug use and alcohol abuse was just kind of the culture,” And it’s really as simple as that. It’s just part of the culture, and SMU has simply laid down and accepted it. Would you tell a Samoan that they had to get a haircut? Would you tell a Christian they couldn’t’ have a Jesus Fish on their car? No. Because it’s so far ingrained into the culture that they identify with that it’d be an affront to tell them to change. If this was taking place anywhere but a college campus – like say, a bar or a club – that place would be shut down with the key thrown away. If this were taking place anywhere other than the richest part of the D/FW area, it would be shut down. Unfortunately the pockets and influence at that school are deep enough to cover up even the vilest of transgressions. It’s not right, but it’s the reality of the situation. That’s how it’s always been. And that’s how it always will be. How many more kids will have to fall victim to that culture before the administration finally gets it?

And that’s today’s lesson in SMU Hate.

Mother Nature ruining another trip to Colorado Springs?

This was the first thing that came up on google images when I typed "Mother Nature"

I'm sure everyone remembers the football game at Air Force this fall: watching as our mostly Texan born & bred team struggled past a feisty Falcons squad in absolutely miserably frigid conditions in Colorado Springs. But did you remember that the last two baseball serieseses at Air Force have been snowed out? It's true, and honestly it was probably a good thing from an RPI-perspective. Since Air Force is more like a glorified club team (think TCU lacrosse vs. Syracuse), having those games snowed out was actually probably better than picking up three wins.

Now it looks as though the weather in Colorado is again going to affect the Frogs. The schedule for this weekend's series against the Falcons has been shifted to attempt to get all three games played. There will be a doubleheader tomorrow starting at 1:00pm central time, and then Game 3 is slated to be played at 1:00pm on Sunday.

Frogs now on WBAP

From the Star-Telegram:

TCU athletics will announce today a five-year agreement with WBAP 820 AM and 96.7 FM, beginning this fall with Horned Frogs football.

The move from 103.3 ESPN, which has broadcast TCU athletics since 2001, gives TCU athletics the benefit of WBAP’s powerful signal, which at night often reaches 38 states.

All 12 TCU football games will be aired on WBAP and will include a one-hour pregame show and 30 minute postgame show.

“We are very excited about our new partnership with WBAP,” TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte said. “We will have a most unique opportunity to be one of the few universities in the country to have its games on both FM and AM simultaneously. WBAP is an institution in Fort Worth and a terrific fit for TCU.”

TCU men’s basketball will be featured in a Game of the Week showcase on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Frogs play-by-play man Brian Estridge, who moved from ESPN to WBAP last summer, co-hosts the No. 1 morning talk show in the Fort Worth/Dallas market.

“WBAP has a long history with TCU dating back to its Southwest Conference days, and we’re honored to once again be the radio home of the Horned Frogs,” WBAP president/general manager Keri Korzeniewski said. “There is tremendous momentum around TCU and, as an alum of TCU, I look forward to having WBAP and TCU become synonymous with each other. In addition to our strong AM signal, our recent FM launch further enhances the opportunity for football fans to hear the Horned Frogs in action. This is a great opportunity for WBAP. We’re very excited and committed to being a terrific partner for TCU and its many constituents.”

Morning Dump

Quarterback Andy Dalton prepares for final season at TCU WFAA

Horned Frogs open spring practice Fox Sports SW

Football signee adds depth at quarterback
Daily Skiff

Chat with Jerry Hughes

Source: Richmond to visit Chargers, Raiders
National Football Post

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Starting Spring Depth Chart

AS GP and CO. get ready for their first Spring Practice, here is a look at the Spring depth chart.

From the Spring Media Guide:

Andy Dalton 6'3 215 Sr.
Yogi Gallegos 6'1 205 So. OR
Casey Pachall 6'5 204

Running Back:
Ed Wesely 5'9 185 So. OR
Matthew Tucker 6'1 210 So.
Waymon James 5'8 203 RFr.
Dwight Smith 5'10 218 Fr.
Aundre Dean 6'0 215 So.

Luke Shivers 6'0 220 Jr.

Receiver (X):
Antoine Hicks 6'2 200 Jr
Josh Boyce 5'11 195 RFr.
Johnathan Jones 6'4 197 Jr.

Receiver (Y):
Jeremy Kerley 5'10 192 Sr.
Skye Dawson 5'10 175 So.

Receiver (Z):
Curtis Clay 6'1 185 Sr.
Bart Johnson 6'0 195 Sr.
Alonzo Adams 6'0 190 Sr.

Receiver (H):
Jimmy Young 6'1 204 Sr.
Alonzo Adams 6'0 190 Sr.

Zach Roth 6'4 295 Sr.
James Dunbar 6'6 305 RFr'

Marcus Cannon 6'5 350 Sr.
John Wooldridge 6'5 285 RFr.
Spencer Thompson 6'4 305 Jr.

Kyle Dolley 6'3 315 Jr.
Blaize Foltz 6'4 310 So.

Josh Vernon 6'2 295 Sr.
Ty Horn 6'5 295 RFr.

Jake Kirkpatrick 6'3 305 Sr.
James Fry 6'3 285 So.
Eric Tausch 6'3 285 RFr.

Evan Frosch 6'4 260 Sr.
Logan Brock 6'3 253 Jr.
Corey Fuller 6'5 245 So.

Kelly Griffin 6'1 295 Sr.
Jeremy Coleman 6'2 285 So.
Ray Burns 6'1 300 RFr.

Cory Grant 6'2 303 Sr.
Stansly Maponga 6'2 240 RFr.
David Johnson 6'2 270 Fr.
Bryant House 6'4 267 RFr.

Braylon Broughton 6'6 272 Jr.
DJ Yendery 6'4 262 So.

Wayne Daniels 6'2 250 Sr.
Clarence Leatch 6'4 245 Sr.
Ross Forrest 6'4 246 So.

Tank Carder 6'2 232 Jr.
Greg Burks 6'1 222 So.

Tanner Brock 6'3 233 So.
Kris Gardner 6'1 235 Jr.
Kenny Cain 6'1 220 So.

Jason Teague 6'2 197 Sr.
Malcolm Williams 5'10 200 Sr.

Greg McCoy 5'10 181 Jr.
Tavarus Battle Smith 5'10 175 Fr.

Tyler Lutrell 6'1 210 Sr
Jurell Thompson 5'11 200 So.
Aundre Dean 6'0 215 So.
Chris Scott 5'10 185 So.

Tejay Johnson 6'1 212 Sr.
Johnny Fobbs 6'1 203 Jr.
Trenton Thomas 6'0 190 RFr.

Alex Ibolye 6'0 183 Sr.
Collin Jones 6'0 205 Sr.
Tekerrein Cuba 6'4 210 Jr.

Frogs vs. Texas State tonight

The 5th-ranked Horned Frogs are reeling a bit after suffering two consecutive losses at the hands of BYU and then last night at Dallas Baptist. They won't have to wait long for the chance to get back to their usual winning ways, however, as they host Texas State tonight. Paul Gerrish, who shut down UT in the Frogs' lone win in the Super Regional last year, gets his first start of the year against the 11-7 Bobcats.

Even though expectations are sky-high for this team, I wouldn't fret too much over these two straight losses. Remember, this is baseball and even the best teams in the country can't be completely dominant every time out. Sure, the amount of errors they're piling up is a bit concerning, but every team has got something to work on this early in the year. Hopefully they can get a win tonight before heading off to chilly Colorado Springs for a 3-game set against Air Force this weekend.

Spring Practice starts today

With the 2010 Horned Frogs set to hit the field for the first time when spring drills begin this afternoon, optimism abounds that last year was only the beginning and that this fall could be even more exciting for the purple & white faithful. But even with all of the major weapons coming back on both sides of the ball, the Frogs did lose some key components and are not without some uncertainty going forward. Let's take a look at the biggest questions for the 2010 season heading into spring practice:

1) Who replaces Jerry Hughes as the main pass-rushing threat?

It would be beyond unfair to expect anyone to step in and fill the shoes of Jerry Hughes, who was a two-time All-American at defensive end and led the Frogs with 11.5 sacks in 2009. Wayne Daniels, Hughes' bookend last fall and second on the team with 5.5 sacks, will return at one starting position. With the steady improvement he's shown, he has the potential to join the parade of all-conference pass rushers the Frogs have fielded recently. Speaking of potential, junior-to-be Braylon Broughton, all 6'6", 270lb of him, has the size & athleticism to be a super star and looks like the favorite to start alongside Daniels. We saw glimpses of it last year, but hopefully he can begin to excel consistently. If he does, watch out. Ross Forrest will also return after missing all of last year with an injury and DJ Yendrey will reportedly move outside to end after playing as an undersized tackle in '09. Clarence Leatch, who will be a senior in 2010, has also shown flashes so there's hope that he'll take advantage of his last season as a Frog- remember, he is related to Stephen Hodge so you know there's some greatness in his blood.

2) Who will be Andy Dalton's back up?
Some of you out there reading this are thinking, "That's easy- Casey Pachall". And while the redshirt freshman from Brownwood definitely seems to be the heir apparent, he has yet to officially cement himself in that role. Whether it's Pachall, sophomore Yogi Gallegos or someone else, this question needs to be clearly answered during the spring. The future of the program depends on it.
Is now the time for Casey Pachall to show he's the QB of the future?

3) Who protects Dalton's blind side?

With four returning starters coming back in 2010, the offensive line appears to be one of the many strengths of the team. But the one spot along the offensive front that is not set in stone is left tackle, which Sandra Bullock taught us all is the most important. Marshall Newhouse, who started at LT for the last few years, has left to continue his acting career and is set to star alongside Jude Law in the upcoming sci-fi thriller "Repo Men". So who takes his place? Zach Roth, the JUCO transfer who missed most of the '09 season with a shoulder injury, will probably get the first crack at it. Another school of thought has senior Marcus Cannon moving over from right tackle, in which case a newbie would start in his place. Other candidates for either tackle position include sophomores Spencer Thompson and Trevius Jones and impressive redshirt freshmen James Dunbar and John Woolridge.

4) Who takes over at corner?

It seems as if Rafael Priest and Nick Sanders were at TCU forever, and Frog fans enjoyed the security blanket of having the same reliable corners for four long years. When you lose guys like that, it instantly creates a major question mark, especially because corner is one of the toughest positions to recruit. Luckily, though, senior Jason Teagu e and junior Greg McCoy are ready to step in and take over as starters. In my humble opinion, these guys will represent little drop-off at all. The real question is who will provide reliable depth. JUCO transfer and former high school legend Malcolm Williams could move over from safety. Also, a trio of talented true freshmen- Kevin White, Elisha "G.O.A.T." Olabode and Trevaras Battle-Smith, could be the favorites to grab PT behind Teague & McCoy. Battle-Smith will be participating in spring drills, so look for him to definitely play in the fall.

Can Greg McCoy convert the flashes he showed in '09 into consistency as a starter in '10?

5) Who handles deep-snapping duties?

Last year, Patterson referred to Clint Gresham multiple times as the best deep snapper in the country. That opinion was backed up when Gresham was the only snapper invited to the NFL Combine. While this is one of the least-glamorous positions on the football field, having a sub-par snapper would be very apparent and will likely result in close games going to the other team. Junior Joseph Bates was listed as second-team last year, and he'll battle sophomore Daniel Shelley and redshirt freshman Kirby O'Meara for the starting job this year. If only we had a deep-snapping expert on this blog who could weigh in with his opinion...

6) How will the newcomers contribute immediately?

The Frogs welcome three newcomers as they begin spring training: the aforementioned Battle-Smith at corner, redhead defensive tackle David Johnson and the long-awaited running back Dwight Smith. All have the talent to become key contributors right away, but we won't know that until they suit up. If they're having a good spring, you'll hear their name in media reports. If not, be patient- not everyone is a star from Day 1.

7) How permanent is Aundre Dean's move to safety?

With the surplus of talented running backs that the Frogs currently possess, there was much speculation that one or more of them might end up changing positions. It was still a surprise, however, when it was announced that Aundre Dean would be making a go of it at safety in the spring. After all, Dean was a Parade All-American coming out of high school. With his size (6'0", 215lbs) and speed (don't have that stat handy, but "really fast"), he's got NFL potential written all over him. But as is the case with many players recruited by Patterson's staff, you have to wonder...on which side of the ball? Dean is currently listed on the depth chart at both running back and safety (much like Marcus Jackson was last year at QB & S), so keep an eye out for reports on how he's doing in the spring- he could be a major impact player at whichever position he ends up playing this fall.
Aundre Dean- future NFL star at running back or safety?

8) Will the dominant play at LB continue post-Daryl Washington?

Like Hughes, Daryl Washington's shoes will not easily be filled. Luckily though, GP & staff have a #1 LB ready to go in Tank Carder. For all of the fanfare that Hughes & Washington received last year (deservedly so), I'm not so sure Tank wasn't the best defender on the team. It just seemed like he was always making a play. The real question is, who will be the other starter at linebacker? Tanner Brock sure made his presence felt as a true freshma n last fall, so he'll probably be the favorite to start alongside Tank. But don't overlook the other linebackers on the Frog roster, because there is a boatload of talent at this position. Kris Gardner, who'll be a junior this fall, has steadily increased his contribution to the team, and Kenny Cain and Greg Burks both found playing time as freshmen in '09. There's also Justin Isadore, a tackling machine in his high school career in Beaumont, who redshirted last year. Because of the depth, I'm not worried about LB. But until the pecking order is clearly defined, it'll remain a question mark.

9) Will there be any additional shifting of running backs?

If Dean does indeed end up becoming a full-time safety, that will somewhat alleviate the logjam of young talent at running back. But even without him, you've still got two very proven sophomores in Ed Wesley and Matthew Tucker and two freshmen with incredible potential in Waymon James and Dwight Smith...not to mention juniors Jai Cavness and Jercell Fort who have faired well in limited playing time the past few seasons. Some out there have speculated that Wesley could be utilized in more of a hybrid running back/receiver role like Ryan Christian was last year, or that Cavness or Fort could change positions to get on the field more often. Before you start moving guys all the virtual depth chart you've got on an excel sheet on your work computer (am I the only one?), remember the plague of injuries that have beset TCU running backs in years past and that you can never have too many fresh legs to tote the rock.

What will be Ed Wesley's role going forward?

10) Can this team do it again in 2010?

I think this is the question on every Frog fan's mind. Was last year a high-water mark produced by everything falling, magically, into place finally? Or was it just the beginning of the elite status that we've been craving for decades? Unfortunately, this is the only question of the ten I've listed today that absolutely cannot be answered during the 15 practices the Frogs will hold this month & next. But if the previous nine are answered, I think we'll all sleep a little better waiting for #10 this fall.

Video Tour: Tank Carder

We're all aware of his talents on the football field:

...and most of us know about his BMX glory days:

...but did you know he surfs, too?

Morning Dump

TCU bats stifled in last six innings of road loss Star-Telegram

Last season's over; TCU goes back to work

TCU opens football season at Cowboy's stadium

Two runs doom No. 5 TCU in loss

TCU's overriding ambition--to play for a national title
CBS Sports

Falcons work out TCU stars Jerry Hughes, Daryl Washington
The Falcoholic

Dog the Bounty Hunter book signing - TCU Bookstore
FW Business Press

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Prospectus

Horned Frogs Announce 2010 Non-Conference Slate

I guess that they will announce the non-conference schedule today, 30 minutes ago.

March 22, 2010 -

FORT WORTH, Texas -- A Sept. 4 nationally-televised season opener with Oregon State at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington highlights TCU's 2010 non-conference schedule.

The first-ever gridiron meeting between the Horned Frogs and Beavers will be televised on ESPN, one of two September games for TCU on the network. ESPN will also carry a Friday, Sept. 24 contest at SMU.

TCU will play on a Friday for the first time since the 2007 Texas Bowl, a 20-13 Horned Frog victory over Houston. The last TCU regular-season game on a Friday was Oct. 15, 2004 at UAB.

All four of TCU's non-conference games will be played in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex with the longest trip being to Dallas for the SMU contest.

After a Sept. 11 home opener with Tennessee Tech, TCU will host Baylor on Sept. 18. Kickoff times and television plans for both games will be announced later.

TCU head coach Gary Patterson earned his master's degree from Tennessee Tech while serving two seasons (1983-84) as the Golden Eagles' linebackers coach. Horned Frog defensive coordinator and defensive line coach Dick Bumpas was Tennessee Tech's defensive coordinator and assistant head coach during that same time.

In Oregon State and Baylor, TCU will face at least two opponents from BCS automatic-qualifying conferences for the eighth consecutive season. The Horned Frogs are 13-3 in their last 16 games against teams from automatic-qualifying leagues.

TCU's Mountain West Conference schedule will be released later this spring by the league office.

2010 TCU Football Non-Conference Schedule
Sept. 4 - vs. Oregon State (Cowboys Stadium), 6:45 p.m. (ESPN)
Sept. 11 - vs. Tennessee Tech, TBA (TBA)
Sept. 18 - vs. Baylor, TBA (TBA)
Sept. 24 - at SMU, 7 p.m. (ESPN)


After riding a relatively high wave of optimism heading into the NCAA tournament, the Mountain West Conference just wasn't able to get it done. After losing San Diego State and UNLV in opening round action, BYU and New Mexico bowed out on Saturday, marking the third straight tournament that no MWC team has made the second weekend of play.

BYU lost a tough one by 12 to Kansas State, a team a lot of folks feel will make the Final Four out of the West, so, unless you're Stewart Mandel and had BYU going deep, that's an acceptable loss. On the other hand, New Mexico was humiliated by 18 points against Washington, who led by at least 20 points for a good portion of the second half. It should be noted that New Mexico was without Darington Hobson at full strength as he played but was nursing an injury, but it should also be noted that Washington was an 11 seed, only making the tournament after winning the Pac 10 tourney, and UNM was a 3 seed.

So, it could've been much better for the conference competitively, but there is a bright side, and that bright side is money. As lyle pointed out last week, every game a conference team plays is worth a "unit" and each "unit" is worth approximately $222,000 for that team's conference over the next five years. So, if you add up the six games we played, that's roughly $1,332,000 for the MWC to split up for the next five years. After letting teams like UNLV, New Mexico and San Diego State ride our financial coattails in football each year, I suppose it's fitting that they give something back to the old Horned Frogs. Money for nothing is still money. Cha-ching!

Frogs slip to #5

The Friday evening loss to BYU in the series finale has cost the Frogs one spot in this week's Baseball America Top 25, where they currently sit at #5. The good news is that UT dropped six spots to #8, so TCU is now the highest-ranked team in the state!

This week is a busy one for the Frogs, who will play five games starting tonight at Dallas Baptist. Greg Holle will get the start against the Patriots. Then they've got a game against Texas State at home tomorrow night before a weekend series at Air Force.

Where the H is our football schedule?

One of the rites of being a TCU football fan is that you're going to have to wait longer than anyone to see your team's football schedule for the coming season. Whereas other schools in other conferences set their schedules years in advance, TCU fans are often in the dark about even the exact opponents they'll get to see the Frogs face until late into the spring. The same goes this year, as we are still not certain who will be TCU's 4th non-conference foe. Speculation is that it'll be Tennesee Tech, but I guess we won't know for sure until the schedule comes out?

So like a game of Chicken Shit Bingo, let's have a little unofficial schedule-announcement pool. Because last year's schedule came out on March 26, you've got to think it'll be any day now. Give us your guess as to what day (and at what time) the schedule will drop. Winner gets nothing.

Morning Dump

TCU to begin spring practice

Frogs begin busy week at Dallas Baptist Monday

TCU linebacker Jerry Hughes could be worth watching Palm Beach Post

From the weekend

Purke goes seven strong innings as TCU earns spit with BYU

Late basket caps TCU Lady Frogs collapse against Dayton Star-Telegram

Friday, March 19, 2010

Doubleheader today at 4

Because Mother Nature looks like she wants to give us one more round of winter weather, the final two games of the BYU series will both be played today starting at 4:00pm. Goodbye, any potential afternoon productivity...

MWC goes 2-2.

Definitely reconsidering my, "Never fear a grown man named Jimmer" stance.

Well, we won't garner the millions that lyle hinted at yesterday in relation to MWC success in the NCAA tournament, but hey, at least we did better than the Big East, right? Thanks a lot, Georgetown. Liberal pieces of shit. Still, no MWC team looked dominant yesterday and, given the survivors' match-ups on Saturday, it looks like the MWCs time in the 2010 tournament could be more jitterbug than waltz. Here's a quick look.


(7) BYU 99, (10) Florida 92, 2OT. Worked out my my lunch schedule so I could catch the end of this one, and it was a good one. BYUs Jimmer Fredette scored 37 points, including two HUGE threes in the second OT period to lead the Cougars into the second round. Florida had last second shots to win the game at the end of regulation and the first overtime but came up short. BYU's Michael Loyd, Jr, the loneliest player in all of division I sports, - seriously, Provo is the whitest place I've ever been to, and I've been snow skiing AND to the Masters - finished with 26 points including all six points scored by BYU in the first overtime. The Cougars will face second seed Kansas State in the second round after they blasted North Texas.

Next game - (2) Kansas State. Saturday, 7:10 PM.

(3) New Mexico 62, (14) Montana 57. Avoiding becoming the second 3 seed to lose their opening round game on the first day, the Lobos hung on to defeat the Montana Grizzlies by five, a game many thought might be a dark horse first round upset. Roman Martinez led all UNM scorers with 19 and Darington Hobson barely missed a triple double, finishing with 11 points, 11 boards and 6 assists. His low scoring output could be attributed to a sprained wrist, and unfortunately for the Lobos and the conference, his status for the second round remains unclear. I have a feeling he'll play since it is, you know, the Big Dance. Montana nearly overcame a 14 point second half deficit, trailing by only one point with under five minutes to go before New Mexico pulled away. The Lobos will play 11th ranked Washington in the second round after they defeated Marquette with a last second layup in regulation.

Next game - (11) Washington. Saturday, 4:50PM.

One and done:

(8) UNLV 66, (9) Northern Iowa 69. In another one of the day's many last second victories, UNLV dropped a tough one to Northern Iowa when the Panther's Ali Farokhmanesh - surprisingly not on any TSA lists - hit a three with under 5 seconds to go and UNLV's last second heave came up short. UNLV made it interesting late when Oscar Bellfield hit a corner three with under a minute to go to tie it at 66 but were unable to close the deal. Perhaps a viewing of Glengarry Glenross would've inspired them? Lyle informs me that this loss derives directly from UNLV Head Coach Lon Kruger's refusal to wear a tie on the sidelines.

(11) San Diego State 59, (6) Tennessee 62. Well, at least spitpurple will be happy. The Aztecs kept it close, cutting the Vols lead to one late in the game until Melvin Goins hit a three with 15 seconds left to push the lead to four and put the game out of reach. San Diego State, who advanced to the NCAA after winning the MWC Tournament, has yet to ever win an NCAA game.

So, 2-2 which isn't bad considering the considerable opening round upsets that occurred, but BYU has an extremely tough second round match with a Kansas State team who many have picked to win the West Region. Meanwhile, New Mexico should be favored against Washington, but with Hobson's health in question, the playing field is leveled considerably. Will BYU or UNM follow in the steps of UNLV in 2007 and make the Sweet Sixteen? The odds aren't for it, but it's probably worth checking out this weekend. Besides, what else are you going to do tomorrow, not drink and go outside?