Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fiesta Bowl Reactions.

So, for every one who kept up with the BCS rumors at all today, we were pretty much prepared for the Boise/TCU rematch in the Fiesta Bowl. No, it's not the ideal matchup by any means - that would be our rightful place against Alabama in Pasadena. What we have to remember, though, is that the BCS is a system intended to protect the interests of the BCS conferences, which is exactly what it did. In fact, what the Fiesta did was probably the most brilliant move the committee has ever made. By selecting both us and Boise, they don't have to hear the backlash of a non-BCS taking down a mighty BCS team ala Utah/Bama last year, and if complaints do arise, they can always say, "Hey, we let in two non-AQs, what more do you want?"
It's a bummer on a lot of levels, but there are plenty of reasons to be pumped up for this For one, this is our first BCS bowl and, despite UT having zero right playing for the national title over us - complete payback for the asterisk championship last year, so it's not even worth griping about - we're still in a BCS bowl which brings BCS money. With a win in Glendale, and win we will, we can finish the season ranked second in the country which, given the talent we have returning, will likely springboard us into the top 10 to open the season next year, and possibly even the top five. You also have to be thankful that we aren't having to go to the slum swampland that is Miami - I actually preferred this matchup simply because of the destination.

Despite it being a rematch, we are playing in the only non-national championship bowl game to feature two undefeated teams in the BCS era, so that's got to count for something. Although the Florida matchup would've been the most preferable for most fans, did you see those guys after the game yesterday? They were just morally defeated and there's no way Cincy is going to get their best shot. It will be just like last year where Utah won, but no one gives them credit because Alabama, "didn't care." A hollow victory if there ever was one.

For those of you who wanted the Orange Bowl, what does beating a 2 loss Georgia Tech team prove? Boise is a much stronger and credible opponent in my opinion. Iowa in Glendale would've been fun just because it'd be hilarious to see what Team Speed would do against a Big Ten squad, but again, a 2 loss Big Ten team is basically the equivalent of South Carolina or Missouri - a decent team who will always be a fourth or fifth fiddle in their own conference. To me, disregarding the big game of course, the ultimate matchup would've been Cincinnati, but, to be honest, I don't know that Boise isn't a better team. I had begrudgingly talked myself into the Orange Bowl this morning, so selling myself on the Boise rematch should be a cinch. The rivalry implications hanging over from last year alone should make you fired up. These guys have the biggest chip on their shoulders in regards to not being in the Mountain West and being left behind in the rankings, so don't think there won't be some hate coming from the Donkey sections of the stadium. It would've been hard to get fired up to hate Georgia Tech - I see no problem in this one.

While it may not be Pasadena on the 8th, it's still Glendale on the 4th, it's still maybe the best TCU team ever, and it's still a BCS bowl. For those of you saying you're going to boycott, you can go to hell with the rest of the tailgate fans. Although I have as big of an opinion of our program as anyone, we have to step back and look in the mirror here - we're still a first time BCS team. We don't have to right to dictate and whine about where we did or did not go. We just need to be thankful for this team and what they've accomplished and know that we can end the season with 13 wins and be ranked second in the country, ahead of Texas even. I hope those of you who are so angry about the matchup will lighten up a little bit between now and then and just be grateful for the opportunity we have. Go Frogs!