Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sweet Memories

I wonder if he'll do the same thing after the big game.

Shout Out To Our LA Followers

Los Angeles has the largest TCU Alumni base outside of Texas. They created a Facebook group to "Keep Fort Worth's Skyline Purple". Click here to join.

Here's a video of the LA Alum getting down for the Utah Game.

Thanks for following, and keep up the good work.

Purple People Seaters Update

Our final number ended up at $4,425. I transferred the money to PPS on Friday last week. They were able to send at least 150 kids to the game last Saturday. My contact at PPS is going to send me a write up on which organizations he teamed up with to make this happen, so more to come. I can't thank those that contributed enough for their generosity during this campaign.

If there is any money left over it will go towards getting a group of kids together to go to the BCS game, which would be really cool. We fell just short of our goal, but I am shocked at the amount we were able to raise. I wanted to set the goal high and see what happened and it was incredible what we were able to accomplish.

I say we make one final push during this season of giving and try to reach our goal, and send as many kids as we can to the first ever TCU BCS bowl game. The donate button is still on the sidebar. Let's make it happen!

Pretty Big Event Officially Happened Today...

TCU: Making it rain green
and not green Gatorade

I know lyle mentioned it yesterday, and I know it was in the dump... but I KIND of felt like, since it officially happened today, that we should have at least ONE post about the GP extension, no? Call me redundant, but as much as we worship the man, I figure we should at least honor him with a post on our loftiest of blogs. Yeah... so he was extended. Through 2016. More money for him and assistants. Only drawback is no buyout clause, but apparently his old contract did not have such a thing in place, and I figure if a school is going to come after him, they're going to come hard enough to defeat such a thing anyway. So... yeah. Go Administration for figuring out that your record number of applicants isn't due to the academic quality of the University. Go Frogs.

Versus to Become NBC Sports Cable?

According to this article, Comcast is wanting to try to compete with ESPN and acquire NBC Universal. I don't think they will ever be able to achieve this, but lets just hope this helps out the Frogs for future TV broadcast and puts VS. back on directv.

Morning Dump

TCU's Patterson to receive pay raise, extension Star-Telegram

TCU makes record haul with 19 All-MWC selections

Editorial: Congress not the play to determine "fair and equitable" college playoff system

Notre Dame needs a coach like the one TCU is keeping Star-Telegram

TCU-SMU men's basketball preview Star-Telegram

Frogs dominate All-Mountain West Conference team

Dalton named Manning Award finalist

SMU has plenty of motivation for tonight's game against TCU

TCU's Cannon gets first-team All-Mountain West Conference honors
Odessa American

TCU dominates all-MWC team ESPN

TCU hopes for championshop weekend miracle Longview News-Journal

Mountain West fusses; BCS goes on offensive USA Today

Mountain West commish "We're not fine with just getting a BCS bowl"
Orlando Sentinel

DFW Duel

The Frogs Men's Basketball team is now 4 and 3 with two of their losses being pretty close. I watched the loss to Arizona State and that was a game we should have won and from what I hear the Louisiana Tech game should have been won by the Frogs as well.

I know, I know, good teams take advantage of those games and win, but this team is definitely in a building stage and starting out the season with a winning record and a couple close losses is a win in my book.

Two big games coming up that as many of us should try to go to as possible to show our support and cheer on these Frogs. Home court is a huge advantage in basketball when you have large and loud crowds, and I know we are not going to sell the place out, but...

Having said that...

The more rowdy fans we can cram in the Thunderdome the merrier.

Tonight at 7:30 we bust out the DFW Duel vs SMU, which I think is a TCU play on Medieval times. If you get there late, make sure to root for the Purple Knight.

Next Tuesday we face off against Tech. I have no idea how they are doing this year and a simple google search could probably solve that, but frankly I don't care. The Red Raiders bring the taste of hate into my mouth and everyone and their mom should try to get to this game to cheer our Frogs on in a curb stomping of Bobby Knight's son and his VD infused players.

If you are in the area I will see you there.