Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just because there's never a bad time to kick your rival...

A typical Friday evening for an SMU coed

Sorry, this isn't exactly football related, but since it deals with SMU and it's negative, I figured it wouldn't fall upon deaf ears. So I log onto the Dallas Morning News today so I could read about the Mavs shocking dismantling of the Lakers - insert negative comment about the Spares here - and this headline stuck out to me: "Drinking Citations, Overdoses up at SMU." And here we all thought after locking up SMUs favorite portapotty corpse discarding drug dealer and getting the Bush library, SMU was finally rid of that past of theirs. Guess not. The best part? Of the 11 overdoses so far this year - ELEVEN! IT'S ONLY OCTOBER! - 9 were freshman, showing that SMUs future as the drug capital of the south is completely secure. SMU always tries to tout their education as being top notch and so much better than TCUs, but at least our students are smart enough to, you know, not die.


Austin American Statesman With a Frog Article???

Being an Austin native (i know that makes some of you cringe), and reading the Austin American Statesman growing up, I can tell you that it is very rare that they publish an article that even mentions the Frogs.

Cedric Golden just posted this article for tomorrow.

Unbeaten Horned Frogs can't afford to blink

I have never been a big fan of Golden, and he clearly has not done his research, and felt obligated to write an article about the #6 team in the country that him and his staff usually get away with completely ignoring.

I will be North bound on I-35 (please no Pat Green references) at 8:30am, see you in the lot. Go Frogs.