Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gary Patterson Show Recap

Here are the highlights from the Gary Patterson show tonight at Railhead

About the BYU win
  • The win was a very exciting thing to be apart of; Tax made a great play on the fade to the endzone; the hitch and fade to Hicks was a great play by both Dalton and Hicks.
  • Coach was very impressed with our lack of penalties during the game. This is something the team has improved on this season (we have cut down on penalties 60% as compared to last year).
On the Offensive Line
  • Coach said the oline never gets as much credit as they deserve. If you dont notice them, then they are typically getting the job done (as with a good ref - not said by Coach, but added by me).
  • The guest tonight (along side Coach P.) was Jake Kirkpatrick. Jake said it has been tough to take over for Blake Schlueter, but Coach feels like he has stepped up. Believe it or not he didn't start playing football until he was a senior in high school. Jake also commented on who the toughest frog is to guard in practice is Corey Grant. He can also dunk a basketball for any that want to take him on in one on one.
On Internet Marketing
  • Coach P is excited about how many people have gone out of their way to try and get people into the games using the internet. He is always excited to see large crowds, and mentioned that when he first arrived we were averaging just 17K fans and now we are averaging 33K.
  • On the subject of fans, Coach mentioned the three games where the fans had the largest influence; BYU '08, Tech '06, and Cincinnati '03 (the game before Southern Miss). He said the fans had a significant impact on all three of those wins. He also mentioned that he would love to see some more of the middle age fans in the game. They endured a lot of bad times during those down years, but he would like to see them now get to enjoy the good times.
  • Omar Clayton is a very good QB who we have to contain because he has developed both the run and the pass into this game. Ryan Wolfe must be contained since he is the active leader in career receptions (almost) and yards. The D-Line of UNLV is very good and underrated, and their linebackers have really stepped it up against Utah and New Mexico.
  • The keys to the game are the usual; don't let the ball get over our head, limit all turnovers, and score early.
Final Thoughts
  • This would be the 38th win for this group of seniors, and would take us to 4-0 in conference which would put us on the inside track of the conference title.
  • Coach Patterson is 8-0 in homecoming games. He said the fact that BYU scheduled us as their homecoming is what "really made him mad". He also said that as long as they keep "hunting together" things will go well, and never willing to give out too much credit, said that this team is far from being a "mature" team. Maybe in a year they can achieve that title.
Go Frogs, Spitblood!

TCU/Horns in title game

Not a whole lot of info here, but it's pretty funny, Frog related, and has absolutely nothing to do with threats of bodily harm. And I posted a pic of Colt McCoy's girlfriend because I'm sad and lonely, not because I like demeaning women.

Headline writing 101

The League

I know this isn't directly Frog related, but it's football related. Fantasy Football related. Some of us love Fantasy Football AND love Frog football, so technically, in a round about way, it is Frog related. Whatever, just watch the damn clip.

Season premiere tonight on FX. If you're a "Sunny" fan, this will be right up your alley. Basic premise surrounds a group of friends vying for a Fantasy Football glory. It should be pretty funny.

Man Crush: Andy Dalton

I, for one, am tired of all this jibber-jabber about getting in fights with other websites. I knew we were all nerds, but shit! Anyways, as a way of showing our admiration and respect for the other entities of the TCU blogosphere, here is a link to a story by David Peterson, good friend of Spitblood, pondering Andy Dalton...Best TCU Quarterback Ever?

Mike Sanford: Meltdown

Since there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of talk about UNLV going on, I did some rummaging around on youtube and found this. This is the Rebels' coach, Mike Sanford, completely acting his age after UNLV's last-second loss to Iowa State in 2006. Apparently, he wanted the refs to review the play. If I remember correctly, they had reviewed it and upheld the call.

Scotty V. Finch Part III

This will be the last installment of the saga, basically because I am tired of trying to communicate with this guy, and am tired of being threatened. But, I sent him a message telling him to leave me alone, quit wasting my time, nobody wants to fight you and to act his age (49). Of course Scott didn't listen and responded with this nonsense:
You have no choice now.......this is between You & me....not your pathetic Blog. If you think anyone cares about your 2-bit site other than a few are delusional. Rivals has 10 times the Class & Classy Guys who run it then you nimrods. No one cares about it but the 10 same bloggers. I have nothing against your is a fly on the wall at best. Sophomoric & Immature. an owner..... have no ethics. You are a piece of trash.

You have trashed the Letterman, TCU & KFC because of your jealousy. Little gotta back up those words.....& your alligator mouth will only get you so far!

As I said......this is about you & me now.....;)
*Our "2 bit site" averages a thousand visits a day and has seen constant growth for two and a half years
*Our following includes TCU fans and Alumni of all ages, not just "kids"
*If my site is a "fly on the wall" why do you spend time monitoring its activity
*We are not Rivals, we are a blog, huge difference. If I wanted to mirror Rivals I would have created a shoddy forum such as "that other site". It's called differentiation.
*Isn't the 49 year old trying to pick a fist fight with a 26 year old the true "piece of trash"
*Please explain to me how creating Spitblood makes me an unethical person

The Scott Nix Soap Opera Continues

Yet another Facebook message from my new pal.

"If 49 is old to you PUNK...I'm your Huckleberry.....We will see how tough you are in person. PLEASSSSSSSE...Bring your scrawny happy ass to me!"

"You are such a little girl........trying to cry for support..... cause you cannot stand up for yourself. Typical spoiled punk."

How am I crying for support? This guy is making a fool out of himself one message at a time. Thanks for helping Spitblood have one of the highest trafficked days in history.
Scott Nix, '82 Alum, Career Record: 2-9

btw, do you think this guy can take me?? Does this guy actually want to go after it over a blog war? And I am the immature one. I feel like i'm back in public middle school.

TCU Highlight Reel Truck

I just saw this truck doing circles all through downtown running a highlight reel of the entire season. I have no idea who hired them, but the company is called GoVision out of Keller (website link here). They are the same ones who put up the big screen in the student tailgate. Very cool, and great marketing idea. Sorry for the photo quality being poor.

Happy 22nd Birthday AD

Strength of Schedule Watch: Week 9

Just because the Frogs jumped Boise State in the latest BCS standings, I think it would be a mistake to assume that the incredibly-fluid rankings will remain that way. In fact, an Oregon win over USC this weekend could lead to both the Ducks AND the Broncos jumping back over TCU. That scenario is even scarier than a Werewolf Bar Mitzvah!

Game of the Week:
SMU (3-4) at Tulsa (4-3) (1:00pm Saturday)
-I know, I know. Having to cheer for the Ponies pains me just as much as it pains you. But every game counts at this point, especially when they're playing one of Boise's victims. They'll be starting true freshman Kyle Padron at quarterback this weekend in place of the injured Bo Levi Mitchell. And who knows, this game may not just be about TCU non-conference foe vs. Boise non-conference foe. If SMU can pull off a nice road win like this with their back-up QB, maybe that will give them the confidence they need to finally get back to a bowl game. If they did that, maybe a few human voters would even take notice of another bowl team having been beaten handily by the Frogs.

Other games to keep an eye on:
Virginia (3-4) vs. Duke (4-3) (2:30pm Saturday, ESPN 360)
-Wait...Duke has a winning record? In football??? I haven't really been paying attention to what's going on in Durham- I figured Al Sharpton (or was it Jesse Jackson?) got the entire university shut down after the whole "R" thing. In all seriousness, though, the Frogs really need Virginia to bounce back from the Georgia Tech loss and beat the Dukies at home. A loss here would most likely end the Wahoo's bowl hopes.

Wyoming (4-3) at Utah (6-1) (7:00pm Saturday, The Mtn)
-New Wyoming coach Dave Christensen has done a great job of turning things around in Laramie, and in fact will probably guide the Cowboys to a bowl game in year one. But with Utah's trip to Fort Worth (and the anticipated boost in the rankings a win over them could create) just a few weeks away, we really need the Utes to just keep winning and shuffling forward in the polls.

Air Force (4-4) at Colorado State (3-5) (3:00pm Saturday, The Mtn)
-This game doesn't mean much as far as strength of schedule goes, but it's about as close to a must-win as you can get for CSU. With a loss to the Falcons, the Rams would be forced to win out to get to a bowl game. On the flip-side, this game may end up being the difference between 6-6 and 7-5 for Air Force.

Clemson (4-3) vs. Coastal Carolina (3-4) (12:30pm Saturday, ESPN 360)
-Clemson's confidence has got to be growing after taking down Miami on the road last week. This week, they need to focus on executing against their late-season cupcake treat before heading into the stretch-run in the ACC. They've got the inside track to win their division right now, so every Frog fan out there should also be rooting as hard as they can for the Tigers.

New Mexico (0-7) at San Diego State (3-4) (6:30pm Saturday, CBS-College)
-This one might be worth taking a look at, just because both of these teams are still upcoming on the Frogs' schedule. Can the Lobos finally break into the win column, or will the Aztecs continue to improve and get back to .500? My money is on SDSU...Brady Hoke's got these kids playing pretty good football now and next week's trip to San Diego will be no day at the beach.

Texas State (4-3) vs. Stephen F. Austin (6-1) (2:00pm Saturday)
-The Bobcats have been a little erratic all season, but they need to be at the top of their game when the 'Jacks swing into San Marcos this weekend. SFA looks like the team to beat in the Southland, but Texas State still has a shot at the title if they knock them off.

BYU (6-2) is off this weekend, so the Cougars can do whatever it is that Mormons do on Halloween...

Purple People Seaters Update

Thanks to all of those who contributed yesterday in Spitblood's efforts to help out underprivileged youth and also get people in the stands for the remaining home games. We had an amazing day, and I can't thank you enough for your generosity.

Our total after one day is an astonishing $1,050
The tracker is on the sidebar, notice the pyramid, just like Patterson would like it.

See the original post here if you are unfamiliar with the Purple People Seaters program.

You can make a donation by clicking on the donate button on the right sidebar.

Morning Dump

Tejay Johnson gives TCU Coach Gary Patterson reason to smile Star-Telegram

Let's schedule Texas vs. TCU for the mythical Texas state championship

TCU puts perfect mark on line versus UNLV
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TCU keeps focus on field
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TCU's Hughes poses problems for UNLV
Reno Gazette-Journal

Marchal, Murphy will be in spotlight in Fort Worth
Las Vegas Sun

TCU is favored by a million over UNLV...who ya got? Las Vegas Sun

Winning was nice, but there's still work to be done
Las Vegas Sun

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Defenses finally cooling offenses' heels
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Non-BCS top 10: Horned Frogs play leapfrog
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What to watch from Non-AQs, week 9 ESPN

Non-AQ picks, week 9

KF Owner Scott Nix Sends THEFINCH a Facebook Message

Thomas.....I was made aware of comments you had made about Me, the Letterman & KFC. So I decided to go take a look & see if there was really someone that stupid & immature. Guess what....Your the man!

Tell you what Hot Shot.....I'll be there Saturday.... if you would like to say those things to me in person. Lot 4 FrogAmbulance tailgate & Letterman's tailgate....I'm easy to find punk. You don't have a clue about what you are saying. Pure jealousy & a wanna be.

We would have been glad to help you guys out....but you are a vile group of immature boys who think that profanity & vulgarities make you men. Your disrespect for women & other human beings is deplorable. You guys are a disgrace....& lack class to be true Frogs.


Scott Nix
Owner Of

I calmly explained that unlike "that other site", we don't censor material on Spitblood, and that if he can't handle the criticism he is in the wrong business.

Then Scott fires back:
Ok Thomas.......You opened your little mouth a litle too far that time PUNK. Lets see how far that laugh lasts...PUNK. You have got no idea who you are dealing with.....

I'm still laughing.

GP to be on The Ticket @ 8:50

Just a head's up...Coach Patterson will be on the air with The Musers this morning at 8:50am. If you're not in the Metroplex, you can listen live at