Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TCU vs. UCLA in 2010?

With one more opening on the non-conference schedule for 2010, you can get ready for another round of rumors as to who might fill that void...just like we had last year until the Clemson game was announced. The early rumor was another home game against Texas State, but now Bruinzone.com, a UCLA message board, has cranked up rumors of UCLA coming to the Metroplex to play TCU in the season opener at Jerry World.

It's impossible to say if there's any truth to this, but here's my take on it: the rumor probably got started because TCU and UCLA very well may be having discussions about playing next year (supposedly Kansas State is dropping their game vs. UCLA), but UCLA most likely wants to play in Arlington, whereas TCU wants to keep the game in Fort Worth (a position I adamantly agree with). Eventually, this will become a sticking point and both teams will move on. Isn't that essentially what happened with Ole Miss?

DCTF - Texas Power Poll Week 8

"Well ... Texas A&M was clearly tired of being the butt of our jokes. The Aggies did the unthinkable last weekend, drubbing Texas Tech in Lubbock to revitalize their flagging bowl hopes and silence the jeers of the Red Raider faithful. The result? A sizeable jump in our weekly Power Poll, and the once-dead Ags are now fourth in Texas.

But every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and as A&M rises, so much Tech fall. The Raiders dropped two spot after the loss -- though we could have justified more after Mike Leach's silly comments following the disaster -- and may be headed for further disappointment with games looming against Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Leach isn't the only team sliding -- SMU and Baylor both dropped two spots after uninspiring losses to conference foes.

But Houston is back in the No. 3 spot, and Texas and TCU are still firmly entrenched at Nos. 1 and 2. With Houston again looking like a conference title contender, we may not see any more chance in this upper trio throughout the rest of the regular season. But the bottom three? The race for last may have narrowed itself to three finalists -- winless Rice, one-win UNT and rapidly fading Baylor. We may not see a win between the three until 2010."

First Place Votes in Parenthesis

1. Texas (5)
2. TCU
3. Houston

8. Baylor
9. North Texas
10. Rice

Homecoming Week is upon us

While the 38-7 win at BYU was among the most memorable and important wins for TCU in quite some time, it won't mean anything if the Frogs do not continue to approach every single game as if it is the most important game of the season. And really, from now on, every game IS the most important, because one slip up and all the hopes and dreams of what may come with an undefeated season fly right out the door.

If you judge UNLV, the Frogs' Homecoming opponent, by their 3-5 record or their defensive struggles over the past month, then you probably aren't losing much sleep over this Saturday's game against the Rebels. But do keep in mind that, just last year, Arizona State was ranked #15 when UNLV went to Tempe and knocked off the Sun Devils in overtime. Should they be a threat to the Frogs? No, but any of the 5 teams remaining on the Frogs schedule are too good to be overlooked...remember San Jose State in 2000 or SMU in 2005.

While Coach Patterson, his staff and the players concentrate on staying focused on beating UNLV, we the fans have a job, too- fill the shit out of Amon G. Carter and make some noise. If the Frogs continue to win and climb the rankings, members of several various bowl committees will start booking flights to come see TCU play. While the players will take care of impressing the bowl execs on the field, it's up to the fans to impress them with what's going on off the field- that is, they want to see how many tickets TCU fans will buy to their game, if invited, and how loud and boisterous they can be for those all-important TV cameras.

Through three home games this year, attendance is up 24% compared to the first three home games of '08. That's a great start, but averaging just over 34,000 per game is just not going to cut it for a Top 10 team that is trying to impress the creme de la creme of college bowl games. So for the remaining three home games, buy your tickets early, get into the stadium BEFORE kickoff and yell until you lose your voice when the Frogs are on defense. The Utah game ought to be a sell-out, but this team needs support before that- let's sell it out for UNLV!

CFN ponders: TCU or Boise?

In their weekly Tuesday Question segment, the staff at Collegefootballnews.com is asked: "If they both go undefeated, should TCU or Boise State get the automatic BCS bid?"

I think you'll be pleased at what all four of them have to say.

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Listen up, P1's. Coming up today sometime between 10:00 and 11:00am, Norm will be discussing who would win the Big 12...if TCU were a member of the conference. Ought to be interesting. You can listen LIVE at Theticket.com.