Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ESPN Loves Boise...

I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking this, but I am pretty sick of ESPN driving the Boise bandwagon. Not only that, but hearing Lou Holtz choking on the Boise kool-aid (or that might just be his normal voice) makes me nauseous. They play average teams and beat them like they should. This is not a top 5 team; they probably aren't even top 10. Enough rambling, I just want to point out a few things from tonight's game against a sub-par Tulsa team that make me sick:
  • Swinging gate 2-point conversions- I realize it's a weekday, but that doesn't mean you have to resort to high school tactics. What's next, fumblerooskie?
  • If Lou Holtz is going to be in the booth, he needs to be informed and try not to sound completely retarded. I realize that is partially a voice thing, but Lou, it's KELLEN Moore, not CULLEN. He is the starting QB for the team who's nuts you've been riding all season, so learn his name. Not to mention, I think Lou has been spray tanning.
  • For a team that is struggling to put away Tulsa, Boise's players talk more shit than anyone I have ever seen. Every pass break up results in a headshake an/or finger-wag, the touchdowns end in blatant shit-talk towards the Tulsa D-backs, and I have seen at least 3 Stone Cold Steve Austin "suck-it's" following sacks or TFLs. Did they just get WWE in Idaho or what? Seriously, act like you've been there before; you're not Miami and you have no street cred, so chill.
  • Why did I have to hear them talk about the possible scenarios for Boise to get into the national championsip for about half of the 2nd quarter? I don't care what the WAC commissioner's opinion is. You aren't going. You aren't that good. Get over it.
  • Tulsa's O-Line and play calls are awful. Not to mention their QB is equally as bad. When you are at the Boise 40 with 20 seconds to go, you dont fake to the running back and then fake the reverse, especially if you can't pass block. That takes 2 potential receivers away and only an idiot would bite on either one of those fakes. That's about as JV as the swinging gate fake Boise pulled.
  • Even referees love Boise- anybody see the defensive PI called after the Boise WR was beat and shoved the guy to the ground? Even the WR knew it was on him. Come on...

If I missed anything, please let me know. I just needed to vent my ESPN/Boise State love fest frustrations. I take solace knowing that we would beat this team again if we had the chance. Go Frogs.


Say hello to to your new 2nd-favorite team- Tulsa.

Well, at least for tonight that is, as they attempt to be the turd in Boise State's punch bowl at 7:00 on ESPN. Can they win? says no. But weeknight games have been the downfall of many a ranked team in recent years and it is supposed to be raining in Tulsa tonight, so you never know.

And Coach Graham (since I know you read our blog), if you're looking for a motivational video to show your team before they take the field against Boise, look no further.

Mel Kiper's Position Rankings

This is Mel Kiper's Top 5 by position that was released last week. Kiper has 3 guys from TCU on his list. Looks to me like Washington has caught the eyes of the scouts and could be another big pick for the frogs come next April.

Top 5 Seniors by Position:
Defensive ends:
1. Greg Hardy, Mississippi
2. Jerry Hughes, TCU
3. Brandon Graham, Michigan
4. Ricky Sapp, Clemson
5. Corey Wootton, Northwestern

Inside linebackers
1. Brandon Spikes, Florida
2. Daryl Washington, TCU
3. Micah Johnson, Kentucky
4. Pat Angerer, Iowa
5. Joe Pawelek, Baylor

Analysis: Last year, TCU surrendered a mere 47 yards per game on the ground, best in the country. It lost nine starters on defense and this year is surrendering 47 ypg again. Washington (6-3, 234) is the key to the continuity.

Top Juniors:

Offensive tackles
1. Bryan Bulaga, Iowa
2. Anthony Davis, Rutgers
3. Anthony Castonzo, Boston College
4. Nate Solder, Colorado
5. Marcus Cannon, TCU

And Hughes is ranked #22 right now on Kiper's Big Board, down three spots from #19 last week.

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