Friday, October 9, 2009

Frog Talk / Ask-a-Frog: The 'Chappy' Sinclair Game (Part Deux)

I could only get in touch with Disciples of GP, FKASchultzhater will be back next week-

Disciples of GP: Man it's hard to hate on a service academy...maybe we should just make fun of SMU again this week. I've searched far and wide for disparaging commentary on AF and all I could come up with is:

-Lance Bass's former boyfriend Reichen Lehmkuhl is a graduate
-Nancy Pelosi appointed a gay former cadet to their Board (bet they loved this)
-12% of the women who graduated from the Academy in 2003 reported they were victims of rape or attempted rape (not cool), 70% alleged they had been the victims of sexual harassment (meh), and 15% said they experienced "pressure for sexual favors" (also known as "what I'm going to do to any hot girl I see at the bar tonight")

That last item raises a very serious question....why is AF admitting women??? My problem with this isn't that there is no room for stewardesses in an F-16, it goes much deeper. Don't get me wrong, I respect the AF Academy, and will not talk negatively about them, but I am concerned that the Air Force Academy isn't getting the most qualified people these days. Let me explain.

Sure cadets have to be straight laced, responsible, stand up people...they even have to be appointed by someone in Congress [insert irony]. The problem I have is that the future of aerial warfare appears to be UAV's and isn't flying a UAV pretty much like playing a really badass video game? And if that's the case...we all know women can't play video games. Forgetting gender, do you really think the "Boy Scout" type people/personalities the AF recruits could match the pot smoking slacker degenerates that permeate most college campuses when it comes to video game skills? I mean these cadets are productive as shit. They wake early, work out a lot, train, exercise, are disciplined and those sound like the traits of the really good "gamers" you know? Is our next Eddie Rickenbacker going to be less Chuck Yeager and Maverick and more like Alex from Grandma's Boy? It's something to think about...maybe YOU...yes YOU Spit Blood reader have what it takes to go "Above All"...

Come on...get out of that bean bag chair...don't be a pussy...

Spitblood Predictions: Air Force

After a one-week hiatus, Spitblood predictions are back. Why were they absent last week? I forgot. I guess I lost focus on this blog, which pays me nothing, to pay attention to my job, which pays me almost nothing. Priorities are back in order now, though, so let's talk Frog football.

TCU travels up to Colorado Springs this weekend to take on the Air Force Falcons in their conference opener, and I want to know how you see things shaking out. Leave a comment with your prediction on the score, predicted players of the game on offense, defense and special teams, and how you think the weather will affect both teams.

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