Saturday, September 26, 2009

Game Awards - TCU v. Clemson

And just like that GP moves his record versus the BCS teams to 13-5 all time.

Defensive Player of the Game

Well, considering CJ Spiller is the best back we face all year, I am pleased. When you have a guy who holds some crazy record with Reggie Bush where they have a bunch of yards in a bunch of different stuff (I'm sure you can find the record if you really want to), and we hold him to only one td, I will take it. That being said, the D planyer of the game has to be........I have no idea. Maybe Washington because he had 13 tackles? Maybe even Wayne Daniels who had 8 tackles and his name mentioned in a play twice that oftem? Maybe Nick Sanders who had a pretty good pass break up and 'came to play' as opposed to last week? But I think this one just goes to the entire D as a whole. Take out the one play where one of the best running backs in the country happens to get matched up on the middle linebacker for a big pass gain, they did an amazing to only allow 10 points to a team averaging 31 and to completely stonewall them for a big goose egg in the second half. (who would have thought frogzilla wouldn't even have a significant impact? weird)

Offensive Player of the Game

Well if you couldn't tell from the picture, this award is going out to the most loved ginger on campus (sorry IHATEH - you will be back as number one soon enough). If there were any questions about how Dalton handles pressure, I think they were just answered. 80,000 crazy Clemson fans going nuts in one of the most difficult places to play in the entire country and you need a score, a touchdown no less (because as we see again, Ross Evans can not yet do it in a "big game"). Oh, and did I mention its freakin pouring down rain. But he wasn't just good during that drive midway through the 4th, he was good all game. If Bart Johnson can pull in a few more balls his night would have been even better. Dalton ended up going 17 of 26 for 226 with 2 TDs. Oh yeah, and he was also our leading rusher with 86 yards on 19 carries. Good game Dalton, now lets take it to the ponies.

Special Teams Player of the Game

I guess this goes to Kerley by default. He was respectable on kick returns with an average of about 17 yards, and he didn't get much chance on punts. But I mean come on...can we get some people in there who can kick a ball? It can't be that hard, can it? Field Goal - Bad, Kickoff - terrible as usual, Punting - should have cost us the game. I'll give Evans a little leeway on the field goal (just because we won, and he hasn't missed an extra point....yet), but not on kick offs. I realize that we are doomed to never have a touch back ever again, but seriously keep the ball in bounds, ridiculous. Maybe he should pick up punting, because Kelton was no bueno. Punts of 31 (out of bounds), 15 (out of bounds), 48, 25, 35, and 36 (out of bounds). If the defense hadn't of been playing their hearts out, those should have cost us the game. In fact, they did lead to Clemson's only TD of the game on that gem went 15 yards. But at least he averaged 4 seconds of hang time which gave Spiller no chance at return.

Play of the Game

This the best picture I would find, but that should just about cover it.

Superfan(s) of the Game

This one goes out to those on the charter from Dallas. While I have yet to talk to them and hear about the debauchery that went down on the Purple Destroyer or whatever the bus was called, I have no doubt they represented us well, and respect to anyone who can ride that long on a bus. But I did hear they made a detour at the Tour Championship. That reinforces their superfrat, superfans game.

Fail of the Game

ESPN 360 - It sucks, can't we get on the Ocho or something, because that was just a miserable experience.

Lee Corso Gurantees a Win

By picking Clemson