Thursday, September 24, 2009

Girls of the ACC featured in the October issue of Playboy

For those of you going to the Clemson game, to watch are Frogs do to the Clemson football team what I want to do to these girls, you should pick up a copy of the Playboys October issue which includes "Girls of the ACC" and then keep an eye out for Sydnee Stone or Mya Matthews in the stands. Sydnee is by far hottest of all the ACC girls featured. Anybody that can produce a picture with either girl along with a good story gets my approval and a drink at the Oui after the next home game. Also, if you went to the Virginia game and can remember anything you may have run across Jenna Arianna. Same goes for her even though she is nowhere near as hot as Sydnee. To tell you the truth I'm a little disappointed with this pictorial, I'm looking at you Florida State! There has to be some hotter treats willing to take their clothes off out there!

Sorry I had to remove the links to the pics b/c apparently Playboy's legal team frowns upon people posting their pics or links to pics...I'm sure you all know how to google if your to damn cheap to buy a hard copy.

Strength of Schedule Watch: Week 4

After three weeks of mixed-results, the reputation of the Frogs' strength of schedule is going to start plateauing because conference play is going to start getting cranked up. There are three conference games this weekend, with two other MWC teams playing non-conference games and just one of TCU's non-conference opponents in action this weekend (aside from Clemson's game against...TCU).

Game of the Week:
Utah (2-1) vs. Louisville (1-1) (7:30pm Saturday, CBS-College)
-As much as we've talked about how the MWC is better than the Big East, now it's time to show it. This is the only game of the regular season between the two conferences, so the Utes really need to carry the MWC banner in this one. The Utes relied too much on JUCO-transfer QB Terrance Cain last week against Oregon, and he threw a costly interception late in the game. So look for them to try early to establish a strong rushing attack with senior tailback Matt Asiata.

Other important games:
New Mexico (0-3) vs. New Mexico State (1-2) (9:00pm Saturday, The Mtn)
-No way too sugarcoat how awful the Lobos have looked so far. After a long stretch under respectability under former coach Rocky Long, they are going through an extremely tough transition to the system of new coach Mike Locksley. If they drop this one, they are going to be in danger of going 0-for-2009.

Texas State (1-1) vs. Texas Southern (1-3) (6:00pm Saturday)
-By the time this game kicks off, the Frogs will have already played Clemson and we'll have a much better idea if the 21 points that Texas State scored against TCU were more telling about the Frogs defense or Texas State's offense. Either way, we certainly hope the Bobcats will continue to score points in droves the remainder of the year. Texas Southern lost to Louisiana-Monroe earlier this season 58-0, so Texas State ought to fulfill our wishes here.

Mountain West games:
San Diego State (1-2) at Air Force (2-1, 1-0 MWC) (1:00pm Saturday, The Mtn)
-SDSU is pretty much dead to me after losing to Idaho last week. That's the kind of loss that continues to drag the conference down. Air Force is one bad quarter away from being 3-0 and looks like they'll be bowling again this year, so I hope they destroy the Aztecs.

UNLV (2-1) at Wyoming (1-2) (2:00pm Saturday)
-Evidently, Wyoming must be a tough place to play (as the Frogs learned in '07...). Two weeks ago at home, they gave #2 Texas all they could handle for a half. Then last week on the road, they rolled over and played dead, scoring zero points against a Colorado team that had a week prior given up 50 points to Toledo! UNLV's got a good squad this year and could contend for a bowl berth. They really need to take care of business against the Cowboys.

Colorado State (3-0) at BYU (2-1) (5;00pm Saturday, The Mtn)
-It will be very interesting to see how the Cougars react to getting their asses handed to them by Florida State last week. I still think they'll beat Colorado State, but the Rams have played tough (if a little inconsistent) so far. After finishing 5th in Fairchild's first season last year, this is the Rams' first chance to prove they belong in the same conversation with the MWC's "Big 3".

-Virginia (0-3) and SMU (2-1) both have the week off to think about how they both choked away what would've been big road wins in the 4th quarter. SMU is probably installing a few trick plays that will likely end up blowing up in their face when their Interception Machine of a Quarterback hands the Frogs six points.

Go Deep Shipley

I realize it's not at all Frog related, but did you know these two guys were ol' fishin buddies growin up? I bet McCoy is a power bottom.

Morning Dump

Hariston a Game-Time Decision for TCU Game - The Post and Courier

TCU Coach Not Interested in Talking About Busting BCS
- The Salt Late Tribune

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Week 4 Predictions - ESPN
  • TCU 14, Clemson 10: TCU will stifle Clemson’s offense, starting up front, where defensive end Jerry Hughes will have his way with the Tigers’ offensive line. Clemson’s defense will rise to the challenge, though, and will set up a touchdown or a field goal. C.J. Spiller will get them good field position, but it won’t overcome TCU’s outstanding coaching.
Non-AQ Picks, Week 4 - ESPN
  • TCU 19, Clemson 13: I called this game back in the spring, so there’s no backing off of it now, even if TCU did struggle a bit against Texas State. However, with both Utah and BYU suffering losses last week, TCU has a chance to notch a quality AQ win and continue to track down Boise State. The key in this game will be stopping Clemson running back C.J. Spiller. Look for defensive end Jerry Hughes to have a big game while disrupting the Clemson backfield.
TCU Athletics to Host Watch Party of Football Game - Daily Skiff

Swinney Tells Story of Learning TCU was on Schedule - WSPA South Carolina
  • I highly recommend watching this one
A TV Viewer's Guide to College Football for this Weekend - Boston Herald

Week Three Preview: Clemson Tigers

A rape smile? I always assumed it was a "San Francisco" smile.

Well, it is finally upon us – Clemson game weekend, although not as originally anticipated (i.e. televised). Sure, the Utah and BYU games are probably BIGGER games, and the BYU game looked a lot bigger, if only for two weeks, but this is the game we’ve had circled on our calendars the entire off-season, and I bet the Tigers have as well. Fortunately for us, we know what we have for the most part: the passing game is fine, the run game is superb, the run defense is great, and the pass defense… Eeehh, still has some question marks. Clemson, though? Yeesh!

First off, starting left tackle Chris Hairston is questionable and starting/all world running back CJ Spiller is playing in the game, but both sat most of last week’s win over Boston College with injuries. Losing Hairston would be a huge blow to Clemson’s chances as backup left guard Cory Lambert, who was benched during the Georgia Tech loss after surrendering three sacks, has trouble with “speed rushers.” Think GP isn’t wise to swapping Jerry Hughes over the left tackle on a handful of plays? To cope with this, Clemson had hoped to switch Hairston to the right side of the line and plug in the disgraced Lambert on the left. With Hairston possibly out, it looks like Hughes could have a career day. Losing both of these guys, though, would be catastrophic. Despite TCU’s continued success against the run, CJ Spiller, even with an injury, could be a huge headache for the defense, but where they will really miss him is on special teams where he has already returned a punt and a kick for TDs.

You also have to consider Clemson’s overall performance. Thus far they have beaten a decent Middle Tennessee State team pretty handily, been humiliated by Georgia Tech for one half before storming ahead late in the game just to lose it on late field goals and penalties, and then kicked the crap out of Boston College. Let’s hope the up-down-up-down trend continues this week. One minute QB Kyle Parker is lighting up defenses and putting points on the board as he did the second half against Tech; the next he’s throwing 2 INTs and no TDs to Boston College at home. Oh yeah, and did I mention there’s a flu outbreak in the Clemson locker room? Or a first year head coach who has never beaten a ranked team? I mean, the list goes on and on… but despite all of this, Clemson is still a 3 point favorite and, honestly, I’m not arguing too much. Let’s take a closer look at the unit matchups.

Offense – Let’s start with what we know about the Frogs. Dalton, while not stretching the field in our first two games, is at least very accurate and careful with the ball, save one play. He doesn’t fumble snaps, he doesn’t throw into double coverage, and he’s got wheels that he’s not afraid to use when a play breaks down. This safe play is all well and good because there’s no reason to take away from what has quickly developed into a lethal rushing attack. Now, I realize we haven’t exactly played a high level of competition, but we have played a team from Clemson’s own conference, and we do have a big time entrenched starting running back that has 2+ years of game experience. Judging from his powerful second and third effort runs, I’d also say he worked out quite a bit in the off season to better himself. Combine this with emerging stars Ed Wesley and Matthew Tucker and you’ve got quite a combination, especially after Turner wears down the defense. Jimmy Young is always a deep threat and Kerley is still poised for a breakout game. The highlight of it all, though, has been our offensive line, but they will definitely be tested by a tough Clemson front, headed by defensive end Ricky Sapp. On paper, at least, the Frogs look good.

Clemson though, as mentioned, has a few question marks on offense, so let’s start with the big one: CJ Spiller. In case you’re unfamiliar, CJ Spiller is the man – I’m definitely not afraid to admit that. Unfortunately for Clemson fans, he has been riddled with injuries the first three games of the season and, as mentioned, will play Saturday but may not be 100%. In fact, in the 12 quarters Clemson has played, he has sat 4 of them. Thus far he hasn’t had as much of an impact in the backfield as hoped (41-176-0TDs), but, like I said, he has returned a punt and a kick for a touchdown and easily leads the team in all purpose yardage. He also has a receiving TD. Clemson’s success Saturday will depend almost entirely on his health.

Under center, Kyle Parker has been leading the charge with mixed results, going 37/78 for 523 yards and 5 TDs, but he’s also thrown 4 INTs. He has also been sacked 6 times – a trend that will potentially continue with the banged up O-line situation. That swine flu outbreak I mentioned? Of the six sidelined players, 4 are offensive linemen, although only one was a starter. However, given Hairston’s potential absence and the lack of faith in Lambert at left tackle, it sounds like losing 4 reserves on the line could potentially be disastrous for Clemson.

Honestly, all things being equal, this matchup is tough to call. If both teams were at full health, I’d probably even go with Clemson here. However, seeing as how they may be starting a red shirt sophomore with little experience over Jerry Hughes, and there’s no guarantee that Spiller will play the whole game, I have to go with the Frogs. I think we’ll bang Turner up the middle and make the defense get comfortable, then unleash Jimmy Young over the top for a couple of scores. Had Turner and Company not shown us what they have last week – albeit against a terrible defense, yes – I wouldn’t feel as good, but I think with our powerful offensive line, we can put enough points on the board to allow the defense to do the rest. That whole 0 touchdown performance against Boston College also sticks in my mind, Clemson.

Edge – Frogs

Defense – Well, I guess you’re all familiar with Frogzilla, so I’ll let his name speak for itself. In fact, I’m pretty much fine with our front six – Kelly Griffin has been great, as has Wayne Daniels. Daryl Washington is exactly who we knew he was and Tank Carder is going to have a monster breakout year. In all fairness, our pass defense ranks 11th in the country in total yards, but for those of you who watched the game last week, does that really tell the tale? Clemson wideout Jacoby Ford may not be huge, but he’s fast and he’s sure handed. We may have the best corners in the conference – for what that’s worth – but Nick Sanders was less than stellar last weekend. We also have a very well noted lack of depth at safety and this could be the week that it catches up to us. On the Spiller front, he’s consistently used as a pass catching weapon in the flats and has that Felix Jones like elusiveness where he can make one cut and be 10 yards past the last defender. This is something we are REALLY going to have to keep an eye on. As usual, we currently lead the NCAA in rushing yards allowed, but we haven’t seen anything close to Spiller yet and won’t the rest of the season. I love our defense, but I also understand we gave up 21 points to southwest Texas last weekend. I’ve never gone into a game nervous about how our defense is going to perform until this week and until they step up and make some stops, I will continue to be that way.

Just like you’d expect, Clemson also has quite a bit of talent on the defensive side of the ball, and rank just below the Frogs at 19th in overall defense. However, like Clemson’s offense, they can be somewhat inconsistent, but are greatly improving. Let’s look at the season – in game one against Middle Tennessee they gave up 299 total yards, including 207 through the air; in game 2 against Georgia Tech, they were blitzed for 418 and 301 rushing, but then against Boston College they only gave up 54 yards. TOTAL. We’ve had some great games on defense, but I don’t know that we’ve ever done something like that. Judging from this, Clemson is susceptible to one aspect of the game or the other, but not both in the same game. More likely than not, though, they'll stop the run and give up yards through the air – exactly like TCU. They’re also fast, totaling seven sacks on the year – Frogs have 11 for full disclosure – and have forced 9 turnovers, including 8 INTs. By comparison, TCU has 2 interceptions. However, despite this “pass susceptibility” I speak of, Clemson still ranks 13th in the nation.

Again, this one is tough to call. Very tough to call. In fact, I refuse to do it.

Edge - Even.

Special teams – This is the clearest cut difference between the two teams. We love us some Jeremy Kerley, but he’s like Mr. Rogers to CJ Spiller’s Axl Rose when it comes to kick returns. There’s no comparison. If Spiller is healthy, you cannot kick to him. Ever. Under any circumstances. In fact, I’ll take the penalty, start them on the 35 every single time and let our defense do the rest. Spiller is the scariest return man in the country and I just hope our kickoff and punt teams prepared themselves by taking a bunch of xanax and giving Kerley a bunch of speed in practice, because that’s what it’s going to be like. Yikes!

Kicking the ball, Ross Evans has been good, but Richard Jackson has been phenomenal, single handedly winning the game against Boston College kicking 6 field goals, including a 52 yarder. In fact, coach Dabo Swinney suggested that he’d kick him from 60+ yards if he needed to this week, so you know he’s legit. No sense arguing.

Edge – Clemson.

Final thoughts – So, if you look at what I’ve said here, it’s a pretty even matchup, and I truly believe it is an extremely even matchup. The bookies apparently feel the same way I do as the spread is +3 in favor of Clemson and rumor has it a team gets 3 points automatically for playing at home. In other words, on a neutral field this would be a pick em. Speaking of playing at home, this is going to be the toughest road matchup of the Patterson era. Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas – all of those places are loud, but from what I understand, nothing can prepare a team for the absolute onslaught that is the 85,000+ Tiger faithful. If you don’t remember, they wanted Patterson this offseason – and he didn’t return their calls. Think their fans forgot that? Didn’t think so. You also have to take into account the mindset of their fans which is a sense of entitlement without really earning it. Yes, Clemson won a national title under Danny Ford in 1981, but that’s it. You know how Aggy thinks that everyone needs to respect their football tradition? Well, that’s what these guys are like – except their success is far more recent and they aren’t a bunch of dorks. They’re also extremely passionate, as evidenced by the angry Clemson fan video, and are extremely vocal. For you guys that are going, fight the good fight, but unless we jump out to a 100 – 0 lead, don’t expect your presence to be felt.

Our teams play very similar football – beat them with your defense and run the ball down their throat. By no means do I think this is going to be a high scoring game, and I think the team that wins it is going to have to make a big play on special teams or on defense. I may be a homer, but I’m not afraid to admit defeat when defeat is at hand… except I’m not going to. I’m riding Jerry Hughes vs. a banged up O line all the way to a victory. It may be low scoring, but we’ll do just enough to win. Like I said, I’m still a homer.

The pick - Frogs 17, Clemson 14.

A special shout out to I HATE H, Bucknasty, WWHD, the red barron, buffalo and whoever else I’m forgetting who are currently setting out from the Big D on a booze fueled tour bus to attend the game. Godspeed and I hope you all make it back in one piece.