Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Be There

I think this highlights the point that lyle is making...

Also, don't forget to vote for Superfrog in the Capital One Mascot Challenge. We lost last week to LSU Mike but we are still in third. This week we are up against the Jack Rabbit from South Dakota State. We are only up by thirty votes which is unacceptable because I am pretty sure that South Dakota State is an online school and it has no athletic teams outside of the frisbee golf intramural squad.

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Game Time Change

According to Clemson's website the kickoff for the TCU game has been changed to 3:30pm EDT. Still no TV, but apparently there was a lot of complaining around Clemson about the kickoff time.

Home Opener Saturday!

Am I dreaming, or are we really just three days away from the first Game Day in Fort Worth of 2009? The combination of tailgating before the game, watching the Frogs dominate and then celebrating the win at the Oui is like Christmas, your birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, the 4th of July, St. Patrick's Day, the last day of school and Mardi Gras all rolled into one. I feel like a young Muslim before his first pilgrimage to Mecca...only in our Mecca, you're allowed to eat pork and drink booze!

As we saw last Saturday, the team looks ready for Saturday. Aside from two garbage-time touchdowns, the defense was up to it's usual stingy dominance and after a bit of a shaky opening, Dalton found his rhythm and had the offense rolling. The real question the TCU fanbase ready? Unfortunately, over the past few years, the answer has all too often been "no". Despite the amazing strides that the program has taken over the years, the average attendance has never been able to break much above 30,000. Even last year, when the Frogs finished the season ranked #7 in the nation, the average was just 30,388.

In my opinion, a lot this has to do with TCU football just not being "the thing to do". I alluded to this in a post last month, but because the mainstream media doesn't give the Frogs their due respect, a lot of people (TCU students/alums included) don't see the football program as relevant. That spills over into people going to the game to tailgate, but not going into the stadium. This kind of nonchalance doesn't happen at larger schools, most of which have football teams that pale in comparison to the Frogs. Is it because people just follow the crowd?

This has got to stop. It's high time TCU fans and the general public start supporting TCU football like it deserves to be supported. This Saturday, get to the stadium earlier than you use to to tailgate, buy a ticket and go in the stadium when the game starts and once you're in there, make some noise when the Frogs are on defense!

Our team is ranked 15th in the country. Let's act like it.

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