Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Super Frog needs your vote in The Capital One Mascot Challenge

Each week Super Frog goes up against another mascot in a head to head challenge. Last week he defeated Wisconsin's Bucky but is falling behind LSU's Mike this week. Voting doesn't take long and you can/should vote every day. If he wins it all TCU will get $20k in scholarship money and more national exposure.

Which freshmen contribute this year?

In TCU Football's weekly release, they've included an "official" depth chart...and by "official" I mean "public", which means it's probably not official at all. But if we are to believe the information that GP has elected to share with the world, it looks as though he's been quite impressed with some of the younger Frogs. A few things on the depth chart I found interesting:

-Ryan Christian appears to have moved back to WR...again. I'm sure he'll be utilized in a number of different ways, including possibly still some hand-offs out of the backfield, but it looks like Anderson and Fuente do not see him as a true tailback the way Schultz did.

-Back at tailback, the starter is listed as Joseph Turner OR Ed Wesley. We've heard a lot about the talented redshirt freshman from Irving over the past year and a half- I can't wait to see what he's got come Saturday. Listed behind Turner & Wesley is true freshman Matthew Tucker, who was the least-hyped of the incoming running backs but has apparently impressed the coaches the most in fall practices. Looks like he'll contribute right away.

-D.J. Yendrey, who is listed at all of 240lbs, has apparently impressed coaches enough to move into a 2nd-team spot at defensive tackle ahead of junior Henry Niutei. With the way GP has rotated D-linemen the past few years, it would seem that Yendrey will play Saturday. We'll see how accurate that 240 listing is- if it is, I'd reckon he's got the tenacity to overcome it.

-As expected, Tanner Brock is listed at 2nd-team linebacker behind Tank Carder. Joining him on the 2nd team, though, is fellow true freshman Kenny Cain, who must've really come on in fall camp to overtake sophomore Kris Gardner and redshirt freshman Greg Burks.

-On the offensive line, true freshman Eric Tausch is now listed as the 2nd-team center behind Jake Kirkpatrick, overtaking redshirt freshman James Fry, who held that job throughout the spring.

-True freshmen receivers Skye Dawson and Josh Boyce are both listed on the two-deep behind Jeremy Kerley at the "Y" receiver position, and Boyce is also listed behind Bart Johnson & Ryan Christian at the "H" position. Dawson, who has been listed as wearing #3 in all official rosters, is listed on the two-deep as wearing #16.

-At left guard, it looks like former walk-on sophomore Kyle Dooley has reclaimed his starting job from redshirt freshman Blaize Foltz.

New Dalton Video


It's finally here. We're within striking distance. In just 2 short days the Frog faithful will thumb their collective noses at terrorism and board planes on 9/11 bound for the DC area. Then, the very next day, we'll watch our beloved team unleash jihad on the Virginia Cavaliers. This is my first post since…well probably since the end of last season. While I apologize for my lack of posting, my offseason activities have not been for naught. On the contrary, I have been pre-occupied with honing my audio/visual skills in order to put together a Frog Football montage that makes Rocky IV look like Sesame Street. I downloaded every single frog film I could get my hands on (sorry- some of which are not the best video quality), so thanks to all those fans who came before and posted video out on the web. People- the Metroplex, alumni, undergrads, just general college football fans- need to get educated on TCU's storied football history. I'm talking about both the recent past and going back further (ie from 1929 - 1959 TCU was the best team in the SWC). Fact of the matter is, TCU has the kind of football history most teams either dream about or pretend to have, and as we have solidified our triumphant return to glory this past decade, we must keep the momentum of the program charging forward. As Lyle has pointed out, better fan support is a crucial element. I'm tired of talking to "big football fans" who live in the Metroplex, who have never even taken the time to go watch a TOP 10 TEAM that sits in their backyard. It's time more of these football "fans" come out and support their local team…a team who is achieving at college football's highest level. I think by now they've earned "Get with the Program." Now turn up your volume, press play, and imagine it's Saturday…..WE READY….

Resisting Temptation: Fail


I'm usually against these few sentence posts that have nothing insightful to say, but I couldn't hold back on this one. Your official gchat icon for the week.