Friday, September 4, 2009

Sports Jungle Helmet Challenge

Our friends over at SportsJungle have put together a College Football Helmet Challenge. What better way to waste time on a Friday?

Pretty Incredible Story

Even a year away from playing his first collegiate snap, Kaleb Eulls is probably well on his way towards being a fan-favorite at Mississippi State after diffusing a potentially deadly situation on his school bus Tuesday morning. I know this isn't TCU related at all, but I think we could all use a story like this after watching the thuggery of soon to be ex-Oregon Duck LeGarrette Blount last night.

Morning Dump

TCU QB Andy Dalton remains the Frogs' offensive stalwart Star-Telegram

Any Dalton is worth watching, even if some can't see that Star-Telegram

Horned Frogs have scurried under the radar Austin American-Statesman

Hughes tabbed for senior CLASS Award

College football season has more questions than answers Dallas Morning News

Oregon Punches Boise In The Face

Only because Legarrete Blount realized how pathetic both teams looked and felt like waking up the crowd. I mean seriously, could any two teams ever look so awful in an opening night game? Well, yes, to answer my own question SC and NC State was equally as terrible but neither team was ranked (or expected to be anything near respectable, so it doesn't count). But come on, I have never been so disappointed in the opening game(s) of college football my entire life. Did anyone else see that the freaking school has only played one ranked team at home? Ever?? Wake me up when Kellen Moore is working as a greeter at the local Boise Wal-Mart right next to Jared Zabransky. That might be more exciting than the game tonight.