Monday, August 31, 2009

Podcast Interview With Jeremy Clark

Our good friends at Horned Frog Sports sat down for a long interview with Purple Menace's Jeremy Clark to discuss the upcoming football season. Check out the podcast here.

A Challenge to You, the Fans

By now, you’ve probably seen a TV commercial, heard a radio ad, or seen a billboard plastered with TCU football’s new slogan, "Get with the Program". While that’s a catchy tagline for a really well-put together ad campaign, it goes beyond being just another run of the mill marketing ploy, such as the "June Cometh" campaign launched by SMU a year ago to attempt to lure fans into funding their outrageous expense of hiring the former Hawaii coach. The difference is that at TCU, we can say "Get with the Program," because the program has already arrived!

Let’s take a look at what we’ve got going for ourselves in Fort Worth. First, we have a once in a generation coach in Gary Patterson, who has built a brilliant staff of assistants around him. We have a team that finished last season as the 7th-ranked team in the country, and has won ten or more games in a season six times since 2000. During that time, the Frogs are 45-6 at home and have had five All-Americans. Recruiting has continued to improve year after year, helped not only by the impressive win-loss record, but also by training facilities that put TCU on par with any program in the country and will, in two years, play host to the AFC Champions as they prepare to play in Super Bowl XLV. With the number of players that the Frogs continue to deliver to the NFL on an annual basis, there is a good chance that a TCU alum will be among those enjoying our campus’ amenities that week.

So what’s missing? Despite all of the program’s success, the fan base continues to lag far behind what a top-caliber team like TCU should have. We cannot continue to use the small size of our school as an excuse for only averaging around 30,000 fans per game. There are far too many Horned Frog "fans" that do not go to the games at all, or stay at their tailgate parties while the game is going on in the stadium. On top of that, Fort Worth is part of what is possibly the most football-obsessed metropolitan area in the world- an area full of fans that haven’t yet discovered the excitement and value of TCU football. Maybe it’s just that people grow up being fans of other school’s teams, or maybe they don’t see TCU as being relevant because of the relative lack of media coverage. For whatever reason, TCU football is not yet the "thing to do" on a Saturday afternoon, and that has resulted in some less than stellar attendance figures for a more than stellar football team.

When I reiterate "Get with the Program," I can’t honestly expect every one of you to become a die-hard fan overnight. But what I can do is challenge all of you to be a better fan this year. Go to a game or two more than you have in the past. If you attend them all but just tailgate, get a ticket and go into the stadium when the game starts (you could always show up earlier to get all of that tailgating out of your system). Make a little more noise when the Frogs are on defense. Invite your friends and co-workers to come to the game with you. I think you get the point. If everyone takes one small step forward as a TCU fan this year, I promise you it will go a long way in improving the game day atmosphere at Amon G. Carter Stadium. When TCU football really becomes the thing to do on Saturdays in the fall, this program will truly take off.

If you’re with me on this, let’s put some legs under the "Get with the Program" campaign that the TCU marketing department did a fantastic job creating by actually doing what it’s asking us to do. Get your friends involved- copy and paste this into emails, post it on whatever social media site you’re a member of, anything that is going to get the word out.

Let’s all get with the program and be better fans this year.

Go Frogs
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