Monday, August 17, 2009

A Glimmer of Hope?

Last week, I said that the Rangers' deadline for signing top draft pick and TCU commit Matt Purke was 11:59pm tonight. It's actually 10:59pm. Don't you hate it when people in the media just assume that everyone is on East Coast time?

Anyways, Brett Perryman of the Dallas Morning News reported (well, cited a source) on the DMN's Rangers Blog that:

"The Rangers are not optimistic about signing first-rounder Matt Purke, who will probably head to TCU and re-enter the draft in 2011 as a draft-eligible sophomore. The two sides are still more than a million dollars apart."

Interesting stuff. There are still about 9.5 hours for the two sides to meet somewhere in the middle, but hopefully Purke's experience at TCU Orientation left him feeling that there's no need for him to lower his demands at all.

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