Sunday, August 9, 2009

GP's Blog

Apparently GoFrogs and GP launched a blog last week. While I highly doubt our Coach is actually going to take the time to blog, it could provide another interesting site to read as we close in on opening day.

I love TCU

Here are a few photo's of my Groom's Cake from the wedding. And just so you are able to get the full perspective of the masterpiece, the helmets situated on the table are full size regulation helmets. And before the analyzing eye of the bloggers review the photo to ensure the scoreboard is the 1/84th the size of the stadium for an accurate account and representation of our place of worship, a few side notes/explanations. Yes, the new construction of the south end zone box's are not depicted in this reproduction of the stadium. This is because two aspects that I wanted to include were forgotten by the baker's, 1. an ΣAE (purple/gold) tailgating tent in one of the parking lot corners. 2. the scoreboard to read 12-3. A representation of the September 16, 2006 game, the best home victory during my enrollment as an undergrad at TCU. Though the overlook of the south endzone construction was never included in the talks of the cake, it might have just been forgotten and just happened that it was suppose to be representative from 2006, so I went with it, and thats my excuse.

As I am sure that no one finished reading the previous paragraph because no one is that concerned about that cake. I take this moment to show all the faithful fan's a glance at the NCAA record book with an emphasis on the team records, individual records and all-time records to follow.



Most Plays vs . a Major-College Team
111—Texas Tech vs. Iowa St., Oct. 11, 2003 (775 yards);
TCU vs. San Diego St., Nov. 24, 2007 (694 yards)


Most Passes Attempted, Both Teams
135—TCU (79) & Houston (56), Nov. 3, 1990 (completed 81)

Most Passes Completed, Both Teams
81—TCU (44) & Houston (37), Nov. 3, 1990 (attempted 135

Most Yards Gained, Both Teams
1,253—TCU (690) & Houston (563), Nov. 3, 1990 (135 attempts)


Pass Sacks
15—TCU vs. Nevada, Sept. 9, 2000


311 ----- MICHIGAN
257 ----- FLORIDA
203 ----- TCU (13TH OVERALL)
194 ----- AIR FORCE
184 ----- TENNESSEE