Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Homerism 101: Gambling

So, as these things sometimes happen, this past weekend I was enticed into an impromptu trip to Vegas. Given the circumstances of the trip, and given that I had nothing else to do this weekend so why not got to Vegas, I took the bait. This, despite knowing that my last few trips had ended in financial disaster and that, unlike my past few trips, there would be no major sportsbook goings on to entice me to tear myself away from the tables because, let's face it, betting on baseball is about as fun as sending in your SMU season ticket renewal each year.

However, before I left, a little bird - well, WWHD - suggested that there was one bet out there, one sure fire bet that I had to investigate and, if we deemed it worthy, we'd split between us and divide the inevitable profits. Now perhaps it was because we were at the time basking in GPs presence, or that we had bellies full of beer and BBQ, but, after really thinking about it, there's only one reason why such a thought popped into our heads: homerism.

Now, some of you probably consider yourselves wanton TCU homers, and in most cases you'd probably be correct, but how many of us really put our money where our mouths are? How many of us have so much faith in TCU football that we practically stake our futures in the Frogs presumed success? Evidence:

Alright, so perhaps I went a little overboard with all that "staking my financial future on the Frogs" thing, but for those of you who aren't familiar with the inner workings of a Las Vegas Sportsbooks, here's what it means: $20 on the Frogs to win the BCS National Championship at 100:1 odds. Now, those are pretty terrible odds, especially considering betting the field netted you 75:1, but after last week's BCS decision... 100:1 is probably pretty solid for the Frogs' chances, and perhaps even a little low. Now, do I really think the Frogs have a chance at running the tables this season? Well, I'd be a bit of a hypocrite if a I said no, wouldn't I? Do I think that by running the tables the Frogs have a shot at playing in Pasadena come January? Well, obviously there are a lot of obstacles to overcome, and a lot of stupendous upsets would have to occur, but, even with 100:1 odds, like Lloyd Christmas said, there's a chance. Besides, it gives us another reason to unite as one and root against Texas and Florida, and if that ends up being nothing more than a consolation prize, then I guess that'll be just fine with me.

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