Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Don't fall in the water..

All anti-Spurs diatribe for the city of San Antonio aside, wouldn't a trip straight down I-35 to play in the Alamodome against a Big 12 team be a better bowl destination than an expensive trip to San Diego two days before Christmas or a trek to blustery Boise, Idaho- both of which would pit the Frogs against a WAC team?

I had a longer, more anger-filled post in the works about how shitty the MWC's bowl arrangement is currently, but then I saw the news today that the Alamo Bowl is looking to possibly replace the Big Ten in it's alignment.

If MWC Commissioner Craig Thompson isn't busting these people's door down first thing tomorrow morning, he needs to be fired. I've got to applaud his aggressiveness in attempting to get the MWC into the BCS, but he also needs to realize that outside of Utah getting into the Sugar Bowl and the conference getting lucky to pit an undefeated Boise State agains the Frogs, our bowl matchups and destinations were absolutely embarrassing. The Alamo Bowl would be a perfect fit for our conference champion if they didn't get a BCS berth, and for our second place team when if they did (which they should more years than not).

TCU Band Reprimanded by NCAA

NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Committee Reprimands Texas Christian University for Violation of Tournament Sportsmanship Policy

Does this mean that we win the betus.com poll for a violation? See Sir Wesley's post below.

Also, does this mean we are no longer in the top five bands in the country? (Here)


According to our lovely ticker we are now only 74 days away from Frog football. While that seems like a long time it is never too early to start planning the fall. The TCU DC metro area alumni association has organized a bus trip for the UVA game to start the season. I know I have talked to a number of you about this, but it is now officially set.

Charlottesville is just a couple hours from DC and DC is far more accessible by plane. It also makes for a nice excuse to visit the nation's Capital. The bus trip is limited to 65 people so the higher percentage of them we can make spit blooders the better.

To sign up for the trip click here

It should be a great time, and if I can help anyone out with where to stay, what airport to fly into etc etc just let me know.


Date: Saturday, September 12

Bus pickup – 10:00 a.m.
Kickoff – 3:30 p.m.

Bus pickup – 4238 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22203
One block from the Ballston Metro Station (Orange Line)

Pre-Game Lunch – UVA Campus

Cost: $100 per person (includes a round-trip bus ride, pre-game lunch, and a game ticket)

RSVP: Please register by clicking on the "Registration" button above by Friday, August 7. Limited to the first 65 persons who register.

Join other DC area Horned Frogs and take a bus trip to Charlottesville, VA. Once on campus, enjoy a pre-game lunch with TCU fans from around the country. Finally, cheer the Horned Frogs on to victory and then load a bus back to the city. It’s a no hassle day for you and your guests!

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