Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TCU Record Book

This is an excerpt from Texas Christian University's Media Guide. The School Records for Single-Game Scoring.

More importantly I want to draw attention to this section, the Largest Margin of Victory. The section where TCU showcase the top tier of the teams performance. If there is a 1-AA team on the schedule, there is no special treatment, the Frog's will not "take it easy" on them. Thus, to the point: 4.___59___ vs Deaf & Dumb Inst., 1908 (59-0).

Law: Broken

SMU: #1 in death penalty rulings
At least they're #1 in something, right?

Interesting article. Online sportsbook mogul recently released their odds for the next football team to commit an NCAA infraction. Near the top, you have your usual players:

USC 8:1 - if they've thusfar managed to field a football program despite at one time having Reggie Bush on their team, they're untouchable. Also, Pete Carroll could charm the habit off a nun if he wanted, so keeping NCAA investigators at bay is a normal workday.

Ohio State 9:1 - Maurice Clarett. That is all.

Florida 10:1 - Indescribably thugged up players, it's hard to even begin to fathom the atrocities these guys commit on a daily basis. I wouldn't think there would be too many recruiting violations as it can't be all that difficult to get guys to come to a school like Florida where the women are all white, blond and implanted, but, I mean, they did have a guy steal a credit card from a dead girl and use it. That has to get you you something.

Florida State 12:1 - It should be noted that they recently had over half of their starters ineligible for a bowl game due to a massive cheating conspiracy...and their coach is having to forfeit an entire season's worth of victories due to said cheating... and to think, Bowden's been in coaching for over 50 years. This number should really be much, much lower.

Tennessee 14:1 OH MY GOD TAKE IT TAKE!! FREE MONEY!! Kiffin is the golden goose of NCAA violations.

...and so the list goes. It should be noted that Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma, the two latter amongst the dirtiest programs to ever field a team, with Texas waiting in the shadows, also make the list at 18:1, 15:1 and 15:1 respectively. All good bets, although A&M is irrelevant enough that NCAA investigators probably ignore them completely, UT is the richest athletic program in the history of the sport which makes them the North Korea to the NCAAs UN inspectors, and OU has been doing it for so long that I think their violations are grandfathered, so you may want to hold onto your wallets with those odds.

Which brings me to why I wrote this post in the first place. At 20:1 odds you have Cal, UCLA and.. TCU? Really? What have we ever done to violate NCAA rules? I'll take the back handed compliment here, which is that the stereotypical direct by product of having a great football team year after year is an influx of thugs into your program... but really? Where's our track record? I mean, they're putting us in the same category as RICK NEUHEISEL!! THE RICK NEUHEISEL!! For those of you unfamiliar with his work, may I direct you to his wikipedia page? At Colorado alone he racked up 51 violations and lost 25 scholarships, but not before he was run out of the program. He then took his class act to the great northwest and was subsequently sacked for running an illegal gambling pool... and the guy STILL got a job at UCLA. Imagine what he can do there! Ignoring the fact that he's in sunny LA, he's playing a major second fiddle to USC, the dirtiest of them all, and is trying to make his team not only relevant in the Pac 10, but relevant in his own city. Considering his history, his surely short lived tenure in LA should be epic. I'd jump all over those odds.

And where is SMU!?!? Shouldn't they have honorary 10:1 odds in this thing every single year due to a lifetime achievement in advancement of dirty recruiting practices?

This surely must be news to GP, as strict an enforcer and hard ass as there is in the college football ranks. I'm not naive enough to think that we don't have bad seeds in our program, and I don't deny that things have probably happened in his tenure that would ruffle some NCAA feathers - a certain gun discharging incident comes to mind. However, as much as his players dislike his tough attitude when things are going well, imagine what it must be like on his bad side? Fear of retribution is enough to keep most Frogs on the right side of the law. If I could make one bet on this whole thing, it'd be that people aren't exactly lining to take the Frogs at 20:1 in anything other than our shot at a BCS berth.

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