Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An Oasis on the Horizon

"Drink some beer, eat some BBQ and listen to what the fuck I have to say!"

Alright, so baseball season is over. The Frogs didn't make it to the College World Series, as we'd hoped, but they gave it a good run and will get to Omaha sooner than later. What that now means, though, is that we're left with a 94-day TCU sports vacuum until the football team goes up to Virginia to show them preppy East-coasters with their popped-collar pastels what real football is all about.

That's a long, hot summer with not much else to quench your sports thirst other than the Rangers' inevitable collapse and some golf majors that Nike is subliminally forcing you to be interested in. Thank goodness the Dallas Alumni Association has stepped up to put on the perfect event to adequately sate your parched purple tongues. The annual Dallas Coaches' Dinner is scheduled for Thursday evening, July the 9th.

Twenty-five bones, or clams, or whatever you call them will buy you all the BBQ you can eat, all the beer you can drink, and a seat to listen to Gary Patterson, Jim Schlossnagle, Jim Christian, Danny Morrison and other TCU coaches talk about the upcoming school year and their respective teams. There's also a live and a silent auction with some pretty cool stuff that old rich people will totally out-bid you on. It's a pretty good hike up the Tollway into Plano, so getting there isn't easy, but it's more than worth the traffic hassle. I've been every year that I've lived in Dallas and honestly, I wouldn't miss it. It's been sold out the past few years, so I'd register ASAP if I were you...

Two Frogs Drafted

Matt Vern went in the 13th to the Padres and Matt Carpenter followed later in the 13th to the Cardinals. They are the 19th and 20th players drafted during the Schlossnagle era. It is also worth noting that junior catcher Brian Holaday has not yet been drafted meaning he will likely be back next year.

TCU football schedule

This was written about our schedule next season in a article.  I thought I'd just put up our portion of it so you didn't have to wade through all the bullshit to get to the stuff you wanted to hear about.  Says our schedule is one of the toughest in the country, but I think we can handle it.

TCU: The Horned Frogs have the talent to be a "BCS-buster" this season, but is the schedule conducive to a 12-0 season? Three of the first five and four of the first seven games are on the road – Virginia, Clemson, Air Force and BYU. The Horned Frogs don't play any back-to-back home games this season; then again, there are no back-to-back road games, either. If TCU wins at Clemson, a 12-0 season beckons. A loss there, though, could lead to a letdown, and two - or even three - losses could happen.

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