Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Purke Moving to Arlington

Ok. So we probably lost Matt Purke, due to him being drafted No. 14 by the Rangers tonight, but at least he is coming to the Metroplex. Says alot about our recruiting and our baseball program. I will definitely be cheering this guy on if he decides to sign.

CREEP in Wolf's Clothing

The New Mexico coach staff in off-season ass-ction

Get it? Because their mascot is a wolf!

Rule #1: If you have to explain your jokes, they probably aren't funny.

Moving forward, now that the TCU athletic season is officially over, I believe it's now time to switch our focus to the fall and, namely, the short comings of our conference rivals. Case in point: New Mexico.

Looks like someone took the term, "games of inches" a bit too seriously?

Perhaps he thought he was scouting "tight ends?"

Maybe he wanted to impress the offensive staff by showing them how deep he can go on a post route?

Alright, I'm done.

... He sure showed that line how to get backfield penetration!

Sorry, bye.

J.J. Henry qualifies for U.S. Open

J.J. was one of the 13 to qualify this week for a spot in the US Open. Good to see him continuing to have a solid season.

Daly fails to get through U.S. Open qualifying - Golf.com (short note in the middle of the article)

Congratulations Frogs

Congratulations on a great season guys. This team finally made it over that 113 year super regional drought and pushed the overall number one to the brink. Maybe next year we can hit another milestone and push it on to the CWS. Go Frogs.