Sunday, June 7, 2009


Big, BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG ups to Paul Gerrish, who was the starting (and winning) pitcher for the Frogs today in their 3-2 victory over Texas in Game 2 of their Super Regional match-up. With his team's backs against the wall, Gerrish came up with a Man of a start- scattering 2 runs and 5 hits over 7 innings while tallying 6 K's and ZERO WALKS. Maybe I'm a baseball dork for bolding that last stat, or maybe it's just THAT important when facing a small-ball team like the Longhorns. By eliminating superfluous base-runners, Gerrish was able to diminish the 'Horns' ability to advance runners with the bunt, which was the back-breaker in Friday night's loss.

Of course, I can't leave out the kudos for the Horned Frog hitters, who came through when they had to. Seniors Matt Vern and Matt Carpenter both homered for the second straight game, and freshman Taylor Featherston went 3-4 at the plate.

What does today's win mean for the TCU Baseball program? Well, you could easily say 'nothing', because if they don't win tomorrow, they don't move on. But for a school of 7,000-something students to beat the in-state Goliath of 48,000+ students on national television to move within one win of their first trip to the College World Series...I don't think you can take all of the gravity away from this win. Whether they win tomorrow or not, it absolutely blows my mind to be able to type that we're ONE WIN AWAY FROM OMAHA. For those of you like me, that began watching the Frogs at the old TCU Baseball Diamond where the basketball practice facility now stands, our current scenario is, as the late football coach Jim Wacker would say, "Unbeleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevable!"