Friday, June 5, 2009

Why I Got Married

Frog Legs: Surprisingly Moist... and Chocolatey!

First off, I must give thanks to lyle in his tireless efforts these past couple of weeks to hold down the blog fort in my absence because, let's face it, without our contributions, all that'd be left is the dump, which is basically just a glofied google news search.  This isn't me tooting my own horn;  it's a call to arms for all you so-called bloggers to pick up the slack when the football is kaput!  I know you aren't doing anything - with the economy, half of you are probably unemployed and the other half are dicking around at work just as I am.  You have time; use it wisely.

Ending that diatribe, I'd like to segue into the real intent of this post... which is to toot my own horn about being a Horned Frog.  For those of you who don't know, I got married two weeks ago.  In fact, some of you were even there and witnessed it first hand which means, according to the preacher, I owe you my life or something - not real clear on the theological impact of this whole thing.  Leading up to this shendig, it really made me comtemplate what a marriage was about.  Sure, it's about love and devotion and caring about someone more than yourself - something that, admittedly, isn't always easy, and I'm just two weeks in!  However, looking past the obvious cornerstones of a marriage, I decided to approach this thing from a different perspective.  

During the whole wedding planning process, I was more or less an innocent bystander.  The wife and the moms pretty much QB'd the entire process, and I was expected to just show up, run a comb through my hair, say 'I do' and stand in the background and smile.  However, I have a little more ambition than that, and decided I needed to really needed to put my stamp on this whole thing.  

So, what's the best way to do that?  Give it a real Horned Frog vibe!  After running a few lackluster propositions by the committee - purple suspenders, playing the fight song on the organ as we exited the church, having GP ordain the entire thing - I came up with the only reasonable solution:  Express my undying passion for all things Frog though pastry, which is exactly what you see above.  Seriously, look at that thing!  You can't get a full grasp on the size of it through pictures, but honestly, knowing I was going to have to put a blade in that thing was more intimidating than being told I was going to have to run a dive route with no pads with Henson and J Phil waiting in the middle.  I'm not sure exactly how this lady did it, but I know it involved a wooden platform, pounds upon pounds of butter, and whole lot of confidence knowing that not only  an entire marriage depended on it, but also that she was representing the defending 7th ranked football team in the country.  She could not have made me more proud.

So, in a belated toast, I would like to raise my class to the now mythical being who created such an intimidating and incredible symbol of love and football.  After seeing it and understanding that a 70 year old woman is responsible for sculpting it, I really have to think: how hard can marriage be?

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