Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Sports Weekend in Funkytown

Who's going to make the most coin this weekend?

Is it the winner of Colonial, who will take home a cool $1.1 million of the $6.2 million purse and a sweet plaid jacket? Is it the TCU athletic department, who will reap the reward of massive ticket sales from TCU and Aggy fans filling Lupton Stadium? No, it's the kids who live in the neighborhood in between campus and the country club, who are going to make a fortune letting people park cars in their parents' driveways and front yards. Sure, they aren't going to make millions of bucks like the PGA guys and TCU will, but remember how much $100 was to you when you were 9? Shit, I'm nearly four years removed from graduating college and $100 is still a big deal to me.

This weekend was already slated to be one of the bigger weekends of the Cowtown athletic year. Colonial is pretty much all Fort Worth has outside of the Frogs in terms of major spectator sports...unless you count Texas Motor Speedway, but that's practically in Oklahoma. Colonial evokes the ghosts of the city's numerous illustrious golf legends and...who am I kidding? It's a corporately-sponsored keg party. I'm sure there are a lot of serious golf fans out there- but for most of us, without Tiger or Phil, all there is left is Lumpy, Rich Beem...and booze. Don't get me wrong, I love Colonial, but I'm not really going to be glued to the leaderboard all weekend...unless Ben Crenshaw makes the cut.

Then the NCAA decided to plop one of it's 16 Baseball Regionals about a mile from there. Now, don't get me wrong here, either- I'm beyond ecstatic for this development, but it's going to turn the parking & traffic situation in the area from annoying inconvenience to migraine-inducing nightmare. You're likely to have to hoof it quite a ways to get to Lupton for the games (unless you take a taxi...but I'm not 100% certain they even have those in Tarrant Co.), but once you get there you won't be disappointed. As a veteran of a good handful of NCAA Regionals, I can tell you it's a really fun atmosphere. Add in the fact that the '06 & '07 Champs will be here (Oregon State) along with Aggy and all of the nonsense they bring along AND the magnitude of what it means to TCU's program to be hosting the event, and this should be a memorable few days at Lupton. Don't discount Wright State, either- the Horizon League champs are 33-28 and have a salty lineup to go along with some stud pitchers.

On top of all of that, the football program is apparently hosting a very special guest this weekend. As you may have seen in yesterday's Morning Dump or on any number of other TCU-related sites, Aundre Dean will be visiting campus and the hot rumor is that he is strongly considering committing to transfer to TCU. Long story/short on Dean: he ran for over 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns in his high school career at Katy (where he played alongside Andy Dalton as a soph. & junior), was DCTF's 5A Player of the year as a senior in leading the Tigers to a state title, and was a 4-star recruit who had offers from just about everyone before comitting to UCLA. He ran for just 22 yards in 6 games for the Bruins last year and initially listed the Frogs among his top three choices for transfer destinations along with UT and A&M, but in subsequent interviews he has all but ruled out moving to Austin or College Station. Getting Dean (who would have to sit out this fall but could play as a sophomore in 2010) would put another feather in the Patterson staff's recruiting hat and would add one more dangerous weapon to an already potent stable of running backs.

This is really going to be a hectic couple of days in the TCU area- try to enjoy it and don't go too crazy trying to park. Hopefully come Monday, I'll be writing about how the Frogs are headed to the Super Regionals, Aundre Dean is enrolling in classes and I've replenished my koozie drawer with some freebies I don't even remember ganking from the Champions Tent.

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