Monday, May 11, 2009

Frogs in Dallas tonight

TCU's last regular-season game in Texas is tonight at Dallas Baptist at 6:30. It is south of the river, though, so maybe leave your watch & ipod at home...

Check yo self befo you wreck yo self

lt4heisman - as seen by the internet police

I'll start this post by saying that we're all guilty of making threats while hiding behind a computer screen.  Let's just call it our inner sissification.   Everyone is a big dog when you don't have to see the immediate results of your comments, and may never have to own up to them.  However, I'm also pretty sure that's the inherent nature of the message board.  Sure, sometimes things can go too far and whenever a legitimate threat happens proper steps should be taken, but at some point this whole Big Brother thing has got to calm down.

Case in point: This story.  For those of you who don't care to read said story, the general gist is this:  A 17 year old Pittsburg Penguins fan, distraught over his team losing to the Capitals after the Caps super duper talented/ugly Alexander Ovechkin dropped a hat trick on them, was venting on a message board and made the comment, "I'm killing Ovechkin.  I'll go to jail.  I don't care anymore."  The police intercepted this message and are now considering pressing charges.  Yeah, ok, so you DO have the general requirements for a basic death threat in that statement, but, I mean, come on.  Think of the things we say on this board.  Between bucknasty's hatred of offensive coordinators, lt4heisman's hatred of all non-equine kickers and I HATE Hs hatred of, well, H, I can't even begin to count the number of offensive things that have been said on this site, and the offensive things that are going to continue to occur.   I understand that the authorities are far more concerned with threats related to one of the two faces of the NHL as opposed to June Jones, but are we at the point where we can't make ridiculously spur of the moment and not true statements on a sports message board?  Isn't talking shit to opposing fans and about opposing teams exactly why these boards were created?  I mean, sure, say I'm wrong and this guy goes on a mass killing spree of the Washington team, then yeah I can see strict monitoring of said board being called for.  However, I'm willing to bet this kid was just angry at the loss and made a stupid comment that he had no interest in fulfilling.  

I write on this site mostly because I really, really like TCU football, but also because it's a fun forum to indulge myself to an audience who, if they're regular readers of the site, pretty much has to read what I say.  Also, as mentioned before, I can say outlandish things without having to own up to them.  Stirring up the likes of billykid and purplepansy are just icing on the cake.  Sure, I don't talk about killing people and would obviously never kill anyone, but what if some SMU kid wanders on here, starts running his mouth, and someone says that they're going to kick his ass at the game?  Or that TCU is going to KILL SMU on the field?  Are those threats?  Could those types of comments be construed against us?  Is the internet going to collapse under the weight of all these cybercops?  If the governmentt has its way, it looks like it's a genuine concern.  
I know this story has nothing to do with Frogs football, but in light of the whole Cohen vs. freedom of speech situation, I thought this was timely, and especially since we write for a glorified message board and crass conversions occur in the comments.  

Viva La First Amendment!  And yes, for the record, TCU is going to kill SMU.

Morning Dump

TCU freshamn helps staff rest in 4-3 victory over Utah Star-Telegram