Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Die-Hard fandom

You probably think you're a pretty big fan, right? I do, too. I don't miss home games. I have the entire roster memorized. I lose sleep thinking about the Frogs deep into the night, and have frequent dreams about game days. I spend way too much money travelling to away games, and way too much time at work on jerk-off football sites like this one. I yell so much at games that I'm hoarse for days. I celebrate wins to excess and mourn the losses like lost family members. Sometimes I question my own sanity when it comes to TCU football.

But you know how, after a long weekend of partying, you'll be suffering through your hangover and wondering just what it is you're doing with your life and thinking how much of a mess you are? And then you turn the TV to A&E's Intervention and see how fucked up those people are and realize that you're actually pretty normal?

Well, then I saw this story about a soccer fan in Kenya and realized, holy shit- compared to that guy, I'm like a girl that doesn't even know how many points a touchdown is worth or what team we're playing or if we won or lost.

I mean, Go Frogs and all, but dude....

Henson Update

Here's an interview with Redskin's Head Coach Jim Zorn. Click on the Zorn: 5-3 video. At the 6:50 mark he talks about Henson impressing him even with the terrible field conditions.

Morning Dump

Barrington grad Marshall starring in TCU closer role Chicago Daily Herald