Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weighing in on the QB "Controversy"

It's amazing to me how this kid has been able to cause such a stir. It seems like everyone has an opinion on the (non-issue) issue, and nothing positive has come from it. If you haven't been paying attention to this, here's a short version. Brian Smith (above), is a senior broadcast journalism major at TCU and was part of a show on The Mtn in which student journalists gave opinions on their respective schools' team. On the show, Smith basically said that Dalton was just a game-manager and that Casey Pachall, the true freshman, would be a better fit. That prompted Mark Cohen, TCU's Director of Athletic Media Relations, to ban Smith from appearing on the show.

Should Cohen have banned the kid? Probably not. His actions send the message that TCU deals with dissenters like the Chinese government. Additionally, the show was designed for students to express their opinions, however dumb they might be. On top of that, no one even gets The Mtn, so how many people were actually even watching the show?

In Cohen's defense, I do not believe he was acting in a way to stifle the individual thought of TCU student-journalists, even though that's what his own comments seemed to imply. I think he just realized that he had a clueless kid from the Skiff (and if you ever actually read that thing on your way to the crosswords, you know just how worthless a publication it is) representing the school, and that he needed someone on there who actually knows the football team.

All of this should've been a no-harm, no-foul situation. But then the blogosphere picked up on it, and then the mainstream media, all of which cast Cohen as a bully to this kid. This caused some people on Smith's side to bad-mouth Dalton (to back up his opinion) and some people on Cohen's side to bad-mouth Pachall (to defend Dalton). We haven't had a real QB controversy at TCU since Casey Printers & Sean Stilley (Gunn & Hassell were never healthy at the same time long enough to brew any real argument), and it'd be awful if this situation started another one. The fact is, we have an AWESOME quarterback & team leader in Dalton, who has led the Frogs to two bowl wins and a Top 10 finish already. This is his team, period. Case closed. Then we have a purebred, rifle-armed heir apparent in Pachall (although Yogi Gallegos still might have something to say about that).

Maybe this Brian Smith isn't as dumb as he comes off, though. Remember this kid? He used the attention he received for his incompetence to land a job, so maybe Smith (who even looks like him), figured he'd grab himself 15 minutes of fame by making himself out to be a martyr of free speech in order to ensure he is employed once he graduates.

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