Sunday, April 26, 2009

One More Frog

For those of you who actually have lives and aren't watching the draft... Blake Schlueter goes to Denver at pick number 225.

More Draft News

Aaron Brown goes to the Lions in the 6th followed closely by Hodge to the Cowboys. I'm sure this Cowboys pick will make a lot of people happy. Schleuter's face and name keep popping up on best available centers so we might see him go soon as well, depending on whether or not teams are in need for youth in the center position.

Over all a good day for the Frogs.

Jason Phillips gets drafted by Baltimore. Henson by Washington.

I filmed ESPN when Philips got picked just in case yall didnt have time to watch all 14 hours of the draft.  As I'm sitting here watching the draft,  Robert Henson just got drafted by the Redskins in round 6 pick number 186.  Hopefully this will allow him to get his family settled in and he will be able to make it in the NFL.  Best of luck to both of these guys and I know spitblooders will be watching for yall in the NFL.  Hopefully TCU can get a couple more guys to go. I'll keep it updated.