Thursday, April 16, 2009

Game Day Gear

Don't look now, but there are just 156 days left until the first home game of 2009. Now, maybe you're one of those people that go to the game just because it's what everyone else is doing. But I imagine that most of our readers are the kind of people that see Game Day like Christmas, New Year's, the 4th of July, St. Patrick's Day, Cinco De Mayo and Festivus all rolled into one and like to celebrate by treating their liver like a piƱata. For those of you that fit into the latter category, a few of our rowdier Red Raider chums have come up with the Perfect Pour Flask.

Of course, I've enjoyed a drink or ten with most of you, and I've seen the very un-scientific ratios you use when mixing Game Day treats. Don't worry, though, it looks like there's a cap on both sides of the flask in case you want to want to watch the game for the "first" time on tivo the next day...

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