Friday, April 3, 2009

Beer Bottle Dominoes

Coming Soon: DWI Road Blocks?

I'm going to leave all commentary out of this, but I think it's something of which we should all be aware. John Carona, a Republican state senator from Dallas, introduced a bill that would allow police to set-up sobriety checkpoints. The senate has apparently already passed the bill, which is now headed to the House. For a tutorial on the bicameral form of government, please report to the 4th grade.

Anywho, here are some reports on this from several newspapers that will likely soon be out of business:

-Sobriety checkpoints bill on way to House -Dallas Morning News

-Texas may soon join 40 other states in allowing drunken-driving checkpoints -Fort Worth Star-Telegram

-Sobriety checkpoint bill heads to Texas House -Houston Chronicle

-Texas Senate approves drunken-driving crackdowns -Austin American-Statesman

-Editorial: What sobriety checkpoints mean for Texas -San Antonio Express-News