Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March Madness Challenge Reminder

Surely we can do better than 12 people. I'll add some incentive, the winner of the pool will be mailed an awesome Spit Blood TCU koozie, and of course will be recognized as the champion on here.

Here's the info again:

I have created a group on CBS Sportsline for our Spit Blood fans to battle it out for pride to see who is the March Madness Champion.

Click on the link below and enter the password, and make sure you fill out your bracket before Thursday at 11am.

Our Group password is: frogs

The scoring system is high risk, high reward for picking big upsets because you get the round weight plus the seed.

The weights are as follows:
RD3=4pts (Sweet Sixteen)
RD4=8pts (Elite Eight)
RD5=16pts (Final Four)
RD6=32pts (Championship)

We DO Exist!

Hodge (pun alert) double-handedly winning the Poinsettia Bowl
I know that this article was posted in the dump, but there are several reasons why it is worth mentioning, so I deemed a post necessary. Also, I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, so any opportunity is a good one. My whole football year round strategy isnt' dead yet!
Anyway, Gosselin's shout-out is important for several reasons. First off, Gosselin is apparently a noted draft "guru" around the league and to some his opinions on prospects is the gold standard for making their draft day decisions. Unlike Mel Kiper, Gosselin uses actual analysis and forms complete thoughts to evaluate tatent rather than just distracting viewers with his BIG BOARD, yelling and blindingly crafted hair style. More importantly, Gosselin writes for the Dallas Morning News, home of America's Team. Incidentally, America's Team, for better or worse, currently has an onslaught of mid to late round picks. Aren't the Cowboys a little thin at pass rushing LBs outside of DeMarcus Ware (who, it should be noted, is not resigned yet) and Brady James since Anthony Spencer hasn't exactly panned out, Greg Ellis is a man he's 40, Kevin Burnett just defected, Zach Thomas is gone/sucked and Keith Brooking is basically a place holder until someone else can be moved in to replace him? I know Jerry beats to his own drum, but isn't there at least a chance that this article catches his eye? It's just a thought, but at least Hodge doesn't have any murders on his conscience unlike Ray Lewis who was last rumored to be in Jerry's wheelhouse of horrors. Why not Hodge? Heck, Roy Williams is the most overhyped player to ever wear a Star on his dome, and he didn't have 4.5 speed. Why not give Hodge a shot at safety? There are far worse ways to spend a 4th or 5th round pick because, honestly, how much luck has the double J had with his typical mid round offensive line picks in the past few years? No matter what your opinion is on the Boys, we need our guys to play for them because if they don't, we'll never hear much about them. Sure, LT is the obvious exception, but Gator starts for the Bengals and how much do we really think about him these days? Since there's only one team in Texas (yes, you read that right), we need to get a few more of our guys signed to the Cowboys so we can watch them develop in our own backyard. Also, hopefully Hodge can sack Romo in practice and end his career. That's the real way to the Super Bowl.
After that detour, though, let me get to the most important part of this article which is that the Dallas Morning News actually mentioned something TCU related! It's a miracle! Living in Dallas has its perks (read: professional sports teams and hoes with fake cans), but among the many downsides is that you are unable to have the Star-Telegram delivered to your door as it is leaps and bounds a finer publication than the DMN. Heck it could be Pulitzer worthy if they'd fire Jennifer Floyd Engel. Now, do I mostly base my opinion of the ST on its Frogs coverage? Absolutely yes, but I feel like if SMU had any sort of athletic program that was remotely relevant, the ST wouldn't blatantly ignore it as is the case with TCU and the Dallas News. It's very frustrating to have TCU in the middle of an historic football season and look at the Dallas News and see that rather than mentioning this they're live blogging SMU basketball games. Yes, that's true: DMN online actually LIVE BLOGS SMU BASKETBALL GAMES!!! And people wonder why the newspaper industry is dying a rapid death. I understand they're going to give preference to the local-est team in the area, but North Texas gets more play than TCU for godsakes! I know this is just a small victory, but could this be the beginning of the end for SMU? Is the DMN finally realizing that SMU may not even have football and basketball programs in 5 years if they don't turn things around? SMU doesn't even have a baseball team because they'd rather have soccer! The DMN may be a little late to the bandwagon, but if they're finally starting to see the writing on the wall for SMU becoming a D-1AA school, then AAALLLLL ABBOOOAAARRDDD!!

Morning Dump

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