Saturday, March 7, 2009

(Afternoon) Morning Dump

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Games Today

After a big night last night, I struggled to make it out of bed before the crack of noon, which cut a hole in my TCU sports schedule today. I missed the football scrimmage at nine this morning (Don't worry, I'm ashamed of myself), and I was planning on running over to the women's basketball game for senior day but it seems I'm late for that, too. Thankfully there is only one senior this year, and I'm not terribly interested in watching layups for two hours.

But, there is still time to catch Horned Frog baseball in game two of our series against the Shockers. I was at the game last night, and if you missed it, well... you missed some awesomeness. The Vern homer to tie the game was about as clutch as it gets, and hitting in to that wind last night was a pain for both teams. It cleared the wall pretty easily and if that wind wasn't blowing it back it might have set off a few car alarms.

Anyway, Wichita State brought a decent number of fans and as Sean Hoelscher getting the start)