Monday, March 2, 2009

God Bless Texas

It's a shame that many of you woke up this morning and had no idea of the magnitude of today's date. Today, of course, is Texas Independence Day, marking the 173rd anniversary of the declaration of our freedom from Mexico as Santa Anna's troops descended upon the Alamo.

Hard to blame those of you that were unaware, though. In the backwards, politically correct, marketing-driven world in which we live, March 2nd is doomed to be forgotten. For one, it's not as marketable as St. Patrick's Day or Cince De Mayo. Maybe that's a good thing, though, because those holidays have lost all of their meaning and are nothing more now than an excuse for every Joe from the Suburbs to get drunk off imported and/or dyed beer. It's also not a very politically correct holiday, either, because to celebrate Texas freeing itself from the oppressive and tyrannical rule of Mexico is seen as offensive to all Latinos, at least according to some. Funny, because you don't hear British people get upset that we celebrate the 4th of July, or French people on Cinco De Mayo.

So grab yourself a cold Dr Pepper and BBQ this afternoon and maybe a Lone Star or twelve tonight and thank God for the men who fought to liberate this great state we call home.

TCU Baseball Climbs to # 13

After the short weekend in Mississippi, due to the weather canceling Sunday's double-header, TCU wins the series 1-0.

Morning Dump

TCU's Jeff Mitte follows family tradition Star-Telegram

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